Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-05-31

Things on my mind recently...

  • Late-term abortion doctor, George Tiller, shot dead 51-year-old suspect performs 275th-trimester abortion #

  • What with a border czar, an Internet czar, a bailout czar, a car czar, and such, is Obama eventually going to declare himself Czar? #

  • Obama "shocked and outraged" by late-term abortion doctor's killing Killing would have been okay on May 31, 1941 #tcot #

  • Bonnie Sweeten, you stole from friends, took your kid, & faked a kidnapping. What's next? "We're going to Disney World!" #

  • Trial Looms for U.S. Suspect in Alleged Jihad Plot If it turns out they supported Obama, will DOJ drop charges? #

  • Wife's new aquarium: it's bigger than the TV. Now I need a bigger TV. #

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Twitter vs The Verizon

I'm trying to figure out which give me more problems: the Twitter or the Verizon.

Right now, it's neck and neck.

Oh, I'm not stopping using either one. I'm addicted to the Twitter. And the Verizon has the best service in the area, based on where I am and where all I go.

So, I'm stuck.

But, that won't stop me from whining about things.

Like, recently, I became addicted to the Twitter. And, since there are Twitter applications for my BlackBerry, I can use the Twitter on my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry.

For many of the folks I follow on the Twitter, I decided to have it notify me of new "tweets."

Silly me.

Because I don't have an unlimited texting plan. It's a 250 plan. That is, 250 text messages a month.

Now, I don't text a lot. But, if I set up the Twitter to send me notifications when someone tweets off something, I get a text message. And, when someone began following me, I got a text message.

Yes, you see where this is going.

Only, it struck me suddenly, last month. I logged on to my Verizon Wireless account, and looked up usage. In the first little bit of the billing cycle, I had used up 177 text messages. That meant that I was going to go over my allowance.

So, I did some quick math, didn't like what I found, and did two things.

First thing I did was up my text allotment to 500. Next thing I did was find where on my Twitter account I could stop getting notifications when someone followed me. Then, the third thing I did (yes, I know I said two, but once I got started, it was hard to stop, you understand) was to turn off notifications for everyone who I was following, account by account.

That slowed down the number of text messages I got. And, during the remainder of the month, I got just 18 more texts. Mostly, there were messages from Wife asking me if I was ready for lunch.

Verizon Wireless bill

So, let's do some simple math.

I began the month with a 250 message allotment. I ended the month with a 500 message allotment. And, for the entire month, I used 195 billable messages.

But, that's simple math. Let's use Verizon math.

Because I said to them, "Hey, I'm not giving you enough money. I want to give you more. Move me over to a higher text message plan," they did. They prorated the $5/month charges and the $10/month charges, then prorated the number of messages per day, and determined that, despite the fact that at no time during the month was my monthly allowance below 250, and that my total for the month was 195, I had gone over by 94 messages.

Let's cover that again.

I began the month with a 250/month allowance. I upped it to a 500/month allowance. My total for that month was 195. And I was 94 over.

A quick call, a couple of smart-ass remarks by both me and Mr. Verizon, and Mr. Verizon adjusted things. He adjusted just the charges, not any associated taxes.

This is why I wanted to get an iPhone. And if AT&T had good service around here, I'd have one. But their service sucks, and the iPhones cost too much. So, I have Verizon and a BlackBerry.

Now, I need to put the blog down and get my BlackBerry. I might find something on the Twitter I want to read.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-05-29

Things on my mind recently...

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-05-28

Things on my mind recently...

  • Genetically modified monkeys suffering human illness are possible. I don't know what it means, but it's racist. #tcot #

  • Texan told that her US flag in her cubicle was "offensive" Handbasket nearly done, tickets to Hell purchased #tcot #

  • Fox asks "Is the Obama administration closing Chrysler dealerships that did not support his party?" I asked on May 14: #

  • If you ignore facts, logic, and common sense, then Obama is doing a wonderful job. If you disagree, you're a racist. #tcot #

  • Guy at work spilled 2 cups of coffee all over his cube & chair. Who's out today? They're getting chair-swapped. #

  • Maybe Bill O'Reilly just reads what's on his teleprompter without understanding it. Why should the left have a monopoly on that? #tcot #

