Friday, June 30, 2006

Dr. Phat Tony

The Doctor is IN!

Today's interview is with a former soldier and a heckuva blogger, Dr. Phat Tony...

The panel is lined up with their questions...

First question...

Catfish Drop Series Opener In Savannah

After winning two in a row to earn a split with Charleston, the Columbus Catfish dropped the series opener in Savannah against the Sand Gnats (Nationals).

Despite jumping out to a 1-0 lead in the second inning on 3B Russ Mitchell's solo homer (his 9th round-tripper of the season, second-best on the team), but Savannah scored 4 runs on two doubles, two singles, and three walks in the bottom of the second. A run in the 6th and another in the 7th, and the Sand Gnats had too much of a lead for the Catfish to overcome. Columbus scored 2 in the 8th on two singles and an error, but couldn't close the gap any further, and wound up on the short end of a 6-3 score.

Starter David Pfeiffer was charged with his second loss of the season against one win. His first 13 appearances were out of the bullpen.

Saturday, the Catfish and Savannah play a double-header, making up a game rained out in Columbus last week.

Headline News 2006-06-30

From ABC News:
Missing Groom's Family Sues Cruise Ship
Jennifer Wilbanks' brother goes to sea

From ABC News:
Witch School Opens Doors in Midwestern Town
Won't have picture of Jesus on wall, ACLU approves

From ABC News:
China Cracks Down on 'Immoral' Blogs only site available

From ABC News:
Lunch Date With Warren Buffett Sells for $620,100
Parrothead sobers up, demands refund

From ABC News:
Operation Removes Lightbulb from Anus
Pentagon running out of names for new ops

From ABC News:
Man Sues Over Web Site Comments
Lying bastard sues

From ABC News:
Drive-Thru Pot Smoke Gives Pair Away
Cheech & Chong reunited at county lockup

From ABC News:
Police Find Skeleton in Cleveland Home
Drew Carey's diet an overwhelming success

From ABC News:
Boater Rescued Twice in the Same Spot
Was showing friends what happened last summer

From ABC News:
Pig Who Posed As Wilbur Gets Reprieve
Charlotte still dies

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  • Brainhell (Hooah Wife & Friends) was happy with the SCOTUS ruling on war trials.

Catfish Earn Split With Charleston

In a game that took nearly four hours, the Columbus Catfish edged the Charleston Riverdogs 8-7 last night, earning a split in the four-game series.

All the Catfish but one collected one or more hits. The attack was led by SS Ivan De Jesus, who was 3-four-4 with a run scored.

2B Travis Denker hit his second home run of the season to start the Catfish scoring in the second and temporarily tie the game. 3B Russ Mitchell helped the Catfish retake the lead in the third with a 2-run single. After the Riverdogs (Yankees) tie the game in the bottom of the inning, but the Catfish took the lead again in the fourth on DH Adam Godwin's RBI double. Again tied in the fifth, LF Lucas May singled in a run to retake the lead, which held to the seventh inning.

In the top of the seventh, the Catfish extended the lead when CF Bridger Hunt drove in May with a sacafice fly. After Charleston tied the game in the bottom of that frame, the Catfish took the lead for good in the top of the ninth on RF Sergio Pedroza's two-run single. Charleston nearly tied the game with two out in the bottom of the ninth when Riverdogs 2B Reegie Coron hit an RBI double to left field, but May got the ball to the 1B David Sutherland who relayed to C Juan Apodaca, who tagged PR Mario Holmann, who was trying to score from first, ending the game.

Matthew Gomez de Segura picked up his second win, and the May-Sutherland-Apodaca putout in the ninth helped Ramon Troncoso pick up his 6th save.

Tonight, the Catfish open a 5-games-in-4-days series with the Savannah Sand Gnats (Nationals).

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Going To WAR


Next week, on July 4th, this nation's 230th birthday, Wide Awakes Radio launches. And for some reason, I'm a part of that.

I'm sure you've heard about Wide Awakes Radio. But you might not know that they invited me to be a part of it. But now that you know, you're reaction has to be:

What the hell were they thinking!

I'm actually honored and thrilled they asked me to be a part of it. Still, I'm sort of a little different than the rest of the group.

You see, the others have talent.

I'm not all that talented. Oh, there are some things I'm pretty good at. But at talking, writing, expressing myself clearly, having a winning personality ... that's not me. I'm just a poor, dumb Southern boy with a computer.

But, I am a conservative. I'm not a Republican. I'm certainly not a Democrat. I'm not an anything. But I am a conservative. And I guess that's what prompted the invitiation. Other than that, I can't figure it out.

You see, the rest of the group, like I said, has talent. They are some of the funniest, wittiest, bestest folks you could know. And I'm thrilled to be involved with them.

Oh, I expect they'll come to their senses and politely show me the door soon. Probably right after my first broadcast. Which is on Sunday, July 9, at 3:00 PM Eastern Time.

But don't wait for my little program. Listen July 4.

You'll be entertained. And, if you're not careful, you might just learn something.

Headline News 2006-06-29

From CNN:
Star Jones Reynolds leaving 'The View'
Planet returns to standard orbit

From CNN:
Trafficked women's symptoms akin to torture victims'
Bush blamed

From CNN:
Katrina looters get 15 years in prison
To be released during next flood

From CNN:
Britney Spears poses nude for cover
Magazine to be renamed "Harper's Bizarre"

From WDIV:
Five people shot in Detroit
Slow news day

From KCCI:
99-year-old earns high school diploma
To leave job as Wal-Mart greeter, qualifies for the counter at McDonald's

From KFOX:
Mailman narrowly escapes out of control driver
Will be thinking of that driver when he shoots up post office

From KETV:
High school probes alleged teacher parodies
Students can learn to call attorney, but not count to 10

From CNN:
Obama to Democrats: Woo evangelicals
Thinks Jerry Falwell is "a hottie"

From CNN:
Yates killed kids to save them, defense says
Residents buy rope, offer to "save" her

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Wife Gets In The Act

It’s not white trash stuff but it’s cute.

Sisters Mary Catherine, Maria Theresa, Katherine Marie, Rose Frances, & Mary Kathleen left the Convent on a trip to St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City and were sight-seeing on a Tuesday in July. It was hot and humid in town and their traditional garb was making them so uncomfortable that they decided to stop in at Patty McGuire's Pub for a cold soft drink.

Patty had recently added special legs to his barstools, which were the talk of the fashionable (!) eastside neighborhood. All 5 Nuns sat up at the bar and were enjoying their cokes when Monsignor Riley and Father McGinty entered the bar through the front door.

They, too, came for a cold drink, but were shocked and almost fainted at what they saw.

