Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Holocaust Hoaxers Found!

Hello, I'm Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, president of Iran, and we're holding a conference to help clear up any misconceptions you may have about the myth of the so-called "Holocaust." I want to thank Basil for allowing me the opportunity to help educate you on the Zionist lie that so many accept as fact.

To that end, Basil says he's helped find the actual perpetrators of the hoax. Now, we're offering this exclusive exposé.

Let's hear from the first admitted hoaxer.

My name is Hedwig Erlanger, and I freely admit that I helped perpetrate the myth of the Holocaust. It was a horrible thing I did, helping tell that lie and I am truly, truly sorry.

What's going on here?

I'm admitting the Holocaust was a hoax. You say it was a hoax, right?

Um, yeah, but...

Well, I'm here to help. I'm the proof that the Holocaust was a hoax.

Me, too.

And us, too. We all were a part of making people think the Holocaust really happened. We lied. We're sorry.

We didn't want to tell the lie, either, but Mom and Dad made us. Dirty rotten Jews!


Yeah, Mr. President. I told the lie, too. I don't know what came over me.

It started out as a joke. Then it kind of got out of hand. The truth is, the Nazis were just the nicest people. But we were sitting around one day, drinking the blood of children, when someone said, "Hey, let's tell everyone that Nazis are killing us" ...

Yeah, that was me. Sorry!

... then somebody picked a number. What was it, 100,000?

Then somebody said "a million" ... and we all laughed.

Then Isidor said, "Hey, why stop there. If they believe one-million, they'll believe six-million."

So, anyway, one thing led to another.

Like I said, we made up the Holocaust. It was just a joke that got out of hand. And by the time we all came to our senses, it was too late.

We know it was wrong. But we just kinda got caught up. But we promise we won't do it again.

Never again.

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  1. Hitler Disavows Holocaust Conference...

    Former German Chancellor Adolph Hitler criticized the Holocaust conference in Tehran today, calling it "the craziest thing he's ever heard."

    Iran is hosting the conference to determine whether the Holocaust had happened of not. It featured, among...

  2. Go Read Basil, Now!...

    Basil is always passing out the unsolicited linky love. After reading this post of his, I am returning the favor. A nice blend of sarcasm, and graphic images that would make The Supreme Monger proud! Oh, and those graphic images, they are very graphic....

  3. Yesterday afternoon, Michael Savage ranted and raved about why the mainstream media was not countering the Holocaust with photos of the carnage inflicted by the Nazis.

    Basil, you are the only responsible media source out there. Thank you for the truth!

  4. I've read several books about this and am just stunned that someone can just say it didn't happen--there are still people with numbers tatooed on their arms! In the pics where people are surrounding the dead, must've been where the people who lived in the town near the prison camp were made to come look at the dead, so they couldn't deny what was going on in them. David Duke should've been blocked from re-entering the US!

    Great post, Basil!

  5. Good job Basil! The comment by John Lillpop is right; the mainstream media seems to be asleep at the switch. They are not covering this story the way they should.

  6. I am just spitting blood about this.

  7. Everyone here, including the blogger, please open your mind a bit. Nobody denied Holocaust, only said the numbers are not right. They are based on russians estimates and russians made a priority in discrediting germans.
    When real numbers and proofs surfaced 40 years later nobody paid attention, as huge sums of money were already paid to survivors and so on...
    If it is so obvious, why are poeple jailed in Europe for saying they want some more proofs about th enumber of people that died.
    There were many typhus casualties in labour camps, probably these pictures are showing us dead from. The question is :were there 6 mil or 1.5 millions? It is a big difference! (7-8 millions of ucrainians died for instance in WW2)

  8. Even if you want to say some died from other causes--would they have died if they were in their homes or did the horrible conditions and inhumane treatment have something to do with it? Dead is dead.

  9. If the jews really believed in the holocaust? They would not be the naziz that they are? Dont believe me look at Palestine.

  10. Holocaust: Memorial, Denial and Resistance (meanwhile in the blogosphere…)...

    Both sides shun Arab memorial to Jews - World -
    Khaled Mahameed opened a modest Holocaust museum, Arab Institute for Holocaust Research and Education, in his office in the predominantly Arab town of Nazareth 18 months ago. It has some 80 pho...

  11. The holocaust was not a hoax the Nazis killed 6 billion ppl and you're saying that it was a are all krazy! And if ppl believe it they are krazy too!

  12. The holocaust was NOT a hoax. Who ever wrote this should be ashamed along with the people who believe it. 13 million ppl died! and you say it didnt happen! 6 million of which were jews!

    How can you be so cold-hearted not to see that these ppl died because of the hatred of Nazis. You may believe that this is false but why are there ppl who are scared due to what they have saw. are left with numbers printed on their skin. Left with no family; all alone. Lost everyone they had; family, friends and neighbors!

    Someone who could just sit there and believe this or even form their lips to say they believe it should open there eyes and ears and look at the survivors; listen to their stories!

    Next you will probably say Adolf Hitler was a great man with no hatred in his heart. He organized this! I guess hatred in general is a hoax!

    Basil, you should be ashamed.

  13. How awful that the Rosenblats lied about their story and that the publishers and movie makers and Oprah didn't figure it out. So sad.

    Some Holocaust love stories are true. The NY Times featured a story about the famous comic book artists Stan Lee and Neal Adams and a story they were publicizing.

