Monday, July 11, 2005

Breakfast: 7/11/2005

As we deal with occasional power outages still, plus no cable/Internet (dial-up only), we offer these specials with your breakfast:
  • Jo's Cafe weathered the storm with power, cable and DSL intact. Lucky neighbor.
  • William Teach (Pirate's Cove) is older, but not sure about wiser.
  • aTypicalJoe says the people voted, now stay out of the courtroom.
  • Kerfuffles looks at the British response in light of others'.
  • ROFASix is following two American sisters injured in London.
  • Sailor in the Desert finds who can defeat us.
  • Moe reads Joseph Duncan's blog.
  • Gun-Toting Liberal posts his last Gitmo post.
  • Harvey (Bad Example version) looks at Colorado.


  1. The countdown is on

    I’m about to show my age. When I was in elementary school lessons came to a complete stop on May 5, 1961 when Alan B. Shepard, Jr. was placed in to Freedom 7 atop the Mercury-Redstone rocket. We all watched as the countdown moved to the 9:43 am ...

  2. Hey, it looks like you made it through the storm okay, too. Good deal, and thanks for the link!

  3. Yeah, we survived. Thanks. Cable didn't. Dial-up only! Arrrgh!

    Did you ride it out, or did you head east/west?

  4. I survived NC

    Today's dose of NIF - News, Interesting & Funny ... first day back to work!


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