[Click here for what they saw]

Catfish Beat Charleston

Starting pitcher David Horlacher pitched 5-2/3 inning of no-hit ball, was lifted after allowing a single, then watched the Columbus Catfish bullpen hold on to a 1-0 lead to gain his first victory of the season.

The Catfish took a 1-0 lead in the top of the fifth inning on DH David Sutherland's lead-off home run. It was enough, with the Catfish pitching staff holding Charleston to 2 hits.

After coming into the game in the sixth inning, reliever Jonathan Meloan walked the first batter he faced, but set down the next seven batters he faced. Ramon Troncoso pitched the ninth inning, allowing a lead-off single but getting the bases cleared on a double play, then retired the final Charleston player to pick up his 5th save of the year.

The Catfish wrap up the series in Charleston Thursday night as they seek to gain a split in the series. They then head to Savannah for five games. One of the games in Savannah is a make-up of the rained-out game last weekend in Columbus. That extra game will be part of a Saturday double-header against the Sand Gnats. The rained-out game was a Latino Night promotion that will be made up on July 30.

Headline News 2006-06-28

From BBC:
Womb environment 'makes men gay'
Proof too much of a good thing can have unexpected side effects

From ABC News:
Andrea Yates Sobs in Court During Video
Doesn't undertand why 'God took them from her'

From ABC News:
'Karma' Chameleon Snake on Borneo Island
Asks residents 'Do you really want to hurt me?'

From ABC News:
Half-Ton Mexican Now 200 Pounds Lighter
Another 650-pound loss, and will be able to sneak into U.S.

From ABC News:
N.D. Woman Catches Piranha in Reservoir
Piranha scolded, told not to be in reservoir anymore

From ABC News:
Python Becomes Longest on Display in U.S.
John Cleese joins the Smithsonian

From ABC News:
Michael Jackson moving to Europe to resume career
Eager to be an active pedophile again

From ABC News:
Internet Providers to Combat Child Porn
Playing both sides

From ABC News:
Can Air Conditioning Make You Fat?
Dave Lennox named in lawsuit

From CNN:
Iraq frees hundreds of prisoners
Terrorist shortage gets relief

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Today's picnic basket of items from my blogroll.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Computer Terms

White Trash Wednesdays

No, I aint' talking aobut how much you got to send Blue Hippo every week. I'm talking about the words and such that computer geeks use. Computer words. Computer phrases. Computer terms. Get it>?


Anyhow, it seems I was talking with Uncle Dave the other day, and we was talking about computers ... or so I thought. Turns out we were using the smae workds but not talking the same language, if you know what I mean.

Here's where the conversation went wronig.

Here's a list of comptuer terms that some folks might get mied mixed up about:

  • Backup - what you do when you run across a skunk in the woods.

  • Bar code - them's the fight'n rules down at the local tavern.

  • Bug - the reason you give for calling in sick.

  • Byte - what your pit bull dun to cusin Jethro. Also, that's what the flies do.

  • Cache - needed when you run out of food stamps.

  • Chip - pasture muffins that you try not to step in. Also, what to munch on.

  • Crash - when you go to Junior's party uninvited.

  • Digital - the art of counting on your fingers.

  • Diskette - female disco dancer.

  • Dot Matrix: Farmer Matrix's wife.

  • Download: Gettin' the firewood off the pickup.

  • Enter: c'mon in.

  • Fax - what you lie about to the IRS.

  • Floppy Disk: Whatcha git from pilin' too much firewood.

  • Hacker - Uncle Leroy after 32 years of smoking.

  • Hard Drive: Getting' home in the winter season.

  • Hardcopy - picture looked at when selecting tattoos.

  • Infrared: Where the left-overs go when Fred's around.

  • Internet - where cafeteria workers put their hair.

  • Keyboard - where you hang the keys to the john deere.

  • Lap Top: Where little kids feel comfy.

  • Log On: Makin' the wood stove hotter.

  • Log Off: Don't add no wood.

  • Mac - big Bubba's favorite fast food.

  • Main Frame: Hold up the barn roof.

  • MegaHertz: When yer not careful down loadin'. Also, how your head feels after 17 beers.

  • Micro Chip: What's left in the bottom of the bag.

  • Modem - what ya did when the grass and weeds got too tall.

  • Monitor: Keepin' an eye on the wood stove.

  • Mouse pad - what Minnie sends Mickey to the store for when 'Aunt Flo' visits.

  • Mouse: Whats eats the horses grain.

  • Network - scoop'n up a big fish before it breaks the line.

  • Online - where to stay when taking the sobriety test.

  • Port: Fancy wine.

  • Prompt: What you wish the mail was in the winter.

  • RAM: The hydrolic thingy that splits the firewood.

  • Random Access Memory: You can't remember whatcha' paid for that new rifle when your wife asks.

  • ROM - where the Pope lives.

  • Screen - helps keep the skeeters off the porch.

  • SCSI - what you call your week-old underwear.

  • Serial port - a red wine you drink with breakfast.

  • Software: Them plastic eatin' utensils.

  • Superconductor - Amtrak's employee of the year.

  • Terminal - time to call the undertaker.

  • Windows: What to shut when it's cold outside.

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Catfish Drop Third Straight

The Columbus Catfish lost again in Charleston tonight, being held to five hits in a 4-2 loss to the Riverdogs (Yankees).

Starting pitcher James McDonald pitched 5-2/3 innings, allowing three runs on six hits en route to his fifth loss, despite having the lowest ERA of the current Catfish starters. He allowed a single run in the first, third, and sixth innings before giving way to reliever Arismendy Castillo, who allowed an unearned run in the seventh.

Catfish bats were held in check through the first seven innings, garnering only three hits. In the seventh, LF Lucas May doubled in two runs, but was thrown out at third trying to stretch it into a triple.

SS Ivan De Jesus had a double in the fifth inning that was wasted. Only 3B Shane Justis had multiple hits for the Catfish, both singles, in the third and ninth inning.

The loss leaves the Catfish 1-4 in the second half, in seventh place, ahead of the winless Kannapolis Intimidators (White Sox).