  • Difference between left & right: Libs laugh *with* Gibbs ( while conservatives laugh *at* Obama #tcot #

  • Celebrity Death Match I'd like to see: Barack Obama vs Elizabeth II. She drove trucks in WW2. He smoked crack in Chicago. QE2 wins. #tcot #

  • The whole Obama administration seems like characters out of the WWE. Instead of the Horsemen, they have the Horses Asses. #tcot #

  • Senate looking at mystery credit card charges Will they look at Obama's credit card campaign contributions? #tcot #

  • Roast beef and gravy. And banana pudding for dessert. Life is good. #

  • Headline from Time magazine: Hard Times Hit The Sex Trade I find that's when it's most effective. #

  • Ah. Long meetings. Proof there is a God, and He's pissed. #

  • Did Obama spend this recklessly when he ran his own business? Oh, yeah. Never mind. #tcot #

  • Few people know that I was born a Latina, but became a Southern White male to succeed in your racist cracker world. #tcot #

  • Rev. Brenda Lee ( carried away bodily from POTUS press area I'm waiting on the YouTube #tcot #

  • Mass extinction 260 MYA started in China And that's why I don't trust the ChiComs #

  • CNN: Sotomayor pick was to influence Justice Kennedy Seems Anthony Kennedy has a thing for frumpy Latinas #tcot #

  • Watching Wife watch True Blood. I love Netflix. Except today. #

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-05-27

Things on my mind recently...

  • Why aren't all US prisons supermax prisons? #tcot #

  • I don't understand Nevada. Jim Gibbons is governor, but Harry Reid is Senator. Maybe that blob is runnimg the show. #

  • Star Spangled Banner #3wordsbarackhates #

  • How many Secret Service agents are assigned to the teleprompter? #tcot #

  • Pelosi, in trouble, goes to China. China's puppet detonates nuke, launches rockets. Pelosi suddenly not news. Coincidence? #tcot #

  • The good news is there'll be a remake of M*A*S*H soon #

  • I am Latina; White men dare not oppose me; You racist cracker #sotoku #

  • Why you so stupid?; I am a Puerto Rican; You cannot stop me #sotoku #

  • Sotomayor reversed 60% of the time That's less than I would have figured for an Obama appointee #tcot #

  • Wife has finally replaced the fish tank that broke the week the tornado hit. The filter is loud. Sounds like a blender. #

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-05-26

Things on my mind recently...

  • Why have liberals for years complained about how overcrowded our prisons are, but now say we've got room for the Gitmo terrorists? #tcot #

  • North Korea detonates nuke, launches more rockets Maybe this will earn Jimmy Carter another Nobel Prize #tcot #

  • Actions have consequences #3wordslibshate #

  • If every incumbent lost the next election, this country might just make it. #tcot #

  • Liberal picks liberal to replace liberal Also in the news, water is wet. #tcot #

  • Parts of Nearby Galaxy Mysteriously Missing Obama asks for $800-billion to bail out Messier 87 #

  • Kutcher threatens to stop Twittering Proof there is a God #

  • Based on merit #3wordslibshate #

  • Bush was right #3wordslibshate #

  • Never watched Fringe or Bones until recently. I downloaded them to TiVo and watch them at suppertime. It's my new weight-loss program. #

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Monday, May 25, 2009


Tomb of the Unknowns (Department of Defense photo)
Tomb of the Unknowns, Arlington National Cemetery. Photo by Department of Defense
Having served in the Army, I understand what it's like for soldiers when they are away from home.

Soldiers -- as well as those who served in the Air Force, Navy, or Marines -- think of those back home.

Most come back home. But not all do.

Over the years, many who wore our country's uniform gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Some of you know some of those that gave their lives for this country, for you and me.

Some of you don't know any one who lost his life in service to our country. Those are unknown to you.

But they were known to someone.

Today, honor those that gave their lives in service of our country. They deserve to be remembered.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-05-24

Things on my mind recently...

  • Phone (and, therefore, Internet) is down. AT&T says they'll have it fixed by Wednesday. Limited to BlackBerry until then. #

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-05-23

Things on my mind recently...

