Tuesday, November 27, 2018

1,100 movies

Several months ago, I mentioned that I had passed the 800 mark in movies in my digital library. Well, I have more than that now. I've now surpassed the 1,100 mark.

Just so we're clear, I have some movies on DVD that I haven't ripped to digital. But, I'm not counting those.

How much have I spent on all this? I have no idea. And I'm not gonna do the research to see. I'd not like the answer, so I'm not gonna do a lot of work when I know I won't like the answer.

Most of the digital movies I have are from purchases from iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, VUDU, or Fandango Now. You see, I have a MoviesAnywhere account and many purchases from any one of those services will automatically be added to the other. Not all, to be sure, but many. About half. 528 of my 1,100 movies are digital purchases that are in the MoviesAnywhere library.

I need to mention one other thing. Some movies are movies that I don't really own. Not exactly piracy. Not exactly. I better explain.

I still have a Netflix DVD account. I have a queue of movies that I set up for them to send me discs. I'll rip the DVDs out and add them to my library. Now, how is this not piracy? Lemme 'splain.

I rip the movies so I can watch them on one of my streaming devices. It's in with the other movies, and I can simply find it and play it. And, if I don't like the movie and don't want to keep it, I delete it. So, I'm getting rid of a movie I didn't buy, but had because I rented it from Netflix.

But what about the movies I do like or want to keep? Well, I keep them. Only, I will buy it from one of the streaming services. For instance, had I rented (via Netflix DVD service) "The Searchers" which is one I didn't have. I ripped it and decided I wanted to keep it. So, I have a pirated copy, right? Well, not really. I bought it this past week when it went on sale, as I said I would do. I do that with all the movies I want to keep. I'll check sales, and buy them when they're on sale. If after a time they're not on sale, I'll pony up the full price. Then kick myself when it goes on sale a week later. Either way, I'll buy and download the new digital version and delete the ripped version.

I have all the ones I ripped from DVD tagged, and those ripped from rentals I check digital sales every week. Those I ripped from DVDs I own, I still check, but my focus is on ripped rentals. After all, I haven't paid for them, and I buy those first. I did buy Silverado last week, which is one I had ripped from a DVD I own. It was $5, so I made it a fully digital HD copy, and deleted the older copy.

So, piracy? Maybe you could make that case. But I'm renting via DVD and buying those I want keep to add to the collection. I'm good with what I'm doing. Ripped rentals and just keeping them? Nope. Won't do that. I will buy them or I will delete them.

Anyway, I recently hit number 1,100 in my library. But what was movie 1,000? Pride of the Yankees, which I bought after having ripped it from rental. I bought it when it went on sale. And, I'm glad I did. It's currently unavailable from Amazon streaming.

Oh, and movie number 1,100? The Man From Hong Kong. Yeah, I didn't expect that answer either.

I'm past that number now, heading towards 1,200. I may or may not post about that. I didn't post about number 900 -- Drunken Master, which I didn't see coming either -- or number 1,000 when it happened.

I just need to figure out why I'm buying martial arts movies. I don't even like martial arts movies. I don't even remember buying them, but I see them in my library.

I wonder if my grandson got hold of my remote again. Gotta keep a closer eye on that boy.