Saturday, September 30, 2006

Miriam (Miriam's Ideas)

Today, we're delighted to have Miriam (Miriam's Ideas) taking our questions...

The questioners are ready...

Now, the first question...

Weekend Open Trackbacks 2006-09-30

The Wife and I are travelling this weekend. Started early Friday morning. More about that Monday.

I won't be on Wide Awakes Radio this Sunday. Travelling, like I said.

This weekend's interviews were sent back early (huge thanks to Crazy Politico and to Miriam of Miriam's Ideas).

Limited Internet access this weekend means not being able to peruse the blogroll. Still, if you'd like to share an item via TrackBack, please feel free to do so, as long as your submission follows the TrackBack policy.

Devil Rays? Yes, Devil Rays

It's official. The rumors were correct. The Columbus Catfish are part of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays farm system. That's what I found out at

My first thoughts were not what one might expect of me.

That is, "An American League team? American League?"

You see, anyone with whom I've had any serious baseball conversation knows I consider the National League to be THE league. Heck, the Southern League is older than the American League. And the South Atlantic League is nearly as old.

Okay, yes, I know: The orginal Southern League isn't around any more. And today's Southern League is really the old South Atlantic League ... and so on and so on. But, my point is ... the American League?

But, no, while that reaction fits, it wasn't my first reaction to the rumors ... or the confirmation.

My first reaction to the news that the Catfish are part of the Devil Rays?

"Hmmm. Now I need to get that Dodgers patch off the side of my Catfish jersey. Or buy a new jersey."

My second reaction?

"Hmmm. Devil Rays. Lots of former Catfish players ... Sergio Pedroza, Chuck Tiffany, Joel Guzman, Marcos Carvajal ... are in that organization."


"Hmmm. The Wife and I went to a few Montgomery Biscuits games. And enjoyed it. Especially the cheese steak sandwiches. Mmmmm. Cheese steak sandwiches. Anyway, we've planned going to Montgomery in '07 to see some more games. And get one of those delicious cheese steak sandwiches ... mmmm, cheese steak sandwiches ... and now it'd be like we went to a Suns game since the Suns were the Double-A team above the Catfish and now it's the Biscuits that are the Double-A team above the Catfish so that works out. Plus, the cheese steak sandwiches. Mmmm. Cheese steak sandwiches."

In fact, as I type this, I'm wearing a Montgomery Biscuits shirt.

So, no my first reaction to the news of the Catfish hooking up with was positive.

But an American League team?

Good thing the cheese steak sandwiches in Montgomery are so good. Mmmm. Cheese steak sandwiches.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Crazy Politico

Today, we're delighted to have joining us a real American. It's Crazy Politico...
crazy politico

The panel is ready with their questions...

Let's start it now....

Headline News 2006-09-29

From WCVB:
Pet store fire called 'animal terrorism'
Islamic poodles claim credit

From WBAL:
Police: Shooting death mistaken for heart attack
Blood spewing from holes were first clue

From CNN:
Cosmic doughnuts linked to massive stars
Stars to go on diet

From CNN:
Secret of 1918 flu epidemic uncovered
It was flu

From CNN:
Upbeat Heche 'enjoying fruits of the planet'
First fruit she's enjoyed since Ellen Degeneres

From ABC News:
Robo-Soldier to Patrol South Korean Border
Bender gets first job since Futurama cancellation

From ABC News:
Airline Passengers Have Bizarre Dispute
John Byner supports take on Super Dave Osborne fans

From ABC News:
Abramoff had more White House ties
Were Father's Day gifts

From ABC News:
Woodward: Bush concealing level of Iraq violence
Putting incidents on nightly news where no one will see them

From ABC News:
Chávez's anti-US campaign
Now Democratic frontrunner to challenge Hillary in '08

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Life's Lessons, The Hard Way

I spoke with a friend Max recently about life's lessons.

Actually, that wasn't what we were talking about, but it ended up touching on that.

He mentioned, as part of a conversation, "Have you ever heard the phrase, 'don't try to break up two cats fighting'?" Or something like that.

I hadn't. So he told me a story that went along the lines of this. This is my friend talking:
I was out in the yard as a child, and his Siamese cat and another cat were starting to go at it. The hair on their back was standing up, they were scrunched up like they were ready to pounce, here I came along, trying to get in between them to stop them from fighting.

My mom and my dad were in the garden and saw me going to get in between them and both came running out of the yard yelling "Stop! Stop!"
I came up behind the Siamese cat and reached down to soothe him. He didn't see me coming ... and when I touched him, I must have blacked out or something.

The next thing I knew, I had skin hanging off my arm and was on my way to the hosptial. They bandaged me up. But I learned my lesson about cats.

The highlighted part ("The next thing I knew...") is the part that tells you it was one of life's lessons. The hard way.
And that got us to thinking.

What are the phrases that, when spoken, usually mean you've learned one of life's lessons? The hard way?

I'll start with a few we came up with. But please, add your own in the comments.

Phrases that, when stated, mean someone has learned a Life's Lesson the hard way

  • When I came to ...

  • When the swelling went down ...

  • When the bleeding stopped ...

  • When they identified the body ...

  • After I made bail ...

  • When they finally took the cast off ...

  • Once I got out of jail ...

  • When I woke up ...

Any others?

