Thursday, September 12, 2013

Better call Saul

It's official. There will a Breaking Bad spin-off featuring the character Saul Goodman.

The show will be a prequel; the background behind how Saul Goodman came to be the character we've come to know in Breaking Bad.

Now, if you haven't watched Breaking Bad, know this: Saul's not really a good guy, but he's not the villain, either. He's a sleazy lawyer, but he's an unapologetic sleazy lawyer. He's probably the most honest character on the show. And, he's kinda funny.

Anyway, we'll find out more about Saul's history with the new show.

But, I kinda wonder about his future. As sleazy as he is, I'd feel better with him as Attorney General than Eric Holder.

What do you think? Are there any Breaking Bad characters would do better at jobs in the Obama administration than the current office occupants? What about Walt? Skyler? Hank? Walter Junior? Huell? Jesse? Skinny Pete? Badger? Past characters like Gus? The Cousins? Mike? Gale?

What characters, major or minor, would you prefer over the current Obama crew?


  1. Walter (Heisenberg version) as Secretary of State. Walter (White version) as Secretary of Education.

  2. Walter White & Jesse Pinkman - You did build that!

  3. I'm more comfortable with an honest sleaze any day.

    Gus for Secretary of State

  4. Prefer over the Obama crew? How about Walt as the head of the DEA?

  5. The meth head with an ATM laying on his head could do a better job than anyone in this regime.

  6. 6 kerrcarto: exactly! (ugh)

    just wishing the whole beltway meth lab would blow up at this point...

  7. Old Joe, the guy who runs the wrecking yard, for White House Press Secretary.

    Just love how he talks and his ease in explaining things so well.

  8. Mike is Putin: he's a thug, but he's not deceptive about who he is and sees the world in Machiavellian terms. Also, the fact that the Saul show is a prequel makes me wonder if the character will survive Breaking Bad.

  9. @9 - I think making it a prequel is just a matter of it being a better character arc - how he goes from young, idealistic law student who wants to save the world (trust me, they ALL enter their first year feeling that way) to being sleazy, cynical, and completely amoral.

  10. Never seen the show. But if any of the characters are deceased they'd certainly do a better job than Obama.

  11. Saul Goodman...feel the power of attorney!

  12. Second Amendment B1TCH!


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