Friday, October 28, 2005

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  • Today : So I dunno about you all, but I have been damned busy today, and barely got to blog - luckily, I pulled through and present this gem of a post for your pleasure.  Oh, and it wouldn't be right not to mention Basil's robo-assassin-guards!

  • NEWS:

  • Plamegate : Libby indicted, resigns

    ... if I was acting like a Dem I would demand a definition of "is" and "sex"

    ... and also blindly believe (or claim to believe) in innocence

    ... But I am not, so I just hope the truth comes out and those guilty are punished

    Good analysis here

    Fit to hit the shan'

    Lying about lying

    The questions not asked

    TSG has more

    "And despite the apparent glee on the part of the left, it's coitus interruptus for them."

    ... news'ish, cut me some slack! 
  • Islamofascism : Mahmoud Ahmadinejad defends his "wipe Israel off the map" statement
    ... "Religion of Peace Pieces"

    Iran revealing how weak it is?

    Tony Blair responds to Iran

    TBIFOC has the Congressional votes on Condemning Iran

    ... 49 say "Iran is A-OK", and one votes as "Present" ... WTF??

    Iran + al Qaeda

    ISM, PLO = (still) terrorist organizations 

    Danes make 4 arrests
  • Beta : Will become hurricane

    ... lucky #13, not expected to hit US
  • Afghanistan : US Embassy spitting on First Amendment? 
  • Oil : Profits under fire

    ... ExxonMobil Q3 net income up 75%!

    They don't learn from their own history?

    ... or we don't learn from ours?

    Thoughts on the problem, and "Windfall Profit tax" is not (nor is ever) the right answer
  • Baseball : Most recent World Series was lowest watched EVER

    ... apparently I am not the only one who doesn't care!
  • RIP :  Richard Smalley (62), one of the buckeyballs guys   


  • New York City : City smells good, people get worried   
  • MSM : NYT's misleading us WRT Cpl. Jeffrey B. Starr

    ... found via Absentee
  • UselessNations : Riddled with corruption 

    Oil for Food for Bribes - AWB in it for $300M

    Kofi pledges to investigate

    ... unless of course they do the RIGHT thing and fire him (or he resigns)

    ... but that is more than a little doubtful.

    Stop the UNternet
    "The United Nations either does not understand or is willfully ignoring
    the fact that the lack of control of the Internet is not a bug" 
  • Computing : Korea sans Windows? 

    Notebooks, with screens that are readable in sunlight

    SW industry not prepared for multicore?

    Odious DMCA undergoing review, speak out!

    IBM's Blue Gene tops own record

    ... 280.6 teraflops!

    RAID, explained through water jugs

    MS building Web-based Office?

    ... or just a lite version

    More on "IE7 to be more secure"

    Convert videos to iPod easily , freely

    USB Guitar

    MS vs OSI

    IBM to sell Solaris on blades?!
  • Internet : 1Tbps! 

    Digg gets some sweet VC$

    ... a cool $2.8M, and they deserve it (but so do I!!)

    AOL hit by IM virus

    L3, Cogent get over selves, sign peering agreement

    Internet plays integral role in our lives

    ... no, really?? hijacker (finally) busted

    ... $65M run for the border finally over?   
  • Gaming : Your PSP wants solar power! 

    XBOX360 expected to sell 4.5M to 5.5M by 06/30/06!

    ... including mine?

    WoW - Burning Crusade site launched

    Civ4 - the addiction
  • Happy Birthday : Lady Liberty

    ... dedicated on October 28, 1886
  • Abortion : A peek inside Planned Parenthood   
  • Right : 'The Cost of Real Corruption'

    ... "Democrats relentlessly decry the “culture of corruption”"(cough) hypocrites (cough)
  • SCOTUS/Miers : 'A pyrrhic victory for opponents'?
    ... sadly; I hope they are wrong
  • Racism : Sports not safe from it
    ... "race-based pseudo-controversy"
  • Halloween : ACLU throws a block for sex offenders

    ... they keep good company - pedophiles, terrorists

    100 greatest horror movie performances of all time

    LED Jack-O-Lantern

    Venus, Mars to be glowing
  • Space : Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) opens eyes

    ... 10x better than Hubble
  • Health : CNTF vs obesity 

    Microbe + machine = cellborg

    The Mediterranean Da Vinci Code Diet

    ... by a bread-maker ... no ulterior motive here!

    Tiny robots, remote surgery

    ... sounds like a movie   
  • Privacy : Passports + RFID + (attempted) AntiSkimming measures   
  • Employment : 'The worst jobs in science'   
  • Education : MIT Prof Luk Van Parijs fakes data, gets fired

    ... been doing it for quite some time?
  • Weather : Tracking hurricanes back to 1700s   
  • Culture : Babies w/o daddies on the rise

    ... (sad), but teen births are down (good)
  • Urban Legends : Check it out here first, before you email it to everyone on the planet   
  • Crime : Steal CC, buy winning ($1M) lottery ticket, get busted/lose $/go to jail 

    Ex-"Mayor for Life" Marion Berry charged with Tax Evasion

    ... um, that damned IRS set him up?
  • Stupidity : State Hospital gives mental patient Adonis Oandasan a machete

    ... you see where this is going, right?
  • Celebrity(ies) : George Takei, aka Star Trek's Sulu = teh gay


    IMAO wants to hear about any celeb who is surprisingly NOT teh gay
  • TV : 10000 bouncy balls released in San Fran for ad   
  • Bloggers : Forbes thinks you are dangerous 

    Spacemonkey reacts

  • FUNNY:

  • OOTS : #238

    ... Elan is no pied piper
  • SCOTUS  / Miers : Acceptance to White House Halloween Bash withdrawn 

    Miers flees SCOTUS fiasco

    ... cookies weren't enough

    Mr. Stick Figure, on Free Speech

    ... if it is not about Miers, we don't care!

    Scooter for SCOTUS

    ... a one-liner, throw away ... but still funny (and I hear he is available)

    Where'd everybody go?

    Miers withdraws, + punchline at the end
  • Plamegate : 'Libby case a ‘slam dunk’, but leaker on the loose' 

    Hitchcock salutes prosecutor

    The White House girls take Scooter Libby out to lunch'
  • UF : The geek dating saga continues!   
  • Right : TBIFOC has a nightmare   
  • Katrina : Red Cross uses $ to takeover Salvation Army

    ... actually, ARC is outa $ - but that isn't funny
  • Culture : Ignorant wannabes everywhere   
  • W : Reality Show up next   
  • The Onion : A response to POTUS cease & desist order

    ... using the White House seal is verboten
  • Podcast : Night of the Living Left
    ... found via IMAO   



    Piece-ful Islam, Iran
    Cox & Forkum

    Jack on the Vicki McKenna Show Live This Tuesday at 3pm EST
    Task Force Sabre 7
    ... found via Cao ... all of her Sabre 7 stuff here!
    Pick your Scooter :



    Merry Christmas, ACLU!
    Stop the ACLU

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