Headline News 2006-09-28

From ABC News:
Tiger-Skin Market in Tibet Flourishing
Detroit residents offer Jim Leyland if don't win AL Central

From ABC News:
German Opera Cancelled For Fear Of Offending Muslims
Jews: "Maybe we should have tried being offended in 1939"

From ABC News:
Ukraine Nazi Massacre Remembered
Ukrainians: "Maybe we should have tried being offended in 1941"

From ABC News:
Yogi's Clerk Slugs Would-Be Robber
Boo-Boo a hero

From ABC News:
Bluetooth Watches to Show Who's Calling
Diet Smith Industries releases new watch

From ABC News:
Golf Great Byron Nelson Dead at 94
Terrell Owens denies involvment

From ABC News:
The History of White House Doodles
History Channel running out of ideas

From ABC News:
The Anonymous Casualties of War
DNC: "Truth, Justice, & the American Way? Never head of them."

From ABC News:
Quarter million Iraqis flee sectarian violence
Not fun any more

From CNN:
Poll: Nearly two-thirds say Iraq in civil war
Violence breaks out over disputed poll results

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Our New Local Minor League Team: The Columbus Catfish

Ever since they moved to Columbus in 2003, there have been rumors about the Columbus Catfish leaving Columbus. Now, we're sort of losing the team ... but still have the team. The Catfish players are leaving Columbus ... and won't be back. But the Catfish will have players here.

Confused? Let me explain.

Headline News 2006-09-27

From CNN:
Supernova first spotted in A.D. 185 found
Forgot where they left it

From CNN:
Chevy Chase to star in Gibson-based 'L&O'
Former SNL star: "I've been singing in malls & know all the words to 'Electric Youth'"

From CNN:
'$64,000 Challenge' host dead
Bush blamed

From CNN:
Russia fury at Georgia spy arrests
Waycross jail now full

From KHBS:
Teacher sentenced for sex with boy
Vows to only have sex with little girls from now on

From KSAT:
Gunman storms into Target store
Demands "no more commercials with that damned dog"

From CNN:
GOP picks Twin Cities for 2008 convention
Barbara, Jenna Bush get wish

From CNN:
Billionaire spends millions mapping mouse brains
Now understands how Democrats think

From CNN:
Too much testosterone kills brain cells
Men's behavior finally understood

From CNN:
Walk like an Australian
Bangles comeback falls flat

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Duct Tape

Duct tape is a wonderul thing. There ain't much taht can't be fixxed by useing duct tape.

Whe n I was a little thing, I used to call it "duck tape" becaue ... well, i was young and didn't know no better. I'm older and wiser now. Like the song says.

I heard they actually got a duct tape called duck tape. Pretty smart marketging in my opinion. Expecially i fyou got a duck that needs fixin.

I've seen duct tape used to patch windows on cars. I've seen shovel handles held together with duct tape. Heck, I've even seen axe handles held together with duct tape. But you woant find me near that person wwinging the axe.

Some folks uses it to patch furniture. Works, too. Works real good. the couch in our living room has duct tape keeping it together.

The microwave will last a year or two longer if you duct tape it. The refrigerator too. And the mailvox.

And i've been wondering. What are some of the best uses for duct tape you've ever seen? Basil said I ought to ask you to leave them in the comments. So, I will. Ask you to leave them in the comments.

I'll start. Here's the best use for duct tape I've every seen:

Headline News 2006-09-26

From Reuters:
Calif. guards bungled Williams execution: official
State offers to dig him up, try again

From Reuters:
Dow tops 2006 high
Bush economy in shambles

From Reuters:
Bush dismisses Clinton critique as "finger-pointing"

Adds: "Don't know where that finger's been"

From Reuters:
Cheney says Democrats soft on national security

Concedes: "Soft ... but cuddley"

From Reuters:
Heart attacks decline after smoking ban: study
Stupid people living longer

From Reuters:
Islamic foreign ministers press pope to apologize
Benedict: "Sorry Muslims are acting crazy"

From Reuters:
Thrown eggs can cause serious eye injury
National Center for the Obvious releases annual report

From Reuters:
Hollywood unleashes dogs in war on movie piracy
Johnny Depp vows to fight back

From ABC News:
Ore. Theater Boss Links Fire, 'Jackass'
Bush denies involvment

From ABC News:
Iowa Woman Finds Drowned Bat in Tea Mug
Cindy Sheehan found

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Monday, September 25, 2006

Headline News 2006-09-25

From CNN:
Falwell: Sen. Clinton fires up base more than devil
Devil spokesman Tony Snow rejects statement

From CNN:
Bill Clinton: I got closer to killing bin Laden
New euphamism for oral sex

From CNN:
Hussein defense to boycott trial 'indefinitely'
Hussein asks to boycott execution

From CNN:
$8 from each American sought for slavery museum
6-year-olds ask for increase in allowance

From KOAT:
New Mexico spaceport ready for launch
Roswell aliens to return home soon

From KETV:
Bulletproof vest of chicken feathers?
Murtha opens sideline business

From CNN:
Face on Mars gets makeover
"Queer Eye for the Mars Guy" debuts

From CNN:
NBC unsure of Madonna mock crucifixion
Networks wants to use real nails

From CNN:
Pizza delivery drivers form union at Florida Domino's
FSU grads now guaranteed union work

From ABC News:
U.S. did not threaten to bomb Pakistan: Armitage
Still willing to, though

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Adding HaloScan TrackBacks … But Not Comments

Last week, we talked about taking HaloScan comments off your blog and replacing them with Blogger's standard commenting system. A reason for doing that would be if the Blogger features such as moderation, word verification, "members-only" option, and integrated exporting work better for you than HaloScan's moderation and IP address banning (exporting is possible, but not integrated into your blog posts).