Headline News 2006-06-27

From CNN:
Your personal Bermuda
Sequel to "My Own Private Idaho" released

From New York Times:
Microsoft Plans to Blend Phones With Computers
Will call it "a modem"

From Ft. Wayne News-Sentinel:
Man's Bottle Message Found After His Death
Message read: "Please throw bottle away"

From Washington Post:
Japanese Look to Export Octopus Dumplings
Can't find anyone else that wants them, either

From ABC News:
Bible: 'Jesus Loves Porn Stars'
Gives new meaning to "Second Coming"

From ABC News:
British Army Demotes Mascot Goat, Billy
Violated "Don't ask, don't tell" policy

From ABC News:
Man Says He's on Heroin to Avoid Jury Duty
Now gets to sit near jury, not with jury

From ABC News:
The Older We Get, the Happier We Are
The upside of forgetfulness

From ABC News:
NASA Hopes to Spur Commercial Space Growth
The Nike Space Shuttle set for July 1 launch

From ABC News:
Hunter kills first Bavarian bear seen in 170 years
Unicorn hunters given hope

Picnic 2006-06-27

Today's picnic basket of items from my blogroll.

Monday, June 26, 2006


I must admit that I just don't "get" tattoos.

Not that I don't have ink placed on my body. I don't. But I don't "get" tattoos. I don't understand them. That's what I mean when I say I don't "get" tattoos. They don't make sense to me.

To me, the human body is a wonderful thing. It doesn't make sense to me to discolor it.

Oh, I'm all for nice clothing and pretty jewelry. But a permanent discoloration of an area of the body? I just don't get it.

There are family members that wear ink. My brother-in-law was in the Navy and served in Vietnam. He wears a tattoo. Something Navy folks do. Army, too. Lots of folks I served with in the Army had tattoos.

Snuffie, who comments here on occasion ... and just happens to be the mother of two of my grandchildren ... also has tattoos. The grandchildren's names are among them. So, I got no problem at all with the content of her tattoos. I just don't understand getting a tattoo.

So please don't misunderstand me when I say I don't "get" tattoos. But I don't. I just don't understand it. And I don't mean to pick on anyone with a tattoo.

On the other hand, maybe I will.

I really don't understand the craze in "lower back" tattoos. You know the ones. Right above the crack of the ass, visible when the shirt creeps up.

Some are pictures of butterflies or other cutsie things. Some are emblems or something. And some words. Or designs that look sort of like words.

So, the Wife and I were wondering about those tattoos. You see we were sitting in a Subway restaurant when a young girl came in sporting an ass tattoo. Or lower back tattoo. Whatever they're called.

We wondered if it was a design. Or pictures. Or words. And the thought of words got us being silly and giggling.

Thinking about what the words on a tattoo just above the crack of the ass might say.

  • This end up.

  • No entry.

  • Must be this tall to ride.

  • Exit only.

  • Open other end.

  • If you can read this, you are too close.

So, how about you. You have any other ideas on what a tattoo in that location might say?

Catfish Open Road Trip With Loss

The Columbus Catfish took an early lead, then immediately lost it to the Charleston Riverdogs. When it was over, the Catfish were on the short end of a 10-3 score.

In the first inning, the Catfish came out swinging, scoring three runs on four hits, including two doubles, a walk, and a sacrifice fly. 3B Russ Mitchell hit his leage-leading 28th double in the inning.

The heroics were all for naught, as Charleston scored six times in the bottom of the first on two singles, a double, two hit batsmen, and a home run. Four more runs in the bottom of the fourth capped the scoring, and Catfish all-star pitcher Cory Wade was charged with his third loss in seven decisions.

The four-game series continues Tuesday night in Charleston with game two.

Headline News 2006-06-26

From Washington Post:
Dirty Politics Trouble Mexico
Bush blamed

From Washington Post:
Alito Breaks Tie, Kan. Death Penalty Stays
Perry Smith, Richard Hickock won't be resentenced

From Washington Post:
Call for Lobbying Reform Is Fading, Lawmakers Say
Lobbying Reform Lobby ineffectual

From Washington Post:
Muslim Gay Seeks Lesbian Wife
Not sure why

From CNN:
Militants demand Israel release women, kids
Says Israel shouldn't copy their tactics

From CNN:
Richardson splits from Backstreet Boys
No one notices

From CNN:
Buffett gives away his fortune
Anna Nicole removes him from black book

From KFOX:
Man killed after refusing to give haircut
Calvin, Ricky & crew mourn Eddie

From KOAT:
Bear Paw fire forces 100 to flee homes
Bear puts ointment on paw, feels bad about homes

From CNN:
Judge threatens to lock up Boy George
Singer agrees, asks to be spanked

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Prostate Cancer Screening

At the Catfish game saturday night, it was delayed by rain. And being delayed by rain, we weren't waiting in the stands for the game to begin. We were walking around the concourse, trying to keep a neice and a granddaughter entertained while we waited.

I was approached by a lady from the Tidwell Cancer Treatment Center. She asked if I would like a prostate cancer screening.

Now, I'm not all that knowledgable about lots of things. But I know a little bit about how a prostate exam goes. It's not high on my list of things to do today.

If you're not familiar with an exam, it involves a doctor, a finger, a glove, lubricant, leaning over a table, and the command "hold your breath." I hope you get the idea.

So, this nice lady walks up to me asking me if I'd like a prostate cancer screening.

I didn't immediately reply. I might have blinked twice, but didn't say anything right at first. Then perhaps a stutter or two.

She must have seen my ... hesitancy ... when she explained it was a screening. They drew some blood and would send it off to get looked at.

Okay, drawing blood I can stand. Yes, I'd rather them make a new hole than use an existing one. I think you can understand.

Anyway, I didn't know that a prostate cancer screening involved drawing some blood. But apparently, that's all there is to it. And I sat down and let them draw some blood. And the lady who draws blood is good. It didn't hurt a bit.

Afterwards, the lady explained that they run a test and check for something. And, if the tests come back a certain way, that indicates that an exam is in order. Yeah, the one with the finger.

So, in a couple of days, I'll find out if me and a doctor get to know each other real well.

Anyway, I'm glad to know that there is a quick, painless way to get screened for prostate cancer. It's one of the most preventable forms of cancer there is. Like 100% recovery. If caught early enough.

The catch is to catch it early. And the screening helps determine if an exam is in order.

So, if you're a male over 40 (that's how I caught the nice young lady's eye), it might be a good idea to get yourself screened.

Life's too short as it is. You might as well stick around for the ending.

Picnic 2006-06-25

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  • Jan Bussey (CascasdeExpressions) goes to Whidby Island.

  • Burkard (The Blog Of Columbus GA) says the pageant's sponsor might be happy with the new Miss Georgia.

  • Harvey finds moonbats have been around a while.

  • Sin City wonders if people will pay to visit the WTC memorial.

  • Steve H. (Hog On Ice) likes the GPS.

  • Jo's Cafe wonders wants to know who's "public interest."

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Laura Long Collins (Survival Theory)

Today's interview is with Laura Long Collins of Survival Theory...

The panel is ready with their questions...

First question...