  • At Six Flags over Georgia with grandson. We just rode the Georgia Cyclone. I hate roller coastetrs. #

  • Grandson seems to like the water rides. Thanfully, it's started raining. Now *every* ride is a water ride! #

  • Brought grandson to Six Flags. What is he doing? Playing some Sonic Hedgehog game at the Wii Experience. #

  • Overheard outside the restroom near the Thunder River exit: "If I pull these pants down, they ain't comin' back up." #SixFlags #

  • Old Democrats: tax and spend. New Democrats: spend and tax. See? That's real change. #tcot #

  • Big Sister called. She said Star Trek was "okay." Much like I said. Only she had a different reason. #

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-05-22

Things on my mind recently...

  • If a terrorist escapes from a US prison, he's in the US. If he escapes from Gitmo, he's in Cuba. Any questions? #tcot #

  • Pelosi: 'I Stand By' Accusation Proof she can stand and lie at the same time #tcot #

  • Obama: "values ... keep us safe." And all this time I thought they hated us because of our values. #tcot #

  • Eating a Moon Pie, wishing I had an RC Cola. #

  • Does anyone else think that when they do the Michael Vick Story that Chris Rock will play the part? #

  • Wife all grumpy. Grandson and I are heading to Atlanta. Braves game! #

  • Turned away at the gate because of my Leatherman. Grrrr! #

  • Leatherman safely secured. Inside The Ted. Now a rain delay. To the Chop House! #

  • Rain has (almost) stopped. Braves just took the field 10 feet away. Grandson is ready for some baseball. Me too. #

  • Recently snapped picture #

  • Game over. Braves win. Fireworks after game. Now at the room. I don't know how to watch cable TV. At home, I have TiVo to watch it for me. #

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-05-21

Things on my mind recently...

  • I never watch Idol, but I might start. I understand they had comedians this year. Someone told me the straight man beat the funny guy. #

  • Suspect indicted in Chandra Levy murder I'd like to see Gary Condit on that jury #

  • POTUS called SECDEF "William" Gates? Does this mean stimulus money is going to fund Steve Jobs? #tcot #

  • I think I'm the only person in this part of the state that has ever used a slide rule. I may be the only one who knoes what one is? #

  • Dick Cheney is our John Connor. #tcot #

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-05-20

Things on my mind recently...

  • I don't remember the last time I removed a virus from a computer that didn't visit illegal file-sharing Websites. #

  • Q: Welcome to McDonald's; would you like to try a Mocha... A: Would you like to just take my order for what I want? #

  • Wife: Don't worry about my driving; I've got more than two hands. #

  • I was nearly late for a meeting because of Kosovo snipers. (Thanks for the tip, Joe!) #tcot #

  • First, it was Twilight the TiVo. Now, she's got True Blood disc one from Netflix. That's the Sushi Steakhouse (or something) series. #

  • NY Times: 1 in 7 freed terrorist returns to terror Maybe we didn't torture enough? #tcot #

  • House passes credit card legislation, effective February 2010. Banks will have 9 months to jack up your rates #

  • Dylan poem on sale was really Hank Snow song Bids came from Reno, Chicago, Fargo, Minnesota, Buffalo, Toronto, Winslow #

  • Travel to U.S. forecast to drop 8 percent in '09 If only illegal travel to U.S. would drop 8 percent #tcot #

  • Senate OKs Loaded Guns In National Parks Hey, Yogi, try taking my pic-a-nic basket now! #

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-05-19

Things on my mind recently...

  • If Nancy Pelosi colored her hair to match her outfit, √† la Mrs. Slocombe, it would confuse Republicans and delight her constituents #

  • Man says Chicago cops beat him for 30 minutes And he's alive? Chicago cops are weak! #

  • I'm going to miss the Tamil Tigers. They had the coolest name of any terror organization. #

  • Jerry Springer leave Chicago The fact he left voluntarily says a lot about Chicago #

  • Rapper Dolla shot, killed at L.A. mall Tiffany sought for questioning #

  • Michael Vick to finish prison sentence at home If I go to prison, can I serve my time at Michael Vick's home? #

  • Wife's reaction to "24" finale: "Is that it?" #

  • Torture vs saving lives: was Asimov correct when he said "Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right"? #

  • People who use their turn signals after beginning the lane change should be pulled from their vehicles and beaten. #

  • Is Nancy Pelosi a liability, or does she have lie ability? #tcot #

  • Parents complain that Texas school allowed Gideons to offer Bibles If only they cared as much drugs in school #tcot #