Blogger comments work better than they used to, but still aren't for everyone. But, if you want to remove HaloScan and convert to Blogger comments on your Blogger blog, see last week's post.

But I got an email asking about putting HaloScan TrackBacks only on a blog.

Here's the scenario:

You have a Blogger blog. You're using Blogger's commenting system. Perhaps you're using Backlinks, perhaps not. But you want to add TrackBacks to your blog. But keep your Blogger comments.

What do you do?

You do this:

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Interview Winner (2nd Drawing)

I mentioned last weekend that the person who won the DVD in the interview questions drawing had not responded. And they had until Friday to respond. They didn't. So, to the person who sent in this question, sorry.

For those that forgot, here's what happened.

To try to increase questions being submitted for interviews, I announced that I was throwing all the submissions in August into a drawing. The winner would get a DVD of choice. Anything within reason.

And the person I drew hasn't responded. So, no winner. I draw another.

Here's the funny thing. The question drawn (the new winner) is for an interview that hasn't been posted yet. Questions for Dr. Andrew McAllister (To Love, Honor and Dismay) are still being taken. But Lisa sent the question in during the timeframe of the drawing. So, she wins for submitting a question ... that hasn't even been sent to the blogger.

She has until Friday to claim her DVD. Okay, to respond and tell me what DVD she wants.

We had a lot of questions sent in during August. A lot more than came in July. And September, so far. I'm wondering if I ought to try bribing you folks every month.

It's a thought.

Anyway, if you haven't sent in a question to any of the bloggers coming up, do so. Check this page. It's got the list of upcoming bloggers being interviewed. Use the "Ask Your Questions" links to submit a question to a blogger. Or two. Or more.

We have some good ones scheduled. And other good ones not yet scheduled. But everyone on that list has volunteered ... and we're taking questions for all of them. Send them in. It'll be fun.

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Friday, September 22, 2006

John Bambenek (Part Time Pundit)

Today's interview is with that Part-Time Pundit, John Bambenek...

The interview panel is ready with their questions...

First question...

Headline News 2006-09-22

From ABC News:
Tainted Spinach Suspected in Two More Deaths
Bluto, the Sea Hag mourned

From ABC News:
Calif. Sues Carmakers Over Greenhouse Gases
Unsure how lawyers will get to court to try case

From ABC News:
Cops: Don't Open Door, There's a Gator
Seminole fan calls police

From ABC News:
Palestinian PM Won't Recognize Israel
Should make it easier for Israeli soldiers to sneak up on him

From ABC News:
Hamas rebuffs Abbas
Still needs buffing

From ABC News:
Oldest Writing in the New World
Dick Clark pens autobiography

From ABC News:
Tom Petty Gets Key to Gainesville, Fla.
Must lock up when he leaves

From ABC News:
Tutu Expresses Shame at Anglican Church
Can't believe they'd make a bishop of someone named after a ballerina's outfit

From CNN:
Homes have more TVs than people
TVs demand right to vote

From CNN:
Democrats warn Chavez: Don't bash Bush
Rangle: "Amazed anyone would make personal attacks on the President of the United States ... sorry, I can't say this with a straight face..."

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

"Un-HaloScan Comment" your blog

Many, many Blogger (or blogspot) sites use HaloScan for comments. Personally, I don't care for HaloScan comments ... but that's me.

I used to be a proponent of HaloScan commenting for Blogger. But no longer.

Not because of anything wrong with HaloScan. But because Blogger commenting got better.

Used to be, you had to have a Blogger account in order to comment on a Blogger blog. Now, it's an option. You can open it up to everyone, if you wish.

Blogger has also added "word verification" to comments as an option. That is, the user must type in the characters that appear in a verification field.

Blogger also added moderation. That is, comments go to a queue and must be approved.

Those last two features help reduce spam. Yes, HaloScan also supports moderation, but not word verification. [UPDATE:] It's worth pointing out (as Don Suber did below) that HaloScan does have other abilities, such as banning IP addresses. Blogger comments do not ban IP addresses.

Taken together, in my opinion, these features give Blogger the advantage in commenting.

TrackBacks are another matter. Blogger offers Backlinks, which isn't the same thing.

Backlinks are Google search results of links to a post. It's hit-and-miss. Most of the time, I've found, it works. Yes, there's a delay of minutes to hours, but usually links show up. But not always.

TrackBacks for Blogger must be done through a third party, like HaloScan.

So, while I prefer Blogger commenting to HaloScans, I prefer HaloScan TrackBacks to Blogger Backlinks. Let me clarify. I would suggest using both.

The problem someone can run into is, after using HaloScan comments, how can they be converted to Blogger comments?

The answer is ... not easily. In fact, it really can't be done.

But then, again, it can be done. Sort of.

If you've use HaloScan comments, and want to convert to Blogger comments, you can. With a little bit of work.

Let's give it a shot.