Catfish Bullpen Falters

Go Catfish!After falling behind early, the Columbus Catfish fought back to take the lead, but the bullpen blew a late lead as they fell to the Savannah Sand Gnats 9-7 tonight.

Savannah punched across 2 in the first, then 6 in the second to take a 6-1 lead, but two home runs, a double and a triple helped the Catfish take a 7-6 lead.

The lead held up until the 7th inning when, with two out, P Matthew Gomez de Segura walked four straight batters on 16 straight balls to blow the save and tie the game. In the 8th, a hit batsman, a triple, and a wild pitch allowed the Sand Gnats to take a 9-7 lead.

The loss spoiled RF Sergio Pedroza's league-leading 17th home run of the season, and an excellent relief appearance for P Kale Garrison.

The brief four-game homestand ends Sunday night when the two teams battle at 6:00 PM.

Picnic 2006-06-24

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Friday, June 23, 2006

Tommy (Striving For Average)

Today's interview is with an above-average blogger who is striving for average. It's Tommy of Striving For Average...

Everyone is lined up to ask their questions...

Now, the first question...

Catfish Split Doubleheader

Go Catfish!The Columbus Catfish opened the second half with a doubleheader split with Savannah tonight. In the first game, the Sand Gnats jumped out to a big lead early, beating the Catfish 10-4. In the second game, the Catfish turned the tables, jumping to an early lead, and taking a 7-2 decision.

In the opener, delayed a day because of lightning and a power failure on Thursday, Savannah scored six runs in the third inning to take an 8-1 lead, spoiling a 3-for-3 game by LF Lucas May (who had a double and an RBI) and 1B Jason Mooneyham's first home run of the season.

In the nightcap, RF Sergio Pedroza hit his league-leading 16th homer of the season, LF Lucas May hit an RBI triple (his 7th, second-most in the league), and DH Bridger Hunt hit his first home run of the season, an inside-the-park job, as the Catfish built a 7-1 lead.

P Marlon Arias picked up his 7th win, third-most in the league, while stiking out 7 over 5 innings.

Saturday night, the Catfish series with Savannah continues. The team plans fireworks after the game. We're planning to take the grandchildren. They should enjoy that.

Headline News 2006-06-23

From CNN:
Only Democrat in Bush Cabinet resigns
Mineta shocked to discover Bush was President

From CNN:
Kool & the Gang co-founder dead
Group renamed "Cold & the Gang"

From CNN:
Nicole Kidman expected to marry Keith Urban soon
Two of Tom Cruise's former lovers to tie the knot

From CNN:
Polish minister fired for communist ties
Insists ties were gift from children

From KERO:
Teacher pleads not guilty to relationship
Claims it was 'just sex'

From WDIV:
Driver finds body under car
Wasn't where he left it

From KPRC:
Train hits 18-wheeler
18-wheeler runs, tells

From KETV:
Amnesty granted for tire removal
Mexicans now crossing border carrying Goodyears

From CNN:
Pentagon developing supersonic shape-shifting assassin
Odo on loan from Deep Space Nine

From CNN:
Study: Earth 'likely' hottest in 2,000 years
Jesus blamed for global warming

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Evil Glenn Needs Money!

A Filthy LieEvil Glenn® sat in his car, waiting for "Chuck" to show himself. "How did this happen?" he thought.

He remembered the first time he had blended a puppy. He did it out of spite. But he loved the taste. And found it made him feel great. So he drank puppy smoothies whenever he wanted.

And that's how it began.

The problem was, he wanted puppy smoothies all the time. In the morning. In the afternoon. In the evening. In the middle of the night. All the time.

"Mmmmm .... puppies," thought Evil Glenn™.

Then, suddenly, there was "Chuck." The dealer looked to the left. Then to the right. Then gave the high sign and Evil Glenn™ opened his door.

He looked both ways, and ran across the street against the light. He stopped about five feet away from "Chuck" when the dealer held up his palm.

"You got the cash?" "Chuck" asked.

"Most of it," Evil Glenn™ answered.

"What do you mean, 'most of it?'" snarled "Chuck."

"Look, guy, you've upped the price each time we've met for over a month now," Evil Glenn™ protested.

"The cost of doing business," said "Chuck." "You know that since you've started with the Shar-pei, you've put a dent in the population."

Evil Glenn™ smiled at the thought of tasting another Shar-pei smoothie. "They're delicious. I got to have one now," he said.

"Look, dude, they were almost wiped out 30 years ago, before the population grew back. Now, they're becoming rarer and rarer. On account of your habit," said "Chuck."

"Man, I don't want to hear no preachin'," Evil Glenn™ snapped. "Just give me the dog."

"Chuck" looked at the pitiful sight before him, drew a deep breath, stepped over to a white van, opened the door, and produced a small Shar-pei. He held out his hand.

Evil Glenn™ handed an envelope to "Chuck." The dealer opened the envelope and counted the cash.

"Hold on, pundit-boy. This is only $6,000.00 here. You owe me $8,000.00, hot-shot."

Stuttering, Evil Glenn™ said, "I'll get you ... I'll get it ... you'll get your money. Next week. I promise."

"Chuck" pocketed the cash, then put the puppy back in the van. "When you get me the rest of the money, you'll get the puppy. And the price just went up. To $9,000.00."

"NO!" cried Evil Glenn™. "You can't do that!"

"Oh, yes I can," laughed "Chuck." His smile quickly left. "You get me the money by noon tomorrow. Right here. Or it goes up more. Now, run along."

Holding back tears, Evil Glenn™ slowly backed away, stopping at the crosswalk.

"Chuck" hopped in his van and drove away. Evil Glenn™ started shaking, slightly at first, then violently, finally falling to the sidewalk.

In a few minutes, it had passed. He stood up, dusted himself off, and started forming a plan. Maybe, just maybe, he could start charging for the podcasts. A dollar maybe?

If he could get a dollar for each download, he'd have enough to buy a Shar-pei a day for the rest of his life. Yes, that would do just fine.

Across town, "Chuck" made a right turn and headed toward the Interstate. He had an idea. Perhaps he could talk Glenn into charging for downloads. If Glenn got a dollar for each download, he'd be able to buy a Shar-pei a day for the rest of the summer, counting the planned price increases.

A single Shar-pei customer was worth more than a whole block of crackheads, he thought. Life is good.

Headline News 2006-06-22

From ABC News:
Baseball Manager Sorry for Anti-Gay Slur, Sort Of
Guillen: "Didn't mean to offend any fags. My bad."

From ABC News:
Fake Valor Medals a Growing Problem
John Kerry still undecided on 2008 run

From ABC News:
Eminem Divorce Proceedings Held in Private
Judge asks couple: "Why couldn't you have held disputes in private?"