  • Where else but San Francisco would propose a butt tax #

  • Applying science to religion makes as much sense as applying religion to science. Galileo could explain it better than I. #

  • This just in: Patrick Swayze still alive. And Francisco Franco still dead. #

  • Every time I make a Web page idiot proof, a bigger idiot comes along. #

  • I would have enjoyed the "24" finale more if Agent Walker had beaten the guy to death with Garofalo's head #tcot #

  • Oil change will go into its third day. And this is before the government takes over GM. #

  • Wife needs to learn to not grab my ass when I'm trying to hold in a fart. Especially in the Cracker Barrel. #

  • If Bush could be blamed for a hurricane, can we blame Obama for the earthquakes? #tcot #

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-05-18

Things on my mind recently...

  • Back when Biden had his brain surgery, just how much did they take out? #

  • Leave Nancy Pelosi alone. She accurately reflects her home voters, as well as the true nature of the Democrat party. #

  • During the next elevated threat level, perhaps Biden should be housed at the Knights Inn, Jessup MD. #

  • President Garfield's statue beheaded Statue of Osama bin Laden claims credit #

  • There is little that tastes better or hurts worse than a quickly-consumed Chic-fil-a shake. #

  • Getting estimates on car repair. #

  • 16 NYC schools closed over swine flu Students expected to learn just as much. Or little. #

  • Biden aide says underground bunker is upstairs guest room Biden doesn't know ass or bedroom from hole in the ground #

  • When was the last time the top bad guys on "24" were not old, male Republicans ( #

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Common ground

Obama speaks at Notre DameSOUTH BEND, IN (ABC News) - The president spoke to graduates at the University of Notre Dame about coming together over disagreements about abortion by finding "common ground."

"I do not suggest that the debate surrounding abortion can or should go away," Obama said. "Because no matter how much we may want to fudge it -- indeed, while we know that the views of most Americans on the subject are complex and even contradictory -- the fact is that at some level, the views of the two camps are irreconcilable."

Protesters at the university drew a sharp contrast between pro-abortion and pro-life camps The president acknowledged the protesters and their signs, using them to offer his common ground proposal.

"I see the signs that show aborted fetuses in trash cans," Obama acknowledged. "I understand that you feel the fetuses are actually babies. So let me offer a compromise. All fetuses from federally funded abortions will be thrown in waste bins located at cemeteries. This will allow all sides to maintain their positions with dignity and honor."

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-05-16

Things on my mind recently...

  • Angry Phone Users 'Rickroll' Robo-Call Company Follow-up: #

  • Obama Breaks Major Campaign Promise, Says Amnesty International Who knew he'd lie so much he'd do something right? #

  • Heroes season one is now available on Netflix streaming If only I cared #

  • Wife wants to know if you have to be a plain, homely geek to work for CNET TV. And you people though I was the mean one. #

  • Meal time.: the perfect time to put an episode of "Bones" on the TiVo. #

  • Man charged with trying to smuggle 14 birds in his pants Was one a cockatoo? #

  • CNN: Ginger may help chemo patients with nausea Still, I prefer Mary Ann #

  • Obama to visit Africa First trip home since being sworn in #

  • Wow. Trivia game and The English Patient both ended at the same time. I'm exhausted! #

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-05-15

Things on my mind recently...

  • Dead People Get Stimulus Checks And why not? Dead people voted for Obama. #tcot #

  • Obama to resurrect military tribunals for terror suspects Now will they admit Bush was right? #tcot #

  • Ohio BBQ Owner Told to Make Mannequin Less Sexy Mannequins are such sluts #

  • Congress says "Buy American" What will the Chinese think? #

  • Got Wife a Nero glass. Shhh. It's a secret. #

  • Electronic Gadgets Killing the Planet Text, email, Twitter, call everyone you know and tell them! Now! #

  • GM says no more Hummers. Well, that sucks! #

  • Where can I rehab for Cheerios addiction? #

  • How can I explain the Twitter to someone if I don't understand it myself? #

  • Will Cheerios have to change the wording on their boxes from "serving size" to "dosage"? #

  • Checking local newsWebsites, top story on WTVM: plane crashes in area; WRBL: plane crash; Ledget-Enquirer: Merle Norman to host fundraiser #

  • Redistributing the wealth, one person at a time #gunslogans #

  • Kid tested, mother approved. At the Palin household. #gunslogans #

  • Because deer aren't going to kill themselves #gunslogans #

  • A bullet is a terrible thing to waste #gunslogans #

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All the news that ... doesn't fit our agenda we hide

The president has decided to keep the military tribunals that President Bush set up.