Headline News 2006-09-21

From CNN:
The wives and girlfriends at the Ryder Cup
Keeping them apart is golfers' biggest challenge

From CNN:
'The gay guy from that movie' spares nobody
Tom Cruise on rampage

From CNN:
Funeral for nun killed in Somalia
Religion of Peace causes nun to Rest in Peace

From CNN:
Libraries can ban worship in meeting rooms, court says
Pentacostals warned for last time to keep it quiet

From CNN:
Experts rethinking how stars explode
Space terrorists now likely cause

From CNN:
Teacher who burned flags won't face criminal charges
Thankful he didn't pray to Jesus

From ABC News:
Skeleton Sheds Light on Ape-Man Species
Kate Moss tells of dating Pete Doherty

From ABC News:
Ahmadinejad: Iran Doesn't Need the Bomb
Bushs: Willing to send one air mail

From AFP:
US threatened to bomb Pakistan 'back to stone age' after 9/11: Musharraf
Would have set country back three weeks

From Reuters:
Republicans set to announce terrorism trial deal
Will allow Howard Dean to keep DNC chair

From Reuters:
Bill Clinton warns against wide torture approval
"A little spanking" okay

Haggling Over The Price

You know the old joke. Supposedly told about George Bernard Shaw (some attribute it to Sir Winston Churchill). Aristocratic lady and Shaw are talking at a party. Shaw asks if she would sleep with him for 1-million pounds. She agrees. Then Shaw asks if she'd do it for five pounds. She replies, "What do you think I am?" Shaw says, "We've already established what you are, ma'am. Now we're just haggling over the price." What brings this up? Well, have you been following that little dust-up over at Right Wing News? It started with this post. Go ahead and read it; I'll wait. It continued with this post. Responses were swift. And ... intense. Beth (MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy) fired back. Cassandra (Villainous Company) weighed in. As did C.A.Marks (Alabama Improper) and so many, many other blogs (I'd be all day listing them). So, perhaps I should stay out of this. After all, I don't have boobs. Plus, I don't want to risk having my Thai Pepper cooked! Still, here I go. Making an ass out of myself. Sex Sells? First, do women bloggers post pictures or say/do things that would be considered using sex to draw an audience? Yes, some do. Agent Bedhead has posted sexy images, though not pictures of herself. Still, the idea is, sex sells. In fact, she gets slightly bothered when I call her "cute as a button." She prefers the "sultry, sexy" persona. And if I didn't have children nearly her age, I'd probably go that route. But you understand... Does Smokin' Hot Mean Bad Writing? Are the attractive women that post pictures bad bloggers? No, not all. Some are. Some are not. How a woman looks really doesn't have any relationship with how smart she is or how well she writes. However, the first time I visited Beth's (MVRWC) blog, she was using the "Geek Girl" theme. Which, to be honest, implies a sexy woman's blog. I've never met Beth. I've seen a few different pictures of her. The "Geek Girl" doesn't look at all like her. But Beth, based on the pictures I've seen of her and on comments of those that have met her, is a very attractive woman. But... and this point is worth mentioning ... I didn't go to Beth's blog because of the "sexy woman" image. I didn't see the "Geek Girl" picture until I was already at her blog! It did not -- it could not -- have pulled me there. I had to have already been there to have seen it. Which invalidates one of the arguments about posting sexy pictures. John Hawkins wrote
If you're a female blogger and one of your strengths is your looks, there's nothing wrong with trying to look sexy to entice guys over to your page. Nothing. At. All. If you've got it, flaunt it, and enjoy the increased traffic.
Sorry, John. But "trying to look sexy" will not "entice guys over" to a blog. They've got to already be there to see the sexy pics. What it can do is bring them back. But I think the women are saying they don't want those that are ... typing with one hand? ... to be there anyway. Sexy Is Bad? Are the sexy women bloggers bad people? No, not all. Some, like Agent Bedhead and Feisty Republican Whore take a "bad girl" persona. I've met "Agent Bedhead." I've not met "Feisty Republican Whore," but I know a bit about her (yes, she's a girl; no Libertarian Girl hoax going on there). She's an attractive young lady (yes, she's cute as a button) and ... here's the kicker ... she's a good person. Who's A Whore? I guess, to some degree, from very large to very small, most of us are whores. Sex sells. Sexy works. Remember Libertarian Girl? A guy posting as a hot chick. Got busted. Still posts, though not as a hot chick anymore. But the fact is, lots of hits came from the hot chick picture he was using. John Hawkins is right: A smokin' hot picture will bring visitors back. However, I don't think the picture gets them there in the first place ... unless it's part of a BlogAd or something. But it does bring them back. I think John was saying that it's okay to use whatever is at your disposal to draw the audience. Which makes blogging much like ... professional wrestling. Characters, sometimes using their real names, sometimes using variations of their names, sometimes just making stuff up. But it's all part of the act. Part of the show. Is blogging like that? Yeah, to a degree, it is. I know of (and actually know some) bloggers who use pseudonymns. Okay, fake names. But it's a character they play. Sometimes, the character is close to the mark. Other times, it allows them to act out. I've blogged under multiple (more than one) names. Sometimes as a joke, where I was not trying to hide who I really was. But sometimes just to get some stuff out, or to try something different. But have I ever used sex to draw an audience? Yes. What else could explain all the hits we get here by way of Google searches for Jamie Lynn Spears naked?

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Headline News 2006-09-20

From AP:
Man Gets Home Confinement for Groping
Bill Clinton works from home

From AP:
Coyote Bites Woman at Rest Stop
New fad: The Roadrunner-free Diet

From ABC News:
Race a Factor in Parents' Push for Teen Abortion
How to blame Maine couple's actioins on southerners still uncertain

From ABC News:
3 More Objects Found Outside Shuttle
NASA to begin regular Thursday trash pickups

From ABC News:
German Joins China's Ancient Warriors
They were coming apart

From ABC News:
Not Everyone Is a Believer in Faith-Based Diets
Suicide Bomber Diet has its drawbacks

From ABC News:
New York Safest Big City in 2005
Only 220,086 crimes reported that year*

From ABC News:
New Judge Throws Saddam Out of Court
Tells former dictator: "Now be nice or I'll send you home!"

From ABC News:
Pope Expresses 'Deep Respect' for Islam
Calls Hitler "a man of vision"

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Can You Answer This Question?