From ABC News:
Angelina Jolie Criticizes U.S. Priorities
Upset war bumped her from cover of magazines

From ABC News:
Smokeless Tobacco: Safer Alternative?
Dying from mouth cancer deemed safer than dying from lung cancer

From ABC News:
N.H. Police Warn of Chubby Beach Flasher
Seek skinny flasher

From ABC News:
Newspaper Endorses Nevada Pot Initiative
Forgot they had endorsed it the day before

From ABC News:
AT&T Tells Customers Records Can Be Shared
Plans to call list of records "The Phone Book"

From ABC News:
Student-Sex Offender Check Law Under Fire
Male students oppose

From ABC News:
'Big One' Due in Calif.
Ron Jeremy goes home

Up and Down

Over the last 24 hours, this little blog has experienced several outages.

Actually, many sites have. Or at least some Dreamhost-hosted sites.

Here's what they said happened:

... while working on preperation for the upgrade to Apache2 (which will greatly improve webservice) there was a bad networking config that caused many domains to receive bad DNS information.

That's fancy tech talk for people couldn't get to the site. Not just this site, but others they host. Not all, but some.

Anyway, for those that missed out, we have moved the items from the backup blog to here. Which means last night's Headline News, this morning's post (a blog tip of sorts), and this morning's Picnic are here.

Dreamhost has usually done a good job hosting. Things like this do happen from time-to-time ... and they continued to work the issue until it was resolved.

I don't like being down, but I do appreciate efforts to make things right. That's all anyone can ask.

Picnic 2006-06-22

Today's picnic basket of items from my blogroll.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Day By Day (Vertical) Using JavaScript and CSS - REVISIT

Back in February, we offered a copy/paste edition of JavaScript code for Chris Muir's Day By Day cartoon. The reason is that many blogs cannot display the full cartoon in its native horizontal format. Back in April 2004, Tempus Fugit offered a PHP script that could be added to PHP sites that allowed them to display "Day By Day" in a vertical format. That's the first panel on top, the second panel in the middle, and the third panel on the bottom.

The problem with the Tempus Fugit code is that it only works on PHP sites. Many bloggers don't use PHP. The Alliance, for instance. And Blogger blogs. So, we came up with a piece of JavaScript code that can be used on sites that support JavaScript. That's most sites. Including TypePad, MoveableType, Mu.Nu, Blogger, and others. (But not sites, sorry.)

Recently, Chris Muir announced that he was changing his output ... and that people using the Tempus Fugit (PHP) code ... or our JavaScript code ... would need to make a change.

Dealing with this change is what we're going to discuss today.

Headline News 2006-06-21

From ABC News:
Coach K Speaks on Duke Rape Case
Wishes he could have recieved publicity without having to win all those games

From ABC News:
More Evidence Sought in 'Dirty Bomber' Case
Pig-pen arrested, Snoopy sought for questioning

From ABC News:
Atlanta Child Killings Probe Put on Hold
Guilty man in jail impeding investigation

From ABC News:
Dan Rather Era Ends at CBS News
Rather's fake new to be replaced by Couric's fake news

From ABC News:
Musician's Ashes Buried in Clarinet
Last words: "Blow me"

From ABC News:
Fla. Restaurant Sells $100 Hamburger
McDonald's introduces Super- super- super- super- super- super- super- sizing meals.

From ABC News:
Should School Building Bear a Murderer's Name?
Charles Manson High School wants answer before next year's diplomas ordered

From ABC News:
'How Gay Is Superman?'
Jimmy Olson, Robin compare notes

From ABC News:
TV producer Aaron Spelling suffers stroke in L.A
Finally saw one of Tori's shows

From ABC News:
GOP-Run Senate Kills Minimum Wage Increase
Millions of illegal immigrants not affected

Picnic 2006-06-21

Today's picnic basket of items from my blogroll.

  • Jan Bussey (CascaseExposures) shows pictures from the top of the Space Needle.

  • Freedom Folks fisks a story on a billboard.

  • Ms Underestimated offers a big "FU" to several. [Graphic images, language warning]

  • Ogre says's bias is showing.

  • RealTeen (Right on the Right) is excited about the GOP leading in Michigan's governor's race.

  • Peter Porcupine says Massachusetts is occupied with Fluff.

  • Stop the ACLU! examines the flack over Arab-Americans getting back in the U.S.

  • Release The Hounds! wonders where's the balance.

  • CatHouse Chat looks at Christian martyrs vs Muslim martyrs.

  • Part-Time Pundit hosts the Catholic Carnival.

  • Gribbit asks "who's the Nazi?"

  • Rick Moran (Right Wing Nut House) looks at the Democrats' position on the war.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

White Trash Is Alive And Well

This weekend, the Wife and I went to eat supper at a relatively new steakhouse in Columbus. And when we left the restaurant, we got a little surprise.

Actually, we didn't get the surprise. Which was the surprise.

Perhaps I should explain.

You see, someone had been putting out flyers on the windows of some of the cars, trucks, and vans in the lot.

Now, where we ate, there are three restaurants in the same building. So, there's the steakhouse, then a Japanese restaurant, then a Mediterranean restaurant. And, pretty much, the vehicles in the lot are lined up in that order too.

Except for our truck, of course. We ended up parking in the area in front of the Mediterranean restuarant. So, we walked past the steakhouse patrons' vehicles, then past the Japanese restaurant patrons' vehicles ... when we saw the flyers.

They were from National Vanguard.

What's that? National Vanguard? Who are they?

Why, they're a bunch of crazy white folks. And not the good kind. The Beverly Hillibillies are good crazy white folk. National Vanguard are bad crazy white folk.

Now, how in the world do such folks exist in this day and time? Easy. Some people is just crazy. The left has them. The right has them. Black folks have them. White folks have them. Americans have them. Canadians have them. Koreans have them. Iraqis have them. Christians have them. Jews have them. Muslims have them. Athiests have them.

The point is, the world is full of crazy folks. And most of the time I only see them on TV, read about them in the paper, or run across them on the Internet.

But this weekend, some of them crawled out of the woodwork and put out flyers on the vehicles in front of the Japanese restaurant.

These clowns are all opposed to immigration. I'm on record opposing illegal immigration. Heck, by default, illegal immigration is illegal. But legal immigration? I'm all for it.

My ancestors are immigrants, you see. I can only trace my family back around 300 years. They were here before the United States declared its independence. Fought in the Revolution and everything. So, I go back a while. But even though my ancestors have probably been here longer than yours, my ancestors were immigrants. They came from somewhere else.