That's news.

Remember how bad and evil the whole tribunal thing was? At least that's what all the whiny liberals said. Including Obama.

Now, suddenly, they're a good thing.

Still, the Obama reversal is news.

So, how is the left-wing media covering it?

The Old Gray Lady has it on the front page. Yes, the New York Times recognizes that it's a story of import. So much so, they put it way down at the bottom of their home page.

NY Times

What about TV networks? Obama's favorite channel, MSNBC, doesn't even have it on their home page.

But not all of the left-wing media is burying the story. CNN has it prominent on their home page. As prominent as Fox, in fact. CBS and ABC News have the story on their front page, though not as prominent.

Of course, even a blind hog pics up an ear of corn every now and then.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-05-14

Things on my mind recently...

  • Meeting with one of the guys who's bidding on roof repair. Oh, joy. #

  • Work work work. #

  • Obama considers holding terror suspects indefinitely and without trial Will they admit Bush was right? #tcot #

  • Just got 2 Star Trek glasses from BK. Uhura and Spock. Wife was wanting Nero ("he's hot"). Not sure about James Dean Kirk. #

  • How many dealerships being closed supported Obama? How many supported GOP? #tcot #

  • Elevator rides are a lot quieter since everybody got a Crackberry. Except for all the "click click clicks" #

  • Dems vote to approve funds for war they say they oppose Now will they admit Bush was right? #tcot #

  • Two facing deportation arrested at White House Barack and Michelle? #

  • Free Lipitor and Viagra for the jobless Waiting for the day Obama qualifies #tcot #

  • Watching "The Thief of Bagdad" (1924), Douglas Fairbanks silent classic. Wife wants me to turn the volume down. #

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-05-13

Things on my mind recently...

  • EU fines Intel $1.4B What would happen if Intel recalled all chips in Europe? #

  • Is there a bad member of the Cheney family? #tcot #

  • Dems say CIA out to get them with facts Will truth be considered torture now? #tcot #

  • Obama wants SCOTUS pick who shares his experience Must be Kenyan-born cokehead who has never had a job. #tcot #

  • Pakistani Troops Find Headless Bodies Left By Taliban Waiting to see how this is spun to bame on US airstrikes. #tcot #

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-05-12

Things on my mind recently...

  • Shirley Jones to pose nude? Trying to remember: who is oldest person I've seen naked ... and liked it? #

  • Top 4 stories on CNN mobile site are 3 about deaths by US soldiers ... and 1 about a Nazi. #

  • David Ogden Stiers says he is gay Also, water is wet. #

  • David Shuster says Prejean decision means "lying is okay" and that makes him want to vomit What about Clinton's lies? #

  • FDA says Cheerios is a drug Kids, take your drugs every morning, as part of a balanced breakfast #

  • Dems plan tax on soft drinks Obama did coke, wants to tax my Coke. And Sprite. #

  • Trolly driver used to be woman Wanted a dick, now is one #

  • POTUS doesn't know how to allow gays in military Simply issuing an order doesn't involve enough beaurocracy #

  • Chicago family says "buy Black" If a Georgia family said "buy White" they'd be called racist. Why is that? #

  • Guess what? Tomorrow I get to wake up and ... go to work!!! With meetings and everything! #

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-05-11

Things on my mind recently...

  • It's okay to hope Rush's kidneys fail Is it okay to hope Obama gets lung cancer? Just asking. #tcot #

  • No, Mr. Bond, I don't expect anything. #apatheticbond #

  • Can a communist be the leader of the free world? #tcot #

  • Woman jailed over Obama photo When Obama photos are outlawed, only outlaws will have Obama photos. Much like today. #

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kidnee failyur

kidnees r teh funneh? epic fail!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-05-10

Things on my mind recently...

