Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Crazy professors, fat film-makers, Democrats ... and other news

If you thought Amy Bishop looked familiar, The Nose On Your Face shows why.

I wonder when UAH will take Amy Bishop's staff page down...

The pastor of a local Lutheran church resigns after a decision by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America to allow gays to serve as clergy.

Vatican picks Beatles' "Revolver" as top pop album of all time.

God carries out sentence on 94-year-old death row inmate.

I wish I had written this: Kevin Smith, Too Big To Fail.

Agent Beadhead says it best: F**k Kevin Smith.

By the way, I'm not overweight. I'm under-tall.

Harvey answers the RightWingNews survey. While I didn't answer every question (most, but not all) the way he did, his reasons are better than mine.

Overheard at the Biden household: Honey, did I tell you I ran into Peggy Fleming on Sunday?

Yes, I did the lame Buh-Bayh joke.

Oh, and George Bush pushed Lautenberg. Because Rush Limbaugh told him to.

A Rasmussen poll shows Boxer leading vs 3 GOP, but still polling under 50%: 46-42 vs Fiorina, 45-41 vs Campbell, 47-42 vs Devore. That don't look good.

By the way, has Arlen Specter decided to switch to the GOP yet?

Frank J suggests "there is very little a Senator does you couldn't train a German Shepherd to do." I can think of one thing: Be a lapdog.

Also on teh Twitter, Jake Tapper thought it was worthwhile retweeting this: In 2003 an estimated 10M people participated in anti-Iraq War protests.

I'm waiting on him to tweet about how many Saddam killed during his reign of terror.

Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) was in the area -- he was in Phenix City -- and said "no business too big to fail." And yes, he was one of the few who voted against stimulus.
Remember that terror report where they made no reference to Islamists, or Islam, in any way? Well, some wonk involved said it was "not an active choice" to omit any reference to Islam in terror report. I'm not surprised. Their refusal to acknowledge Islamists as a threat is, to them, automatic. It's part of their being.

Fox News screwed up. Big time. They gave misinformation about the holiday yesterday in a fluff piece. Hey, Fox News. Making stupid mistakes like that makes you look like MSNBC. It's called research. Look into it.
Savannah has a huge St. Patrick's Day parade every year. But, whatever you do, don't get there 15 days early this year. I mean, drunken Irish are one thing, but some people, you just want to avoid.

I feel sorry for the chick at the Olympics who's being threatened over her fur. She is cute, though. In a k. d. lang sort of way.

The KKK is holding a rally on US 301 in Nahunta on Saturday. Actually on highway 301. I know that area of Georgia. The speed limit is 55. If you're driving in that area, it'll be okay to ignore the roadblocks. Hammer down!

Obama's Afghanistan strategy: Surge, bribe and run.

WiFi on school buses? Great. Just great. Now kids can access hotsluts.com before they get home.

No snow in Vancouver? Proof of Global Warming!!!1!!1!!!

While you were reading this, do you have any idea how many Democrats bowed out of the November election?

By the way, the answer to that question is "Not enough."

Note to self: the ALT key and the SHIFT key do very, very different things. Don't even get me started on the CTRL key!

You wanna see something funny? It's only if you're using Windows. Ready? Hit ALT-F4.

The rest of us think it's funny that you actually did that.

I got gas at lunch yesterday. Well, the car did. Anyway, when I had finished filling the car, the gas pump displayed the message, "Clerk has receipt." When I went inside, she said she was done with it and let me have it.

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