If you don't tell your children why you're a Democrat, then who will?
Click on the image to read from an actual screenshot from one of my email accounts. Yes, I did edit it by trimming off the top and bottom of the page. And by blurring the actual emails listed. But the sponsored link at the top is real.

It says: "If you don't tell your children why you're a Democrat, then who will?"

Interesting question.

I'm looking for an answer to that question.

Or ... How would you tell your children why you're a Democrat?

Or ... How would you tell your children why someone else is a Democrat?

Let the fun begin!

Good Fences...

No, this isn't a post in illegal immigration. It's about fences, though.

You may know the Wife has goats. Two of them. Had them for a while. I first mentioned them during a bet I had with another blogger. Which I won. Though she's the better fan.

Anyway, I mentioned the other day that I needed to work on a fence. But was busy with other stuff.

Well, tonight, we had to head straight home after work. Missed two nieces' softball game. To work on a fence. For goats.

You see, the Wife got a call at work today that the goats had got out of the pen. Again. And had crossed the road.

Which means if they got hit by a speeding car or a truck, we'd have to bury a goat. Or two. I've never buried a goat. I'm not looking forward to it.

Anyway, we had to put up a fence.

We didn't put up a fence, though. We put up part of a fence. We did replace the part of the old fence that was a trouble spot. But we only replaced that one section. The sun went down and I was tired. Ended up washing about 7 pounds of dirt (actually: dirt, chicken poop, goat crap, assorted other animal unpleasantries) afterwards.

But, we got a section of fence up. There's more to do. But the critical part is done.

That's why you didn't get any Headline News. I didn't write any up this morning before work. And I went straight to fence-mending right after work.

I was trying to decide if I'd do the headlines as a pirate anyway. "Tanks be rollin' in Thailand as land-lubbers protest" Or something.

It's late. Or itseems late. After working on a goat fence in the dark, it sure seems late.

I think there's a post set to appear in the morning. Maybe. Maybe not. I'm too tired to check.

But there darn sure better not be a goat in the front yard in the morning!

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Monday, September 18, 2006

Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Avast, maties! It's Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Ev'ry one o' ye needs be talkin' like a pirate today. This means all of ye!

If ye drives a cab, speak to yer passengers like ye are the scourge of the seas!

If ye answers the phone, answer in a way that all knows that ye are th' one who holds their pitiful lives in yer hands!

If ye host meetings, host them well. And serve plenty of rum! And if there be a wench in yer midst, have yer way with 'er. Let 'er knows who run the ship!

If ye be a wench, take no guff off no man! Let them know ye wears the Jolly Roger against yer breast!

Today is the day where every son of a sailor lets the world know where his heart lies!

Talk like a pirate today. It's in yer blood.

Or expect to have yer blood spilt.

Ye have been warned!

UPDATE: Read this blog in all it's pirate glory here.

Try readin' other sites here.

Headline News 2006-09-18

From AP:
Widow Rented Rotary Phone for 42 Years
Rotary Club now wants phone back

From AP:
Austrians Urged to Count Dog Droppings
Residents say Count Dracula was bad enough

From AP:
Woman Says Her Monkey Is a 'Service Animal'
Throwing feces now a service

From AFP:
Alcohol Use Helps Boost Income
Hookers prefer drunks

From AP:
Live Poisonous Snakes Found at N.Y. Fire
Samuel L. Jackson to star in "Snakes On A Firetruck"

From AP:
Shark That Walks on Fins Discovered
Finland demands extradition

From ABC News:
Plane Crash Kills 'Greetings from Tucson' Teen
More famous for being dead than on a WB show

From ABC News:
Time Warner to Sell AOL Germany Business
Aryan Online goes it alone

From ABC News:
Custody Battle Over an Egg
Horton sued

From ABC News:
Colombia Gang Wives Call Sex Strike
Gun-wielding drug dealers soon to be pissed-off gun-wielding drug dealers

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Another Busy Weekend With Nothing Done

You ever have one of those weekends where you seem busy ... but at the end of it, you don't see what you've done?

Yeah, it was one of those.

The good news first.

The Wife and I managed to take in a baseball game Friday night. We drove over to Montgomery to watch the Biscuits and the Huntsville Stars play. Montgomery won ... and with that win claimed the Southern League title. I'll talk more about the Biscuits on another day.

Also this weekend, I got the Little Princess' computers working. Sort of. If you remember, she called me with computer problems last week. And I offered to swap with her ... my Gateway for her Dell ... while I got her Dell fixed. Instead of the one computer I expected, I got three.

Her primary computer, her Dell Notebook, was free of problems when I last saw it Thursday night. That's when I turned it over to SoldierBoy (her fellow, who's stationed temporarily at Ft. Benning) after it was repaired.

Her secondary computer, her Dell desktop, was also free of problems when I last saw it Friday afternoon. SoldierBoy got it to deliver this weekend, too, after I cleaned it up and updated the security files.

SoldierBoy was going to Athens to visit the Little Princess, was going to deliver the computers, and bring my Gateway laptop back Sunday. Perhaps I'll hear from him Monday. Or Tuesday.

Oh, I did say three computers, didn't I? Well, the third was her old Gateway laptop. A Solo 2150. Never heard of it? Good reason. It's ... got issues. Lots of incompatible hardware. That computer has been the hardest to fix. And that's what I spent much of the weekend doing. That and trying to figure out Linux. More about Linux in a minute.

Her Gateway Solo was a problem. Missing some operating system files. And it had Windows 98 SE on it.