So these idiots at National Vanguard have pictures in their flyers saying "Close the border" and "Stop immigration" and such. The concept that they themselves are immigrants is lost on them. Like I said, crazy white folks.

Unfortunately, National Vanguard is not a joke. They are serious. And seriously crazy.

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Headline News 2006-06-20

From ABC News:
New US church leader says homosexuality no sin
Ten Commandments to also be repealed

From ABC News:
KFC Sued for Fattening Menu
Stupid people hire lawyer

From ABC News:
Jolie, Pitt eye adoption next
If approved, plan nose, ear adoptions

From ABC News:
Bush Gives Iran an Ultimatum on Uranium
Learns two new words each day

From ABC News:
Bear Eats Oatmeal in Woman's Kitchen
Was 'just right'

From ABC News:
Post Office Said to Abet Cigarette Sales to Kids
Winston-Salem post office proclaims innocence

From CNN:
Democrats: Iraq withdrawal must begin in 2006

Losing 7 consecutives elections puts party in charge

From CNN:
Woman charged in attack over dead chihuahua
Taco Bell presses charges

From CNN:
Dead whale found in river, scientists puzzled
Bubba's Giant Bait Shop opens for business

From AP:
Bear Steals 50 Lbs. of Dog Food from Home
Yogi robs Huckleberry

Picnic 2006-06-20

Today's picnic basket of items from my blogroll.

  • Jan Bussey (CascaseExposures) has some of her favorite pictures of heavy equipment.

  • SportsLady (From Peaches to Beaches) says you don't have to be nuts to live in Florida ... but it helps.

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  • Agent Bedhead says Pete Doherty is still alive for some reason.

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  • William Teach (Pirate's Cove) says the left may be turning on Blanco.

  • Steve the Pirate wants your questions.

  • aTypicalJoe says them Chinese sure is good at science stuff.

  • Phin says some stuff is sacred.

Monday, June 19, 2006


This weekend, the Wife and I went to see the new X-Men movie. It's was alright. It reminded me of this season's "24" with the heroes from the first two movies that died in this movie.

Now, before we go any further, understand that I'm not a comic book reader. I've never read the X-Men comics. If you read them, you'll likely ... based upon X-Men comics readers I've talked with ... not be a huge fan of the movie, but will appreciate some of what they're trying to do.

Me, I've never read the comics, as I've said, but did enjoy the movies. Especially the villians.


Headline News 2006-06-19

From ABC News:
Roethlisberger to Be Ticketed for No Helmut
Steelers QB must always carry a former German Chancellor* on his bike

From ABC News:
Cosmo Editor on 'How to Set His Thighs on Fire'
"Burning Bed II" to air this fall

From ABC News:
Planning a Vacation You Can Afford
Sprinklers, Slip-N-Slide sales soar

From ABC News:
Nestle to Buy Jenny Craig for $600 Million
Sid Craig to retire to Bahamas with secretary

From ABC News:
Deer Gets Inside House, Attacks Ohio Woman
Bambi turns to life of crime

From ABC News:
Woman Accused of Attack With Dead Puppy
Proves Ogden Edsl wrong

From ABC News:
Man Charged With Having Crack in Sundae
Dairy Queen sales soar

From ABC News:
Bush's 'Body Man' Leaves White House
Promises not to tell where all are buried

From ABC News:
President Creates World's Largest Marine Reserve
Marines allowed to roam free, safe from loggers and hunters

From ABC News:
Tipper Gore Ready for Another White House Run
Seeks to get Al back on his medications

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  • Dr. Phat Tony had the perfect Father's Day gift.

  • Jan Bussey (CascadeExposures) watched Puget Sound go from gray to color.

  • Fmragtops learned the hard way about making your bed and lying in it.

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  • Random Yak shares some fatherly wisdom.

  • Gun-Toting Liberal says the slave trade is thriving.

  • Kevin (EckerNet) talks with an employer of illegal aliens.

  • Jo (Jo's Cafe) has begun the countdown.

  • Dyre Portents says Kim Jong Il doesn't want to be ronery.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Let Me Speak To The Manager

Sunday for lunch ... a late lunch after catching an early movie ... the Wife and I decided to run into a Burger King in Columbus. What were we thinking?

Actually, the food was good. That is, it's exactly what you'd expect from a Burger King. Didn't take long to place the order ... food arrived rather quickly ... like we ordered it ... and it tasted like it was supposed to. So far, so good.

Then, while sitting at the table, we looked out the window and saw the sign that advertised their Dulce De Leche Cheesecake. Sounded good. So, I went back to the counter, double-checked the menu and there it was. So, I ordered one.

The young man behind the counter, who had taken our initial order, notified me that they no longer carried that item. So, I asked to speak to the manager. I stepped down out of the way so the next person could be served.

The young man went to the office, stood in the door, and spoke to the person in the office ... who I couldn't see because of stuff blocking the window.

After a little bit, the young man came back ... alone ... and asked if there was something else I wanted. So, I replied, "Yes, that address" ... pointing to the sign indicating the address of the company that ran this particular Burger King ... "and the name of the manager."

So, the young man dutifully wrote it down ... I had expected him to give me a card, but he wrote it all down on a piece of paper ... and handed it to me. Then apologized for the trouble.

That young man, I thought, handled a pain-in-the-butt customer like me just fine. But the manager in the back ... the one who didn't want to come out and deal with someone like me ... well, he leaves a lot to be desired.

So, I'm going to contact the Burger King office in Columbus ... their phone number is 706-563-3066 ... and tell them that I wasn't impressed with Dave's management style. But the young man behind the counter was just fine, in my opinion.

Maybe I'll write them ... the address for Schuster Enterprises is 3530 Macon Rd, Columbus, GA 31907-2029 ... and tell them what I thought.

Maybe I'll blog about it. Yeah, that's the ticket!

But what about you? Am I wrong to not be happy about that store posting a sign out front advertising something they no longer carry? Am I wrong thinking that a manager should handle customers that ask for the manager ... rather than sending a teenager to deal with him?

First Half Ends, Catfish Over .500

For the first time in two years, the Columbus Catfish finished a season half over .500 by taking two of three from the Rome Braves this weekend. In 2004, the Catfish finished the first half 38-32, before finishing the season at 69-69.

This season, they finish the first half 37-33, in fourth place, a game behind third-place Charleston two games behind second-place Augusta, and five behind division-champ Rome.

After dropping four in a row during the road trip, the Catfish beat Rome 6-3 Saturday and 8-5 on Sunday.

