Monday, August 26, 2013


Remember the scene in Ghostbusters where the team tries to tell the mayor that a disaster of Biblical proportions was coming? Bill Murray's character offered his take on it:

...human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together ... mass hysteria!
Well, it's close. In Detroit, at least.

You're probably heard about reports of packs of dogs running around, possibly as many as 50,000.

But, it's turned out that cats may be a problem, too. The Detroit Free Press reports that in at least one neighborhood, at least one large cat is stalking the area [notice: link contains auto-start video]. (Tip: Paul Mitchell)
A leader with the neighborhood association where the cat is roaming said several residents have contacted him after seeing the big feline.

“I’m really concerned,” said Vondell Boyer, 55, vice president of the Greenbrier Council. Boyer and other residents said they’re worried that if the cat runs out of rabbits, squirrels and other small critters to eat, it will target small kids.

(Tom) McPhee, (executive director of the World Animal Awareness Society, based in Ann Arbor) who is helping conduct a study of stray dogs in Detroit, said there are about 10-20 stray cats in the city for every stray dog.
See what 51 years of Democrats running things gets you? A disaster of Biblical proportions.


  1. That cat walks by himself and all places are alike to him.

  2. Yowzer! Detroit is off my vacation list!

  3. Damn, that Cat is big enough to threaten grandmothers in wheelchairs! It must be a Republican Cat.

  4. Won't the cat eat all the dogs? Given the likely cost constraints in the city budget for animal control, isn't this an upside? The question is who will eat more puppies, the cat or Obama?

  5. @4: Well, James, if that Damn Cat were here, he'd say, "Me!!"

  6. See what 51 years of Democrats running things gets you? A disaster of Biblical proportions.

    And the only thing that bothers the Democrats about it is the biblical part.

  7. Another appropriate clip from Ghostbusters:

    "Nice doggie. Maybe I have a Milk Bone..."

    - Rick Moranis

  8. Eat puppies? Ugh, perish the thought. Now, guppies...

  9. "That's a big twinkie!"

  10. It's a lynx, people.

  11. There's no such thing as a lynx. If there was, Apple would have named an operating system after it.

  12. But there is a Microsoft Bob Cat!

  13. I saw the video but they didn't have much of a view of the cat. From the brief glimpse it looked like an Ocelot. Which is bigger than a normal cat but not a "big Cat" like a lion, nor Tiger. Call it a smaller Mid-sized cat. Which is quite possible because many people do try to keep them as pets. While a threat to small animals I doubt very much it would pose a threat to humans, perhaps small children might get mauled, but I don't think it has an aggressive streak large enough to tackle things bigger than itself.


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