Only, I don't have a Windows 98 SE disc. And the Little Princess couldn't find the ones that came with the computer. But, I did have a Windows ME disc that came with a computer that's since been retired (actually, used for parts).

So, I put Windows ME on it. I hate Windows ME. But, it's what I had.

Took lots of research to find a way to make the sound card work. But I did locate the information. So, her Gateway laptop is also ready.

What about Linux?

Oh, remember that the Little Princess has my Gateway laptop with her at school? Well, that computer is my primary computer. And my secondary computer is one that I put Linux on a while back.

I've been meaning to learn about that operating system for some time now. I wish I had taken the time to do just that.

You see, for the Wide Awakes Radio program I do on Sunday afternoon, my whole setup for broadcasting is on the Gateway. Using Windows apps.

So, this past week, while I was focusing on the Little Princess' computers, I didn't focus on my Linux very much. Until this weekend. Then I went into overdrive.

Someone did help me out with the name of a Linux program that will work. Which would have been extremely helpful ... if I knew how to install an application properly on Linux. Oh, well. I must not have explained my situation clearly. I felt like Uhuru and Checkov in Star Trek 4:

"Can you tell us where the naval base is in Alameda?"

"Ooh, I don't think I know the answer to that. I think it's across the bay. In Alameda!"

You see, Linux isn't exactly like Windows. Nor is it exactly like MS-DOS command line. For example, I can't find a COPY command. I'm trying to use the GUI interface along with the command line (Terminal) and install applications.

There's obviously something that I'm just not getting. Which surprises me a little. Since I'm usually pretty good at figuring this kind of stuff out. Or asking the right questions to get the information I need.

My main accomplishment was finally, tonight, figuring out how to install JRE. So now Java applets work. Still have more to do.

But it's late.

And tomorrow is another day.

Today's Wide Awakes Radio Show? A Definite Maybe.

I'm having some troubles with the old computer today.

Quick background:

Daughter (The Little Princess) had computer issues. So, we swapped while I got hers fixed.

She's at school (University of Georgia in Athens) and needs her computer. So, her computer is now repaired. And her boyfriend took it to her Friday.

He's not back with my computer yet.

I'm operating on a Linux machine.

I'm new to Linux. Well, not new. Just very inexperienced. And I'm trying to install the necessary applications for being on the air today. So far, not much luck.

Either I'm doing something wrong, or ...

Well, there is no "or" ... I'm doing something wrong.

I'm still working it. If SoldierBoy shows up with my computer before 3:00, I won't have a problem. Or, if I get this Linux installation figured out, I won't have a problem.

Otherwise, I'll have a problem.

So, today's WAR show? A definite maybe.

UPDATE: Turned out to be a "no" ... sorry.

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

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Friday, September 15, 2006

Interview with the Umpire: "Blue" (Minor League Replacement Umpire)

"Blue" calling balls and strikes at a Catfish game earlier this year.
For today's interview, we're doing something a little different. Since the Columbus Catfish season is over, we're going to focus on someone who was involved in some of their games earlier in the season.

When Minor League Baseball started this season, they didn't have their regular umpires. The minor league umpires union was on strike. And the minor league teams used replacement umpires.

First game I went to, I thought one of the umpires looked familiar. Turns out I knew the guy. And he agreed to talk with me about it. After everything was done.

Well, everything's done. And he and I met for lunch one day...

Headline News 2006-09-15

From CNN:
Muslim fury at pope jihad comments
Peaceful Muslims peacefully riot, peacefully scream, peacefully threaten pontiff

From CNN:
Health chiefs: Don't eat bagged spinach
Bluto's revenge now complete

From WGAL:
Students suspended for basketball hazing
Attorney for basketball: "My client just wants its dignity back"

From WJAC:
Money runs out for Flight 93 memorial security
Flight 93 Memorial now as insecure as Flight 93

From WPXI:
Dry cleaner has face slashed in robbery
Stitches will be ready Tuesday

From WFTV:
Worker ignites gas vapors, gets blown into air
Witnesses heard worker say "Hey y'all, watch this"

From WFTV:
Driver, 91, sought in hit-and-run case
AARP protests profiling of large Buicks travelling 15 MPH with turn signal flashing

From CNN:
House trades barbs, but passes 9/11 resolution
California's Lee now a Republican, Wyoming's Cubin now a Democrat

From CNN:
'Wicked stepmother' sent to prison
Cinderella calls sentencing 'fair'

From CNN:
Mysterious stone slab bears ancient writing
How stone slab bears learned to write still puzzles scientists

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Go Braves … And Take The Falcons With You!

That used to be the old joke in Georgia. Two or more sports fans would be sitting around or standing around or something. They'd talk about sports. Mostly college football. UGA always had a decent football team. Sometimes Tech would field a good team. In the 1980s, Georgia Southern had a good football team.

The local high school football team in my hometown had up and down years. But, for a bit, they were winning region. Or subregion.

The area basketball teams would do pretty good. Boys and girls teams.

Of course, all sports talk that lasts for any period of time included baseball. And someone would eventually say "Go Braves" ... then they, or someone else would finish the joke ... "And take the Falcons with you!"

You see, for a long time, the Braves were a joke. Year in and year out, they'd do poorly.

Now, they didn't move to Atlanta until 1966. They were the Milwaukee Braves before that, having moved there in 1953. Before that, they were in Boston.
So, in 1966, the Braves moved to Atlanta. They finished with a winning record (85-77) and 10 games off the pace. They did win the West division in 1969, the first year they had divisions. Got swept by Cincinnati in 3 games in the playoffs. But, apart from that year, and 1982 (89-73, winning the West before getting swept in the playoffs), the Braves struggled.

