Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Both ways

This whole "Trump won't accept the results if he loses" nonsense is ... well, nonsense.

It's be almost funny if it just wasn't so ... well, okay, it is funny, despite everything.

On the left, including the media, they're getting their panties in a wad because Trump wouldn't agree to unconditionally accept the election results. This is the same left that backed Al Gore's refusal to accept the 2000 election results until the Supreme Court ended that hissy-fit.

The other group that's jumping on Trump is the #NeverTrump crowd, many of whom have a field day with Hillary's rigging of the Democrat nomination.

I understand the dislike of Donald Trump. I'm no fan. But the #NeverTrump crowd getting in bed with the pro-Hillary crowd ... well, let's just say I'm torn between disgust and disappointment. Some of those carrying the #NeverTrump banner are people I've thought a lot of over the years. I'm hoping they wise up.

Back to the election rigging thing, The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler nailed it:
After the farcical “investigation” by Comey’s FBI of Hildebot Clintoon’s clearly treasonous and criminally negligent handling of classified material, not to mention every single other investigation of Congress’ ending up in nothing at all no matter how damning the evidence? After Project Veritas publishing, on a daily basis, irrefutable proof of ProgNazi operatives not only admitting to, but bragging of their massive vote fraud operations? After the IRS being used as the armed goons of the ProgNazis to suppress dissent up to the 2012 election (and the inevitable pointless show “investigations” not leading anywhere afterwards)? After the too numerous to count reports of precincts voting more than 100% Democrat in previous elections? We could go on for another 200 pages, but we trust you get the point.

Yet we’re supposed to just forget all about that and hand our lying, cheating, thieving oppressors a blank check to go forth and continue using us like a rented mule?
Like I said, I'm no fan of Trump. But I'm not going to call him out when he's right. And on this, he's right.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Vote early and vote often

I'm not a fan of early voting. The reason is simple: it gives Democrats more time to rig an election.

Now, don't think I'm biased against Democrats. My dislike is based on experience. But I have no illusions that many Republicans wouldn't do the same thing.

If a bunch of Republicans could rig the vote and get away with it, they would. But, since the media is full of Democrats and their ilk, they'd be all over the Republicans while ignoring the Democrats.

Now, not all media members are dishonest. I suspect if Chris Wallace (Fox News) or Jake Tapper (CNN) became aware of voter fraud, they'd report on it, regardless of who did it. But most members of the media are so full of Democrat Kool-Aid that they would believe any excuse a fraudster would spew.

So, the Republicans won't get away with vote fraud. Democrats will. And have. And do.

And the biggest avenue they have is this whole "early voting" thing. It's nothing more than a way for crooks to be crooks and commit fraud.

Voting should be on a set day. One day. And, if someone can't be bothered to vote on that one day, great. We have too many low-information voters already.

I'm voting on election day, not before. If I am out of town, I'll vote by absentee, as I did when in the Army. But, my schedule will have me where I can vote at home on election day, so I will. You should too.

Friday, October 21, 2016

When is it God's fault?

I read a thought-provoking post over at The Scratching Post just a bit ago. It brings up the question of God letting things happen. Specifically, the Holocaust.

Of course, atheists believe in not believing in God, so they take events like the Holocaust as proof that God doesn't exist. I choose to think of events like that as proof of how much men need God.

Anyway, K T Cat suggests that people should have seen it coming in regards to Hitler:
Hitler wrote Mein Kampf long before he came to power. Anyone who read it knew he was trouble from the get-go for Jews in particular and Europe in general. Never one for subtleties, while he doesn't lay out the blueprints for the gas chambers, it's hard to see how it all ends well for the Jews. When he finally did seize power in Germany, the sequence of events, including Kristallnacht, made it clear to everyone where this was headed.
People can't be bothered to learn from history. And it's not just those that are doomed to repeat it. They're going to drag the rest of us with them. Unless we act.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Did they throw Hillary off the bus?

When I first heard about it, I was worried for Hillary.

Sure, I don't like the woman and certainly don't want her to be president, but I certainly don't want anything bad to happen to her.

What I'm talking about is a story that led me to think that one of Hillary's campaign bus had deposited her on the side of the road and she fell in a sewer. Turns out I misunderstood what actually happened.

The report from WGCL in Atlanta said
[City of Lawrenceville ]cops investigating claims that #Hillary #ForwardTogether bus dumped human waste into storm drain. Follow @cbs46 for updates.
[Tip: MoonBattery]

And the DNC confirmed it.

Naturally, when I saw that a Clinton campaign bus had dumped human waste into a storm drain, I thought they were talking about Hillary.

It's an easy mistake to make.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Why wait till the election to start rigging things?

A lot of people seem to be getting their panties in a wad about the possibility -- check that -- the likelihood of vote fraud in the upcoming election. What these people seem to not realize is that it's already begun. At least, I think it has. And, I suspect you know it, too, whether or not you think much about it.

Isaac Schrodinger was one of the ones pointing out that the polls are all conflicting:
...one poll has Clinton up by 10 while another has Trump up by 6.

Of course, they both can't be correct. It's likely that they're both wrong.
So, what's the truth?

The truth is, I think, that if enough polls showing Hillary in the lead make that the expectation, then one of two things will happen:
  1. Those opposing Hillary won't bother to vote, since they figure she's going to win anyway.
  2. If Hillary loses, they'll use the rigged polls (accepted as truth) as evidence that the Republican must have cheated.
What evidence do I have? Well, what evidence would satisfy you? Obviously you don't recall those same arguments in elections in the past. Not wide-spread, but they were there?

Didn't see or hear those? Maybe you weren't paying attention.

The polls are rigged. Many of them, any way. And that's important in perception, because people put a lot of faith in polls.

An honest, scientifically accurate poll will give a good indication of how things stand at a point in time.

Polls are a tool for research. The problem is they are used as tools of manipulation. By tools.