    The story is about Dina Gottliebova Babbitt who was a 19 year old art student at Auschwitz. There she was asked by the Jewish head of the children's camp to paint something to cheer them up. Dina painted a mural of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and in the end, Dina's art became the reason for her salvation.

    Painting the mural for the children caused Dina to be taken in front of Dr. Mengele, the Angel of Death. She thought she was going to be gassed, but she bravely stood up to Mengele and he decided to make her his portrait painter, saving herself and her mother from the gas chamber.

    After the war, Dina applied for a job to be an animator and the person interviewing her turned out to be the man who created Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs for the movie. They fell in love and got married. Show White saved Dina's life twice!

  14. *[(Young Minnie)]*January 6, 2009 at 9:10 AM

    I believe this is one tragedy that not only just affected the world at that time... But also future generations... And every being as a whole should be aware... That this is not only a tragedy... But also a disaster... I wish we could erase the past... But now all we can do is fix the future... Keep that in mind...

  15. Are you kidding? It was real and whether or not this stupid thing is just a joke or some person trying to take the blame off Hitler as a fanatic, its simply racism to say" Dirty rotten Jews!" whoever did this...whats wrong with you? Its not funny or antyhing, The Holocaust is a true event that was tragic and affected millions of people. Would you like to dead millions of times over JUST to experience the pain they had given to them in humiliation? People who think that the Holocaust is funny and say that it was a joke are really ignorant. They have not a slightest idea of how it was.

  16. Yume-Chan:

    Thanks for visiting our Internets!

  17. I was a young child when the German officers were put on trial I saw many more photos and films of the things the Germans did to the Jews. What about the experiment they did on them. Even now I can see the photos of a young boy having his arms and legs pulled of by solders. I think that you should all be shown the films I saw, then say that it didnt happen. You that think it was all a sham. You need to be made to see what I saw, then deny it. You are just ignorant pathetic excuses for the human race. To me you are jealous satanist that cant feel for anyone. Your time will come and may God help you

  18. I forgot to let you know I am English living in the US. My Grandfather used is fishing boat to rescue American soldier. My Grandmother was a nurse and nursed many American solders back to health and held the hand of some that died. She also had to take care of some of the prisoners of war some of them Jewish children. She would cry many times when telling of the many stories she had of the war. Its so sad that the world has become so cold. I fear for us all. So many cold hearted people in this world. Just because one or two people lie doesn't mean the suffering of so many innocent children didnt happen I only wish people would see with there own heart than let others turn them into uncaring sheep A little love doesn't cost any thing I pray for us all. we will need it. If you don't believe in God that's alright I do and if I am wrong I don't loose anything but if you are wrong what have you lost.

  19. Eileen:

    I'm certain there are many pictures even more graphic than what I used here. However, for those that deny the holocaust, nothing will change their small minds. The only way to affect them is to laugh at them. Not because they are funny; they're not. Not because they did things funny; they didn't. Rather, hold them up to ridicule and scorn, because they deserve ridicule and scorn.

    Evil is often impervious to scorn. Ridicule, however, bothers evil greatly. Therefore, I attempt to ridicule evil.

  20. Dear Basil What you say is somewhat true and you have caught the eyes of sum. But to believe that evil is bothered in any way by scorn and radical is naive, what evil cannot overcome is compassion and love of each other. Its sad to say that the world is never going to get that. If you love people you could never let anything like the holocaust happen again. The world is preparing to turn its back on the Jews again. the Jews were bombed 700 times before they retaliated. Then the press and the rest of the world blames the Jews. How many bombs would it take befor anyone would have retaliated. I would not have wated for 2 let alone 700. I hope that I am wrong but?

  21. I really appreciate this one, because for my senior speech in high school, we were supposed to do a report on something using a photoshop slide show in the background. i didnt get to present mine, because i missed that part of the year at that school, but i had my report all finished. i wrote a speech from the point of view of a Holocaust denier, and i put together a slide show full of images from the Holocaust, like the ones you used to show in the background while i was denying the whole thing ever happened. it was hard to write that speech, because i am Jewish and have relatives who died in the Holocaust, but it was a pretty powerful presentation. so thanks for making that entry.

  22. It did happened, but this is an irrevalant issue, unless it's been and being used to justify and gain political & economical interests!! Try to consider why Jews are repeating the same Holocaust again and again since 1948 and recently 2008/2009 in Gaza.

    Well if you really believe it has happened, then Germany should compensate Jews and have their State in Bavaria for example or somewhere near Hamburg!

  23. It is relevant to this post, because, if you check the date of the post (December 13, 2006), that's during the time that Ahmadinejad was doing his Holocaust denial conference. So, ignoring whether or not it's relevant today, it was relevant when posted, for the reasons you stated.

    You seem to believe Israel is an aggressor nation. Of course, I suspect you think the same thing of my nation. Ignoring the fact that, if we were, we'd have conquered your country a long time ago, and you'd have the Stars and Stripes (63 stars, by the way) flying overhead, not the Maple Leaf.

    And, why, oh why, would Germany owe Jews land? God didn't promise Bavaria or Hamburg to His Chosen People, but rather, the land that is Israel today.

  24. This was informative, funny on the sarcastic side and upsetting on the picture side. I have just finnished night for school and we are still discussing the book in class. I'll be sure to let my teacher know about this site. She'll probably share it with the rest of the class to finally show to all those who truly don't believe... And then we'll see what they think after that...

  25. This was an excellent satire! Very well done!

    Out of curiousity, do you know the actual arguments behind the Holocaust being a hoax?

  26. Basil you are a legend, this is just brilliant.


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