  • Oh, about "Birth of a Nation" (1915)? Was it worth it? Staying up late at night to watch it over 3+ hours? No. #

  • "The clever combatant ... does not allow the enemy's will to be imposed on him" -- Sun Tzu. Don't let the media pick the leaders of the GOP. #

  • Gave Wife jewelry for Mother's Day. That may have been a poor choice this time. In the past, she's shown it off to others. Not this time. #

  • Claims US used WP in Afghanistan So what? It's war. We should use all weapons at our disposal. #

  • Cheney’s Model Republican - More Limbaugh, Less Powell - Thankfully someone still tells the truth #

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What happened to graduation?

I went to my nephew's graduation Saturday. He's the first of the "next generation" to finish college. Of my three sisters and me, there are 5 living direct descendants. And my nephew -- The Big Sister's son -- is the first to graduate college.

Something about the graduation bothered me. Folks were acting like they were at a sporting event. Or a professional wrestling match.

I usually have to watch large men oiled down and rolling around on canvas with each other to hear such hooping and hollering from the stands. Either that, or a graduation ceremony.

They'd call a name, and a group of people would stand up and yell and scream and call out names or words or phrases or hold up signs or ...

Like I said, it was like a wresting match.

I wonder why people act that way.

It's not because they're proud. I'll yell if my football team scores a touchdown, because I'm happy, not because I'm proud.

Of my children, I'm proud. But I'm going to act like someone with some raising. Graduation is a serious event. It's the end of a phase of life. It's the beginning of a new phase of life.

I mean, would these idiot parents and family members scream and holler at, say, a wedding? Would I hear "You go, girl!" as the preacher pronounces the couple married? Is someone's aunt going to yell at her nephew "Yeah, gonna get you some tonight, boy" as the groom kisses the bride?

And, no, college graduation isn't the same thing as marriage. I wouldn't presume to say it is. But I'm thinking there are more marriage ceremonies than college graduation ceremonies. So, it's not as common.

Regardless, I'd think some people would recognize that it's a special occasion. And not like Wrestlemania.

On the other hand, I imagine some parents and family are excited about their graduate. I'm thinking they're surprised the kid actually graduated. I suspect they're happy that Junior isn't going to be knocking over a gas station or that Pumpkin won't be trading sex for crack that night.

Because, based on how some folks act at graduation, being a thief or crack whore might be simply taking up the family business.

Me? I'm proud of my nephew. And I suspect that he'll go a helluva lot farther in life than most of those who were making asses of themselves.

In fairness, not because those folks were making asses of themselves. But because my nephew is a helluva guy.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-05-09

Things on my mind recently...

  • Off to Valdosta to see my nephew graduate college. #

  • Remember when graduation was a proud, solemn event and not a track meet or a tractor pull style event? #

  • Right as we all stood for the Alma Mater at the end of graduation, somebody nearby farted. I want to find where they ate and raze the place. #

  • As bad as my little sister (the Mean One) is at following directions, my Big Sister is worse at giving directions. #

  • Asked of me at a concert in Atlanta: "Are you Ted Turner?" #

  • I just saw Santa riding his bike, that means summer's on the way. #

  • Is there a sign on the car that says "Run over me?" Every bad driver from Valdosta to Columbus has tried. #

  • And, no, I'm not typing on the Twitter while driving. Wife takes dictation. #

  • They found UGA killer prof dead. Dug his own grave, covered himself up, shot himself. Really. #

  • Watching "Birth of a Nation" (1915) on Netflix/TiVo. 3 hrs, 7 min. It better be worth it. #

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-05-08

Things on my mind recently...

  • TGIF. One more day of work. Then a busy, busy weekend. Then another week of work. And the cycle continues. #

  • Obama skip National Day of Prayer service Everyone knows that while Obama is in office, the US doesn't have a prayer. #

  • I love dealing with insurance companies. Next, I'm going to drive red hot metal spikes into my eyes. #

  • Snorting Cool Orange Goody's headache powders makes others feel better. Well, it makes them laugh. At me. #

  • Sitting in a Cracker Barrel, playing on the Twitter and watching Wife read a horny vampire book. Life is good. #

  • Is it true that the surprise ending is that Spock is a Cylon? #annoyatrekkie #

  • Is it okay to be on my Blackberry during a showing of Star Trek? #

  • Does Kumar play Spock's brother? #annoyatrekkie #

  • Did the White House ever say why the photos were classified in the first place? #tcot #

