Monday, July 4, 2005

Brunch: 7/4/2005

Try one of these specials with your holiday brunch:
  • The Steel Deal says Freedom's not just another word ...
  • moehawk's (oystersnout) town celebrated the $th of July.
  • The Voice (Weird Events) says "Fukutukuoka-no-ba" ... and the horse you rode in on.
  • Balance Sheet finds some items banned at the PX.
  • Bubba's Back Porch looks at Live 8.
  • Burkard's Blog of Columbus has, among other things, questions from a citizenship exam.
  • Chuck (redneckin') is contacting State Senators, and getting responses, regarding the "eminent domain" ruling.
  • Sin City remembers another big day of fireworks.
  • Corey (Core|Blog) supports the "War."
  • Jo's Cafe has a Independence Day blog roundup.


  1. John Detained by Police Here in Edinburgh

    My new blogging buddy, John Aravosis, who is staying in a different hotel than I am, was caught in the riots earlier this evening here in Edinburgh and detained by the police. . . My family is very pleased that...


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