Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Breakfast: 11/16/2005

Try one of these specials with your breakfast:


  1. Air America resorts to spamming

    Received via email... Dear Friend of Air America: There's is no way in the world anyone could have ever mistaken...

  2. Edublog—O.P

    Note: from here on out (until I change my mind... again), all Open Posts will include "O.P." in the subject line... I've blogged on the "65? Solution" before, but as it's gaining momentum, I thought it about time to touch base with the idea again...

  3. Trade Reforms: Follow-up

    Opening up the restrictions to market access (tariff reform) will eradicate starvation. Greater concessions by European countries on agriculture are the key to making the WTO talks a success.

  4. Open Trackbacks—a good thing

    Here's what I like most about the recent spate of Open Trackback posts: discovering new (to me) bloggers. I think what I may do over the next few Open Posts is feature one or two that have "discovered themselves" to me via tracking back to my Open P...

  5. The War on Christmas

    A new book written by John Gibson of the Fox Channel, clearly documents the liberal attack on this traditional holiday, and exposes secularists’ true agenda, to wipe out Christianity. CitizenLink talked with Gibson last week about the book — ...

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  7. 4 Questions for Democrats / Open Trackbacks

    So I asked the posters 4 questions. I will give you the obvious answers at the end but as usual my fellow Democrats disapointed me with their partisan hackery, complete lack of understanding, and no regard for right and wrong.

  8. I got them all cut, at least a little ;-)

  9. Hey, basil, I see I'm on the A-list today :) but no track- or ping- back came through. Did my spam filter bounce you back?

    If so, I'd like to know so I can hunt down the problem.

  10. Don't know what happened. I did send a ping, but it was with all the others. Interface doesn't offer feedback, so I don't know what took and what didn't unless I check each one. This morning, was rushed, so I didn't check. Oh, well.

  11. The KKK, A nudist colony and....

    now a city administrator embezzling over three hundred grand. That is the town of Davie Florida in Broward County both past and present. If this is true, other city officials should be held accountable by the voters. Why wasn't this man properly supe...


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