Sunday, July 3, 2005

Headline News: 7/3/2005

From ABC News:
Earth Day founder Gaylord Nelson dead at 89
Earth to return the love, consume his body with worms beginning next week

From ABC News:
Iran: U.S., Israel Waging Smear Campaign
Have no right to smear Iran with truth

From ABC News:
Activists Says Blair Shortchanging Africa
Activists say nothing of African leaders stealing foreign aid

From ABC News:
North Koreans Offer Opinions on America
They think we care

From ABC News:
Michigan Aims to Block Spam Sent to Kids
Good luck with that

From ABC News:
Breast Implants Becoming Popular Gifts
Really popular with husbands and boyfriends

From CNN:
Legendary crooner Luther Vandross dies
Bush blamed

From CNN:
Child killing confession may be tainted
Attorney argues: "How can you believe anything a child-killer says?"

From CNN:
Notorious sex killer to leave prison Monday
Thankful Canada doesn't have death penalty

From CNN:
Brazil plans to build $100 laptops
Will come packaged with WordPerfect 4, Lotus 123, dBase II software pre-installed

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