Friday, July 1, 2005

Headline News: 7/1/2005

From ABC News:
Clinton, McCain 'Gorillas' of 2008 Race
Both have hairy backs, walk on all fours on occasion

From ABC News:
Minn. Government Shuts Down; 9,000 Jobless
No one else affected.

From ABC News:
IBM Wins $850M Settlement From Microsoft
Straight flush beats four Jacks every time

From ABC News:
35 New Sri Lanka Frogs Discovered
Mexican Jumping Frog of Southern Sri Lanka leads list

From ABC News:
O'Connor Steps Down from U.S. Supreme Court
To open boarding house for Souter, other four justices whose homes will soon be siezed

From ABC News:
Hairless Pooch Wins Ugly Dog Contest
Owner shaved him, taught him to walk backwards

From ABC News:
Balloonist Has Dinner at 24,262 Feet
Thankfully, most were wearing shoes

From ABC News:
Parents Arrested for Hiding Pot in Diaper
Now we know where he keeps his sh*t

From ABC News:
Mexico's Fox Says New Stamp Not Racist
West Virginia's Byrd says Klan not racist

From ABC News:
Bill Cosby: African-Americans 'Not Holding Up Their End of the Deal'
Robert Byrd unsure who to support on this issue

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