Monday, March 10, 2014

Vive la différence

So, you think men and women are different?

Well, there's a neuroscientist in Birmingham (the one on England, not the one in Alabama) that says there are no difference between the brains of men and women.
"The bottom line is that saying there are differences in male and female brains is just not true. There is pretty compelling evidence that any differences are tiny and are the result of environment not biology," said Prof Rippon.
Oh, that's Professor Gina Rippon.

Sounds just like a woman, doesn't it. She says that it's environment, not biology that makes the sexes different.

That's right. She says sex doesn't make a difference.

I'm thinking she's not doing it right. Or nearly enough.


  1. He he he...


    Make that:

    She she she... :D

  2. Analyzing her would make you a Ginacologist.

  3. I also bet that she insists she's "not high maintenance".

    Gina, I mean. Not Anonymiss.

    We KNOW *she's* high maintenance :-D

    *ducks cookie sheet hurled by Anonymiss*

  4. @3 - Carefull. I hear she sharpens the edges of her cookie sheets.
    (Walnuts can also be effective projectiles, as well, provided there are any on hand.)

  5. I'm interested in all those female buttons... in the above image, of course.

  6. I don't hurl cookie sheets, silly.

    Hot pads. They don't bend and warp when thrown. And bonus: they don't hurt when they're re-flung in my direction.

    @4 "Projectile" is the only practical use for walnuts.

    I just don't have any.

    Oooh. Somebody should design a walnut gun! That'd be kinda awesome.

  7. @6 - ok, but if you throw a hot pad at me, just make sure there isn't a cookie sheet on top of it...

  8. "Somebody should design a walnut gun"

    Nuts-&-bolt action....with automatic shell ejection.

  9. Just send all your nice walnuts to my house!

    I also like female... tomatoes.

  10. @9 Huh?

    I don't speak...whatever you Washington-ites speak. Is it Gardenese?

  11. @7 If there is, it'll be HOT. :P

  12. @11 - the cookie sheet or the thrower?

  13. @10: The correct word is "Washingtonian." But well over half the people here are actually "Ballchinian."

  14. @13 I no speaka the Washingtonenean. :(

  15. @12 I meant the cookie sheet. I thought the state of the thrower was understood :P

  16. @15 - Oh... it's understood *perfectly*...

  17. Which part of the brain controls what her ladyparts do? Is that identical in men's brains? And vice versa?

  18. @18 I happen to agree with you. Our brains don't work at all alike.

    As evidenced by @19 and this thread in general... :P

  19. She says that it’s environment, not biology that makes the sexes different.

    And then she asks a man to fix the plumbing, or open a jar.

  20. I'm surprised no one has explicitly mentioned the woman's natural environment: the kitchen, the laundry room, and the bedroom.

  21. @21 Since you brought it up, I could use some plumbing advice...

  22. @22 And man's natural environment? The sofa?

  23. See? You are an understanding woman.

  24. Dr. Gina says any difference in male and female brains are the result of environment, not biology.
    But our biology is Part of our environment.
    If I was 4 inches shorter, had 30% less upper body strength, (on average - or so I've been told), had to sit down to pee and had to be at least moderately concerned with getting pregnant every time I had sex, my outlook on life would be a Lot different.
    Leaving aside for the moment all the social, historical and traditional influences on our patterns of thought and behavior, the gender specific differences in our anatomies just gotta have an effect on the way our minds work.
    Just sayin'....

  25. @22, 24, 25 Too bad our natural environments don't overlap. :P


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