Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Future is Now

Embedding the video is hit and miss. Oh, well. Click it, watch it, come back here and comment.

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Hey future, why are we still tying our own shoes?

Posted by HuffPost Australia on Thursday, October 15, 2015

[From The Facebook]

Neither future is how I imagined today would be. But how did you imagine it would be?


  1. The shark still looks fake.

  2. I imagined that my two young children would be all grown up and having kids of their own.

    And Voila!

  3. Nuclear wasteland. I think I was just a couple of years short.

  4. I thought every Speaker of the House would routinely be using a giant novelty gavel by now.

  5. That's our old future. Now we need a new one.

  6. I had hoped by now, despite Hammer's dismissal of the idea, we could touch that.

  7. I was imagining a future where Frank would keep blogging until the cows came home. Apparently, the cows came home early.

    Wait. Frank was only ... 6? ... at the time?

  8. I was assured by the wise Al Gore that, thanks to Climate Change, I needn't trouble my pretty little head with pesky problems like a future.

  9. ...I imagined that people would have wised up and rejected communism and we'd all be living as free people in a free world.

  10. I thought that a lot more diseases would have cures by now. When I was a kid, polio and small pox and measles and diphtheria and whooping cough had essentially been defeated, and the Jerry Lewis telethon and the March of Dimes and the War on Cancer all promised that with enough research dollars, other diseases and medical conditions would be dealt with as well. We just assumed medical science could cure anything, if sufficient time and resources were devoted to it.

  11. @ crabby

    If we put all the money we're wasting on global warming into medical research, we probably would.

    While medical research struggles to scrape together millions global warming causes get billons. its all about priorities.


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