One year, they finished 40-1/2 games off the pace (1975, 67-94). It wasn't their worst year. That was 1988 (54-106, 39-1/2 games back).

And that's how it was for the Atlanta Braves. Usually out of it pretty early on. The announcing crew became really, really good. Because they had to talk about other stuff, mostly. There was certainly nothing going on with the game! So, Pete, Ernie & Skip made the most of it. They developed a rapport, a friendship it seemed, that made listening to the games fun. Even when the Braves were being blasted by whoever they were playing.

After Ernie retired, and Joe and Don joined the broadcast booth, the Braves announcers were still fun to listen to. Even though the Braves were constantly losing. But some, like me, still followed ... and rooted for the team.

In 1991, when the Braves began their amazing run of division titles, it was something we didn't know how to handle. We knew it wouldn't last. Then, in 1991, they did something they had never done: they won a playoff game.

In fact, they won enough to make it to the World Series. They lost, but just the fact they were there was enough.

Then, they did it again.

And, every year, except for the strike season when nobody won anything, the Braves won their division. The West (which never, ever made sense) ... then the East.

They didn't always win the League title. They won one World Series. And that was plenty of reward for long-suffering Braves fans.

Over the last few years, attendance had dropped. Still, 2-1/2 million ... 5 times that horrible 1975 season. But not as much as it was in the last half of the 1990s.

Fair weather fans are tired of the Braves making the playoffs then getting beat.

Fear not. It likely won't happen this year. They are offically eliminated from the East division title. They're still in the Wild Card hunt, but 11 Braves losses or Padres wins in any combination, and they're out of it. So, frustrated Braves fans won't have to worry about losing in the first round of the playoffs.

But, they're not Braves fans. Not really.

I'm disappointed when the Braves lose in the playoffs. But I'm thrilled when they make the playoffs.

I remember the old days. 106 losses. Finding a way to lose a game.

Listening to the announcers was fun. Listening to the Braves wasn't.

We may be heading back to those days. And the fair-weather fans will drift away. Which is fine. I have no use for them, anyway.

They'll be the one's saying "Go Braves ... and take the Falcons with you!"

Me? I'll just be saying "Go Braves!"

Headline News 2006-09-14

From Canadian Press:
Woman Faces Prison After Setting Boyfriend's Penis on Fire
Misdemeanor charge because it was such a small fire

From KIRO:
Mom turns in son for espresso stand robberies
Told police: "He'll learn to get my order right, next time"

From WEWS:
3 children taken to hospital after overdosing
Too much SpongeBob

From KOAT:
Cop, sheriff, disagree on what went on in parked car
Sheriff says officer kissed him first, cop says sheriff made first move

From KMGH:
City to allow anti-war sign to stay
City attorney: "At least it didn't quote Christ. That would be totally unacceptible."

From CNN:
Outed spook Plame adds Armitage to lawsuit
Attorney: "We might as well include someone who actually spoke with Novak"

From CNN:
Woman, 73, Guilty of Hammer Murder
Ex-rapper mourned

From CNN:
Prosecutors take a look at Paris Hilton
Finally watch the tape

From CNN:
Morocco jails Zotob worm hackers
New Star Trek film plot revealed

From CNN:
Lawmaker wants to shoot Madonna into space
Idea dropped when learned of space agency policy to bring her back to Earth

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My Girl

It's the Little Princess' birthday today. She's grown up. I mean, she's 23 years old. That's grown. But she's still my little girl. My Girl.

To a large degree, she doesn't really like being called my baby girl. And I understand that. But she is ... and always will be ... my little girl. My Girl.

I remember her birth, 23 years ago this afternoon. I was there.

The first family member to look at her face was me. Yeah, doctor and nurses were there. But so was I. And I was in a better position to see her than any other family member (her mother, who was there, too).

I was struck by how much she looked, not like me exactly, but she looked like my family. One look at her and you knew she was a member of the family.

Oh, sure, after a bit I could recognize bits that looked like her mother or her mother's family, but the first thing that struck me was that she looked like my family. She was My Girl.

When she was little, the car seat was in my car. She was, for the first bit of her life, Daddy's Girl. My Girl.

But that changed. She began to grew up and became a little princess. She did dance and baton. And was, in fact, Little Miss Majorette of America one year; the girl has got talent.

But as she did more "girl stuff" she was less and less interested in stuff with her old man. And that's how things usually go.

My service in the Army, the divorce, the move ... all these things contributed to her having ... and wanting to have ... less and less to do with me.

Lately, though, it seems as if she does seem to find time for me. In the last couple of years, she's initated telephone calls, come to visit, and such. And things like that feel really good to a father.

Recently, the Wife (her step-mother) and I got new cell phones. And I mentioned the silly ringtones we got. In addition to getting a special ring for the Wife, I got one for the Little Princess: My Girl.

Yes, it's her birthday today. But when I talk with her or spend time with her, it's me who gets the gift: a beautiful, wonderful little girl. My Girl.


My relationship with McAfee products is a tortured one.

I first used the McAfee AntiVirus program years ago when I had an MS-DOS based computer. If you don't know what MS-DOS is, it's what your grandparents used. Okay, your parents. But you get the idea.

Back then, everyone used McAfee AntiVirus because it was considered free for standard users. It might have been. Perhaps it was shareware (which isn't free; don't let anyone tell you otherwise). Still, lots of people used it without cost. But it wasn't the low price (okay, no price) that attracted folks. It was the quality.