  • How would they (characters, not actors) have voted? McCain: Kirk, Sisko, Archer. Obama: Janeway. French/no vote: Picard. Your thoughts? #

  • Anyone else notice how young Shatner looked? #

  • Should I tell the local Star Trek group (USS DaVinci NCC-74671) "May the Force be with you?" #

  • The volume for the previews is too low. #startrek #

  • 25 minutes and still no Star Trek. Just previews. #

  • Okay, the new Trek movie was ... okay. #

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Star Trek questions

Just saw the Star Trek movie. The new one. Number 11. The "re-boot."

And I got questions.

Which means...


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-05-07

Things on my mind recently...

  • I can quit setting the alarm clock and let the tornado sirens wake me up. #

  • Tylenol is my friend. #

  • $11,300 per person? Send mine to 1639 Bradley Park Drive, Columbus, GA, 31904 #

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-05-06

Things on my mind recently...

  • Got the grandchildren's first computers fully set up, updated, charged, and ready to go. Plan is to give them to them tonight. #

  • Why is the US worried about killing civilians in Iraq or Afghanistan? Remember, civilians started this war when they attacked us. #tcot #

  • When were Carrie Prejean's scandal photos taken? Prior to her signing the pageant contract? Prior to turning 18? Just wondering... #

  • Somali pirates seize German ship Something tells me they should screw around with Germans and the GSG9 #

  • I don't Obama is a Cubs or White Sox fan, because he appointed all those (tax) Dodgers to his cabinet. #tcot #

  • If the kid's telling the truth, this shows why you should keep your Internet Security suite up to date #

  • The GOP should drop the elephant and replace it with a eunuch; much of the leadership is a bunch of dicks with no balls. #tcot #

  • Microsoft lays off thousands Did that include the guy that came up with Vista? #

  • I'm confused. Is Oprah giving fried chicken coupons racist? Or is KFC refusing to accept them racist? #tcot #

  • The grandchildren just left with their new (and first) computers. Dell netbooks. Wife and I are now apparently the greatest peoples ever. #

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-05-05

Things on my mind recently...

  • POTUS refuses to release photos of POTUS' plane over NYC If there had been a soldier in a casket, we'd see the photos #

  • POTUS refuses to release photos of POTUS' plane over NYC If someone was pouring water on a terrorist, we'd see them #

  • Shia LaBeouf thinks his mommy is sexy Maybe he'll star in Disturbia 2: The Shia LaBeouf Story #

  • I wonder if our food would arrive sooner if 3 Applebee's waitresses weren't shooting the sh*t with their buddies at the back table. #

  • Bernanke says when the economy recovers, it'll be worse than it is now #tcot #

  • The grandchildren's computers are in. Dell netbooks. Be working to confirm setup on those tonight. #

  • NY Times goes up to $2 Pretty soon, it'll be cheaper to use dollar bills to line bird cages, wrap fish. #

  • Miss California has boobs? Wow. Who woulda figured? #

  • Colin Powell says GOP should move to center, blasts Rush Didn't he support Obama? #tcot #

  • Specter Will Be Junior Democrat on Committees Shocker! Whore gets screwed! #

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-05-04

Things on my mind recently...

  • Wife staying home from work today. We're telling everyone it's swine flu so they'll leave her alone. #

  • AP: Obamas take a walk, holding hands in the evening Obama doesn't need the Twitter, AP serves same purpose. #tcot #

  • Relection on car ahead of me at red light looked like Devil drinking a Pepsi. Weird, huh? #

  • JEB says GOP must leave Reagan behind Is this the "re-branding" of the GOP? As what? Democrats? #tcot #

  • UPI: Microsoft may soon drop Vista Hmm. I dropped Vista in '07. When I bought a Mac. #

  • Der Spiegel disappointed when Obama acts like Bush Like that's a bad thing #tcot #

  • Maybe JEB is correct and we do need to leave Reagan behind. I think that someone to the right of Reagan would be good. Any ideas? #tcot #

  • Remember when you could "the jury's still out on him" and no one would think the person was actually on trial for something? #

  • Why I'll never accuse this administration of being smart #

  • Specter: Switch should be 'wake-up call' to GOP At last! The nightmare is over. #tcot #