For most of the Catfish, they take three days off for the all-star break, returning to action Thursday night when they host the Savannah Sand Gnats. Pitchers Cory Wade and Marlon Arias, as well as outfielder Drew Locke and third-baseman Russ Mitchell, will represent the Catfish. Additionally, manager Travis Barbary was named a coach for the South Division. The game will be Tuesday in Eastlake, Ohio, the home of the Lake County Captains, who, prior to 2003, were the Columbus RedStixx.

And, no, don't ask me to explain how a team based in a city on Lake Erie qualifies for being in the South Atlantic League. But the SAL has lots of teams in states that are neither in the south or near the Atlantic. Still, the Catfish should be well represented by Wade, Arias, Locke, and Mitchell, and should have also been accompanied by OF Sergio Pedroza, but that's another rant.

For the Wife and I, it's been a fun first half, although we haven't been able to make all the games we wanted to because of some schedule difficulties this year. And, it looks like the second half will begin with us missing Thursday night's second-half opener. Still, I'm excited about the Catfish chances in the second half. Were it not for that long 2-9 skid at the end of April, and that 2-6 skid in May, they'd have won the division.

But baseball isn't about 'what ifs' ... it's about what's done. And the Catfish just couldn't quite pull it off in the first half. Which is one advantage of a split season like the the SAL plays. Come Thursday, all teams start over at 0-0.

It's a brand new season!

Sunday / Open TrackBacks

This weekend's schedule means no Picnic today. But if you have an interesting post that you'd like to share, please leave a TrackBack to that post, and please link to this post so that others can enjoy the fun. If you need help with TrackBacks, Harvey of Bad Example has an excellent primer here, or check out my post about TrackBacks here. If your blog can't generate TrackBacks, use either the form here or here.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

OptyMyst (Look Who's Tattling Now)

Today, our interview is with OptyMyst (Look Who's Tattling Now)...

Everyone is ready with their questions ...

Let's begin...

Picnic 2006-06-17

Today's picnic basket of items from my blogroll.

Friday, June 16, 2006

SeanS (Shoot A Liberal)

Today, our interview is with a proud veteran of the U.S. Navy ... SeanS from Shoot A Liberal...

The interview panel is set to go ...

Now, the first question ...

Headline News 2006-06-16

From ABC News:
Migraines Associated With Altered Sex Drive
Wives really did have headaches

From ABC News:
Silicon Insider: A Predator World
Alien vows comeback

From ABC News:
Woman Challenges Anti-Pig Law and Wins
Ugly woman can now go out in public

From ABC News:
Suspected Bank Robber Flees in Cowboy Gear
Villiage People sought for questioning

From ABC News:
For More Teens, Jesus Is Way Cool
Being the Son of God seen as a good thing

From ABC News:
Hot air, wet pants spice up Mexico election race
Candidates ate the food, drank the water

From ABC News:
Selig Vows Human Growth Crackdown in Baseball
Just waiting on Bonds to retire first

From ABC News:
Iran considering nuclear package
Bush offers to have package air-dropped on Teheran

From ABC News:
Greenspan Says U.S. Needs to Get off Gas
Former Fed chairman now spokesman for Beano

From ABC News:
Football, Robot -Style
Roethlisberger: "I can be rebuilt. We have the technology."

A Bomb In A Bank? (UPDATED)

This is of local interest, but perhaps of greater interest beyond the local area.

We've received word that there's a bomb threat at a local bank. Word is that authorities have blocked off the area around a downtown branch of Columbus Bank & Trust, one of many banks in the downtown Columbus area.

Details are sketchy, but talk is that a package was found and that it is being or has been removed from the bank.

We'll pass along updates for those interested.

UPDATE: The streets, which were cordoned off, now appear clear. And people are going into and out of the bank. So, it seems to either have been a false alarm, or otherwise handled.

The whole thing seems to have been resolved in about an hour. The rumor mill ... which is in full force in a town like Columbus ... had it as a phone threat, as a package outside an office, as a package in a stairwell, and as a toolbox ... I have no idea what it is now.

UPDATE: The bank is back up and operating. Word on the street is that "the police" took away "an item" and "detonated it." No word on if it was anything serious ... someone's lunch ... or a box of wrenches ... or what. These days, it's better safe than sorry.

UPDATE: Now, it seems nothing was detonated. Rather, a robot opened the toolbox and found ... tools.

Notes and a Picnic 2006-06-16


My schedule is crimping my style. Okay, it would, if I had a style. Still, I'm not able to do some things I'm wanting to do. Just some inner frustration.


The host for this little blog is not making things any easier. This little blog went down several times yesterday, for 30 minutes to an hour each time. Really, really frustrating. Especially when I was ready to post about something. I gave it up and went to bed.


Good week and bad week for my favorite minor league baseball team. On the good side, pitcher Cory Wade was names the league's pitcher of the week. Marlon Arias was named to the All-Star team. Drew Locke was named Dodgers player of the month for their minor league teams (Columbus, Vero Beach, Jacksonville, Las Vegas are playing now).

The bad news is that the Catfish lost three of four to Savannah, and were officially eliminated from the first half race. They close the first half in Rome, who's battling Augusta for the first half division title.


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  • Chris Carlisle (The Platypus Society) says it's all in a day's work.

  • Sarah (Sarah's View) says blogging is more than posting snippets or pictures then commenting on them.

  • Jo (Jo's Cafe) says it's a bad week to be a Democrat.

  • Stacy (Dorannes) rounds up her week with thirteen things.

  • Maggie's Farm says Planned Parenthood finally admits it.

  • Point Five says the Democrats' direction is finally stated.

  • Barb (Righty in a lefty state) reminds us of Project VALOUR-IT.

  • Velociman admires a chelengk.

  • Major John enjoys the kids enjoying baseball.

  • Beth (MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy) says YooToob is selectively editing again.

  • Radioactive Liberty hosts the Carnival of Comedy.

  • Riehl World View has word of a veteran that's still fighting.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Headline News 2006-06-15

From ABC News:
Princess Margaret's Cigarette Case Fetches $187,000 at Auction
Not quite enough to pay for lung cancer treatments

From ABC News:
Suitcase-Cash May Not Help Palestinians
Congress willing to help

From ABC News:
Iran Bans The Economist for Reference to 'Gulf'
Still okay to reference 'Chevron,' 'Exxon'

From ABC News:
Cleric Calls on Bush to Convert to Islam
As alternative, asks Methodists to crash planes into buildings

From ABC News:
Chuck Berry documentary shows dark side of rock legend
Follow-up to show light side of Vanilla Ice

From ABC News:
Charges Against Kate Moss Ruled Out
Replay shows tag was missed

From ABC News:
Bush Speechwriter Leaves Post After 7 Yrs.
Turns out Bush really is articulate

From ABC News:
Former President Clinton Made $7.5 M in 2005
Whored himself out

From ABC News:
After Sunglasses Gaffe, Bush Apologizes to Legally Blind Reporter
Finds himself repeating apology to deaf reporter

From ABC News:
Discovery Crew Has Practice Countdown
Count Von Count teaching astronaunts their numbers

Picnic 2006-06-15

Today's picnic basket of items from my blogroll.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Keeping Tab

Remember Tab cola? It was Coca-Cola's diet drink before Diet Coke.