There were other anti-virus programs around. Norton made a good one. I also used IBM AntiVirus, Norton AntiVirus (my favorite), and Microsoft AntiVirus. But McAfee was the one everybody talked about.

When things developed where you had to pay for McAfee (or else pirate it, a practice of which I disapprove), my money went to Norton. I just liked it better. However, I always recognized that McAfee was a quality product in the field of virus protection. I just didn't like it.

Recently, when putting a clean install on a computer -- that is, using the installation process that comes with the computer -- it put McAfee products on the computer.

Now, I have a multiuser license for ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm Suite, which includes not only their industry-leading firewall, but their highly-rated anti-virus package. So, I had no need for McAfee (it's a 90-day trial anyway). I want to install the ZoneLabs Suite, since I'm paying for (actually, have already paid for) a license that expires in 201 days.

So, I called McAfee. What was I thinking?

The first lady I chatted with (chat is free, phone calls cost money) seemed to understand the issue and walk me through the steps. However, when I got to a certain point, the system froze and we were disconnected.

So, I went back to the site and tried again. This time, the fellow I got seemed to not understand what I was encountering. He was basically reading from a script. When my results deviated from the script, he was lost. For example, he expected me to have an icon in "Add/Remove Programs" ... and I didn't. Though I said I didn't, he said for me to highlight it. That kind of stuff.

Anyway, the service was poor.

True, I'm trying to remove their stuff, not install it. Still, you'd think they'd help someone get rid of it if they didn't want it. And, bless their hearts, I'm sure they tried.

But if this is their definition of customer service, perhaps I need to re-evaluate my opinion of their product.

You see, to me, the only products that install themselves and don't offer a way of removing themselves are ... viruses, spyware, and other malware.

Remember when Microsoft AntiVirus caused a stir when it recognized Microsoft Windows 95 as a virus? I do. And I wish ZoneLabs Suite would recognize McAfee products as a virus (or malware) and remove the darn thing.

Headline News 2006-09-13

From ABC News:
Dad Breaks Leg Trying to Cure Phobia
Now has fear of broken legs

From ABC News:
Backup Punter May Have Stabbed Starter
Tonya Harding makes football team

From ABC News:
Man May Have Sent 2 Billion Spam E-Mails
Upside: Has increased penis size 5,945,364,927 inches

From ABC News:
Man Charged With Stealing Underwear
Completed step 1

From CNN:
Jane Fonda says Lindsay Lohan needed scolding
Adds, "But nothing more severe. It's not like she posed with enemy anti-aircraft guns or anything"

From CNN:
Spacewalkers lose more stuff
NASA mum on how many it takes to screw in a lightbulb

From CNN:
Houses raided after Turkey blast
Hamburger cookout not impacted

From CNN:
U.S. school buses stop in Congo
Forced busing runs amuck

From CNN:
Teens often skip condom use
Especially those not having sex

From CNN:
Study: Last cavemen were survivors
Richard Hatch finally explained

Late Nights, Long Hours

No, I'm not talking about work. I did the whole "bring work home" stuff years ago. Never again.

Instead, I'm talking about working on computers.

You see, in the family, I'm the computer geek. Oh, I'm certainly not the only computer-literate family member. I'm just the one that seems to enjoy it the most. Therefore, I'm the geek.

I was told ... years ago ... by the Patriarch that I spent way too much time on the computer. Plus, heck, he didn't see why anyone would even need a computer in the home, much less spend any time on it.

Of course, he spends, on some days, more time on his computer than I spend on mine.

Still, I'm the geek.

Which is fine. Don't get me wrong.

The Little Princess is having computer issues. She's a student at the University of Georgia, and has a Dell laptop. It's her second laptop computer. Her first was a Gateway that her mother sent her off to school with. There were issues with it, and I got her a new Dell. Now, there are issues with the Dell.

So, last week, we scheduled meeting ... in Macon, of all places ... so we could swap computers. She'd take my Gateway laptop and I'd take her Dell laptop. I'd check it out, figure out what I could about it, then get Dell to come fix it. Yes, it has that on-site warranty. But, I feel it's best to have done everything I can do before getting the professionals involved.

It's been long hours working on the Dell laptop. Because it keeps shutting off. She thinks it's overheating. And I don't disagree.

I've done what I can do, and am contacting Dell about fixing it.

But here's the thing.

When we met in Macon, I found out the rest of the Little Princess' dastardly plan. She brought not only the Dell laptop, but the old Gateway laptop. And her Dell desktop.

Looks like her parents have been playing Dueling PCs.

Well, they're all here at my house now, so I guess I win.

Anyway, I'm working on three computers for the Little Princess. And I'm without my primary computer. You see, the Gateway laptop (mine, that she has with her now) was my primary computer. It had all my ... everything ... on it.

Unless and until I get one or more of hers fixed, my current machine is this Linux box I'm working on as I type this.

So, I'm able to blog. But not to the degree I'd like. No silly pictures for White Trash Wednesdays. No time to properly surf the 'Net. Just working on computers.

You might find a guest post or two up along and along. There are several who have posting rights here. And I welcome them all.

I'm still trying to do all the interviews stuff...

OH! That reminds me!

Remember during August, I had a promotion where interview questions submitted were going into a drawing for a DVD? Well, the winner was selected (has an email address, but no blog) ... and emailed ... and hasn't responded! So, the person who asked this question has until midnight Friday to respond ... with the same email address. Or on Saturday, I'll draw another winner.

Anyway. As I was saying. I've been busy with computers. And will be for the foreseeable future.

I love this stuff!