  • I love always being right. You ought to try it. It rocks! #

  • Janet Jackson's boob may be illegal again #

  • When Specter dies, it will be from stupidity. He already has a terminal case #tcot #

  • EU wants US to give up control of Internet Can we just give them Al Gore? Then they can start their own Internet. #tcot #

  • Pope to Skip Israeli Holocaust Museum The reason? You've seen 6-million dead Jews, you've seen them all #

  • House Democrats push war bill to $94.2 billion When will it be Obama's war? #tcot #

  • If we conservatives claimed that we are now a minority, would the liberals suddenly take up our cause? #tcot #

  • Emanuel: Thwarting Iran hinges on Israeli-Palestinian talks Does anyone still not believe that Obama's crowd is nuts? #

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-05-03

Things on my mind recently...

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-05-02

Things on my mind recently...

  • Poll shows Obama popularity only average Poll must be racist. #tcot #

  • Working on Saturday. Yuck. I'm too old for this. #

  • It's not bad enough that a 50 cent can of Coke is now 75 cents at the Wal-mart, but now the Coke machine is broken and I got to get Pepsi. #

  • OMG She's watching Twilight on the TiVo. Again. #

  • Couple Ticketed For Hiding Monkey In Closet Everybody knows monkeys go under the bed. #

  • Columbus (GA) city workers must now wear badges We don't need no stinking badges! #

  • First Waffle House now a historic property Still serving the same pot of coffee #

  • Pirates hijack UK-owned ship in Indian Ocean Pirates want to see if SBS snipers as good as SEALs #tcot #

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-05-01

Things on my mind recently...

  • NPR: Supreme Court Justice Souter To Retire No change to the balance. Liberal to be replaced by a liberal #tcot #

  • FOX: Experts Warn Internet Is Running Out of Bandwidth That's why I save mine in jars #

  • Bowling Green, KY woman diagnosed with swine flu I told the baseball team to not move there, but would they listen? No. #

  • FOX: swine flu may have originated in California How long before it's a CIA plot to kill Mexicans? #tcot #

  • FOX: Britain Ends Combat Operations in Iraq Now, if only the terrorists would end combat operations... #tcot #

  • NYTimes: Detainees May Be Held on U.S. Soil I'd feel better if they were held under the soil #tcot #

  • MSNBC: Craigslist suspect’s ex-fiancee ‘moving on’ Must have heard Scott Peterson was available #

  • GM and Chrysler took the money, Ford didn't. Which one hasn't filed for bankruptcy? #tcot #

  • April deadliest month for US troops in Iraq since Sept. Under Bush, "quagmire;" under Obama, "progress" #tcot #

  • CNN calls Souter "fierce defender of individual rights" No mention of Kelo v New London #tcot #

  • Bartender turns wine into water Does that mean he's the Antichrist? #

  • Okay, I'll say it. Calling it "H1N1" makes you sound like a h0m0. -- Lord, I apologize, & be with the starvin' pygmies in New Guinea. #

  • Is the White House closed for May Day? #tcot #

  • I am tired of these monkey-fighting snakes on this Monday-to-Friday plane #

  • In 1968, I was told that a black man would be president when pigs flew. 100 days after Obama takes office: swine flu. #

  • Overheard at lunch: someone pronouncing "H1N1" as "hiney." I nearly spit tea out my nose. #

  • With gay marriages in Iowa, I wonder what an update of The Music Man would be like? I say Ya Got Trouble... #tcot #

  • CNN warns: Travelers returning from Mexico should be cautious What about those going TO Mexico? #

  • Rasmussen poll: 69% of GOP says party "out of touch" with base Party solutuon? Change base. #

  • Jesse Jackson sued over speech no-show: Some people don't know how good they have it. #

  • Auburn, AL, boy suspected of having swine flu sent home. Testing on him will wait. 200 test backlog in AL. #

  • So, did Obama just fire Souter? #tcot #

  • Obama's ratings down 29% Cancellation fears loom, networks ready The Joe Biden Show #tcot #

  • Berlusconi says he's more popular than Obama I don't care. I didn't vote for either one. #

  • YouTube helps father deliver baby I knew those Trunk Monkey videos would come in handy. #

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