Thursday, July 7, 2005

Lunch: 7/7/2005

Sorry, limited lunch offerings today. However, you're invited to bring a covered dish. Details at the bottom of this post. For now, let's talk about what happened in London today.

Somebody set off some bombs. And killed some folks. By the time you read this, perhaps the culprits will be known. Perhaps not. But you know what? It doesn't matter much. Because bombing London isn't an effective way of waging a war.

Hitler tried it. And failed. Oh, he bombed the hell out of London. Killed lots of folks. Destroyed lots of property. Affected lots of lives. And the British survived it.

The British are survivors. And fighters. Oh, now they'd rather not fight a war. No one in their right mind would want to fight a war. But, when they have to fight, they kick ass. Nearly kicked ours twice.

Speaking of which, aren't they the only nation we ever beat that didn't need us to go in and rebuild? You know why that is? They are survivors. And they'll survive this.

Like I said earlier, no list of links today. Actually, I have a few. Lots of bloggers are following this. You can always find good roundups of major events at InstaPundit, Michelle Malkin, La Shawn Barber, and others.

If you're a blogger, consider Feisty Republican Whore's suggestion to fly the Union Jack. And if you're covering the attacks, you're welcome to leave a TrackBack here.


  1. London Calling

    London is under attack. Keep them in your thoughts. Makes me glad we have our fighting men and women on the first line of defense against terrorism everywhere.

  2. Oh geez, sorry for the massive pinging. you can just delete those. They came from editing my post. Sorry again.

  3. London - Fly the Union Jack today.

    Apologies for the lack of Demystifying Divas topical posting on jealousy, for I am not finished writing it. Very early this morning (Yank time), I learned of the terrorist attack on the London tube, which also involved bomb-induced bus...

  4. London Under Attack

    Perhaps the most awful thing about terrorism is that you can spend your morning joking around with your friends and when you turn on the radio, you discover that all hell has broken loose in a new and unexpected location....

  5. Done. Of course, if I had any sense, I'd also remove the request, wouldn't I? :)

  6. Terrorist Attacks in London

    Four explosions in London today are being ruled terrorist attacks. It amazes me how these groups brag about their exploits. They scramble to take responsibility for horrific acts, like their worth is measured in the number of civilians killed throug...

  7. The London Attacks

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you, London. Other bloggers' reactions: SusiePie offers prayers. catallaxy sees "echoes of Madrid" in today's attacks. the dredwerks finds this a good time to complain about money spent on national defense. Cowboy Cale...

  8. The 10th Circle of Hell Has Been Mapped

    My blog has a new URL....Well, it seems after my unwilling departure from the normal world and into the Twilight Zone...or 10th Circle of Hell as I prefer to refer to it, my blog is up and running again. I am so sick of web hosts!!! Think I'm getting a...

  9. Thanks baby basil, you sweet sexy thang, you, for helping me to spread...the word...on the flags! Hundreds have stopped by and responded...including your new buddy...Frank J. from IMAO.

  10. Hey, it was a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Loved that post, you have a way with words. The Brits are special,& they'll make it through.
    I tried to post a Union Jack, but I can't figuar out how to get pictures into my post. It keeps throwing the whole thing off. Any tips from you or "fiesty"?

  12. Thanks for the kind words.

    Well, Blogger doesn't have image hosting, but Harvey from Bad Example offers tips on how to get free image hosting. Perhaps you might want to check it out here.

  13. Like Harvey suggested, I use ImageShack ( You don't even need to register; it's super-quick. You just upload your photo (you can right click on my flag if you want and click "save as"), get the url ImageShack tells you after it's uploaded, and do something like

    If the above HTML tag doesn't show up, do a goole search for "img src" and you'll get a tutorial on how to add images by hand.

    Then find the appropriate spot in your Blogger template for the picture (I put mine it immediately above my Blogroll code). And put the img src code in there and your photo will magically appear!

    Of course you can do it the same way in an acutal post. BEWARE: Blogger sometimes goofs up HTML code. If your photo doesn't load, click on the "Edit HTML" tab, find the code, and make sure it's how you entered it and manually change it if it goofs it up.

  14. Feisty:
    Thanks for the input. I haven't use the service about which Harvey writes, so I really appreciate hearing from someone who has.

  15. I have a lot of respect for the Brits

    The Brits are strong people.

    I stand with them, just as they have stood with us.

  16. Does anyone know of any forums where people involved in the blasts can chat to one another? Seems like lots of blogs, but it would be great to share some experiences with others that will be going through the same. Thanks

  17. If I knew, I would gladly pass the information along.

    By "forum" are you excluding blogs? They mean different things to me.

  18. We're All Britons Today...

    I worked late last night, so I'm just waking up to this horrible news: Attack Kills At Least 37 At least 37 people have been killed and 700 injured in a series of terror attacks on London. The first...


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