It always came in the 10 oz. bottles while Coke came in the 6-½ oz. bottles, so it was popular with cheap people. Like me. And my family.

Tasted like ... well, crap. Okay, maybe not literally like crap. But it tasted nasty. But still, for an extra 3-½ oz., you can put up with a lot.

Later on, when bottles became less popular, Tab showed up in cans. They had some odd pink-sort-of color. A really artificial color that could only exist in a laboratory. And it tasted the same way. Artificial.

After Coca-Cola released Diet Coke ... and Diet Coke rose to be the number three soft drink behind Coke and Pepsi ... it was hard to find Tab. At least, around here, it was.

In fact, I thought that Coca-Cola had quit making Tab. But then, one day, while planning a cookout party, I decided to have some fun and try to find odd stuff to have to drink. Like some off-brand drinks in addition to name-brand drinks.

That's when I ran across Tab again. Some grocery story ... Kroger, I think ... had it in the 2-liter bottle. So, I bought it for the cookout. And some laughed, "Oh, gosh! Tab!" And some liked it.

Later, looking further, I found it in cans. And bought it. For drinking, not for a gag.

And, every so often, I'll pick up a case of Tab to put in the fridge and have on hand. Not often, but once in a while.

But recently, I found something different. It's called Tab energy. It's "the deliciously pink 5 calorie energy drink created specifically for women with a sense of style and purpose."

I tried one yesterday. And you know what? I'm obviously not a "woman with a sense of style and purpose."

The lady I bought it from said it tasted fruity. But it doesn't.
Tab energy tastes like crap.

Well, not literally like crap.

Unless crap tastes like waking up in a patch of briars with some non-ripe berries in your mouth.

Not that I would know what that would taste like. But you get the idea.

Right now, Tab energy is at the top of my list of least-favorite drinks. Right above root beer.

Headline News 2006-06-14

From CNN:
Marine: Music video about killing Iraqis a joke
Doesn't understand that military only defends free speech, but not allowed to practice it

From CNN:
Winkler denies murdering preacher husband
Fonzie's gay marriage suffers loss

From CNN:
Study: Warming turns bears into cannibals
'Donner Party Bears' species found

From CNN:
FEMA cards bought diamonds, erotica
New Orleans residents look forward to next hurricane

From KMGH:
Man convicted of stabbing teen 80 times
One over limit

From CNN:
Beach Boys bury the hatchet
Hatchet joins half the group in being buried

From CNN:
Noted conductor dies at 73
Engineer, brakeman remember co-worker

From ABC News:
Who's Counting: Jesus' Descendants
2000 years later, count remains at zero

From ABC News:
Sci-Fi Channel ponders 'Doomsday' scenarios
Airing Friday: "Democrats In Charge"

From ABC News:
Warner Wants Hearings on Haditha
Disney, MGM also plan cartoons

Redneck birth announcement

You have to see this.

Picnic 2006-06-14

Today's picnic basket of items from my blogroll.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Ups And Downs Of Baseball

One thing about being a fan of minor league baseball is that players come and go a lot. A lot. The whole purpose for the players is to make it to the Major Leagues. Which means that a player on the Columbus Catfish really doesn't want to be there. He wants to play for the Dodgers. In Los Angeles.

Of course, same for all the teams. Someone playing in Rome wants to play in Atlanta. Someone in Savannah wants to be playing in Washington. Someone in Augusta wants to be playing in San Francisco. And so on.

Since the RedStixx left Columbus in 2002, we've had the Catfish. They were the South Georgia Waves their first year here, in 2003, then changed their name to the Columbus Catfish in 2004.

Since the Catfish (or Waves) came to town, the Wife and I have attended most home games. Well, I've been to more than she has, but you get the idea.

During this time, we've seen lots of good players on the field. And most of the best players left during the season. But not all. Some really good players were there the whole season ... or at least finished the season with the team.

For instance, for the Waves, some of the outstanding players were Joel Guzman, who played shortstop, and Russell Martin, who caught, as well as pitcher Jonathon Broxton. Those players are currently on the Dodgers roster. That's the Los Angeles Dodgers. Other Waves players we noticed included SAL All-Star Delwyn Young, who's still in the minors, playing for the Huntsville Stars, and Sergio Garcia, who's playing for the Las Vegas 51s.

In 2004, we saw some great players including OF Matt Kemp, who's also currently on the Los Angeles roster, as well as 3B Andy LaRoche, little brother of Braves 1B Adam LaRoche, and who's playing in Jacksonville, and P Marcos Carvajal, who played for Tampa Bay and Seattle, but is back in the minors pitching for the Montgomery Biscuits.

Last year, Travis Denker was possibly the best player on the team, leading in most stats, as well as playing excellent at second base, plus making the SAL All-Star team.

We've seen other players that we enjoyed watching play ... or that we met that we really liked as people in addition to as players ... that have left the Catfish.

Not all have been promoted. Many have. Lots of players make the jump from Columbus to Vero Beach, to Jacksonville, to Las Vegas, and even to Los Angeles. But, while some do make the jump to one or more of those teams, most don't make it all the way to LA. Or to other Major League teams. Most finish their career in the minors.

Our favorite Waves player, C Mike Nixon, made it to Las Vegas. That's AAA ball. Just a step away from the majors. But he probably won't play in the majors. He quit baseball this year ... and is going back to college. And playing football for Arizona State.

One of our players the Wife and I sponsored last year was Dan Batz. Just before this season started, he was released by the Dodgers. But he hasn't quit baseball. He's playing for the North Shore Spirit of the independent CanAm League.

Being a fan of Minor League baseball is sort of like being a parent. For example, you see young players grow and develop ... and when they grow and develop enough ... they move on. Sometimes, they come back. Like Travis Denker, who was promoted to Vero Beach last year, and has played in 54 games for Vero Beach this season. But he's being sent back to Columbus.

On the one hand, I'm looking forward to seeing him play again. He's a heckuva ball player. But on the other hand, I'd be happy to see him advance to Jacksonville, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. He's a good player ... and probably will.

Still, mixed emotions when players come and go.

Life's like that. And so is baseball.