Thursday, June 30, 2005

Filthy Lie: Evil Glenn's Independence Day

Friday, July 1 - Columbus, Georgia

The phone rang and I reached for the remote and hit the mute button. "Hello?"

"Basil?" came the voice.

"Yes," I replied.

"This is Ramona at Kelly Services. How are you doing?" came the response.

"Hey, Ramona! We're doing just fine. How about you?" I asked.

"Oh, it's been busy. But that's a good thing. Thanks. Oh, I wanted to ask if you were available Monday?" Ramona said.

"Monday ..." I said. "That's the fourth?"

"Yes, we have a last minute call and everyone's got plans for the Fourth of July. I hate to ask, but do you have plans?" Ramona truly hated to ask.

"Actually, we didn't have any major plans for that day. What do you need me to do?" I asked.

Ramona paused. "Ah, it's a big job. And there's travel involved. The Knoxville and Washington, DC offices are coordinating this. They haven't been able to fill this one and they've been calling all the Kelly offices. I was hoping you would be able to help us out."

I thought for a second, then agreed to do the job.

Ramona then gave me the rest of the details. "You are to meet with Glenn Reynolds at the University of Tennessee, and help him with a job for the Fourth of July. I think the building he's in is, uh, let me check..."

"Actually, I've been there. I know where you're talking about," I said.

"Oh, wonderful. Great! Well I certainly appreciate it. I've got you down for the Reynolds job on the fourth. This one pays well. We appreciate it. Any questions?" she asked.

"Nope. I'll be there. And I appreciate your thinking of me," I said as I rung off.

Catfish 6, Greensboro 5

Go Catfish! The Catfish moved above .500 for the first time this season with a 6-5 come-from-behind win over the Greensboro Grasshoppers (Marlins) tonight. The 4-3 second half record is good enough for second place, a game behind division leader Greenville.

After spotting Greensboro a 5-0 lead, the Catfish fought back, finally tying the game in the eighth inning. Dan Batz led off the ninth with a double, was sacraficed to third, and scored on a single up the middle to clinch the win.

Game two of the four-game series is tomorrow night.

Headline News: 6/30/2005

From ABC News:
Bush OKs Shake-Up of Spy Agencies
Likes spies shaken, not stirred

From ABC News:
Professional Pigs Become Media Stars
Michael Moore's popularity finally explained

From ABC News:
See Prince William Through the Years
Sings duet with Kenny Rogers *

From ABC News:
How the Web Changes Reading Habits
Web users spend time on low-quality sites featuring juvenile humor and no redeeming value ... uh ... ummmm ... hmmmmm ... never mind

From ABC News:
France Chosen As Site for Nuclear Reactor
Republicans would rather it be site of Nuclear Reaction

From ABC News:
Thai fishermen catch, eat record-sized catfish
Willie P. Richardson sues for stealing his comedy bit *

From ABC News:
Blindsided by Night Blindness
Revved up like a Deuce, another runner in the night

From ABC News:
Panel Affirms Radiation Link to Cancer
Additional study suggests Sun may be linked to Light

From ABC News:
Bush Critics Call for More Troops in Iraq
Same critics want troops brought home

From ABC News:
'Deep Throat's' Ex-Boss Shocked by Revelation
Captain Renault "Shocked, Shocked" to find gambling at Rick's

Supper: 6/30/2005

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  • The Therapist has a guest column by Rosie. Yes, that Rosie.
  • Nzyme (Tursiops Times) discovers John Lennon was right. *
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  • SondraK (Knowledge is Power) catches up with the Teletubbies.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Roller Coaster

First of all, I do not have cancer.

That's not a lead sentence one reads a lot. Nor is it one I thought would even be necessary to write. But, being new at this, I thought I might go ahead and get that out of the way in case what comes next isn't clear about whether or not I have cancer.

You see, I was recently diagnosed with cancer. Turns out the diagnosis was wrong. But, for a while there, I didn't know that. So, it's been an interesting time lately. Interesting indeed.

Since the winter, I've been fighting all kinds of aggravations related to health in one way or another. I've not come back from fighting colds like I used to. I've been sore a lot. I've been tired a lot. And then there have been difficulties that I won't go into, but I knew that something just wasn't right.

I'm not going to suggest that you click on this link to see the symptoms of colorectal cancer, but suffice it to say that I have experienced all the symptoms ... except "unexplained weight loss." My fat ass ain't lost no weight. And maybe the "anemia."

But the rest of the symptoms were something I have been experiencing for some months now. Yes, months. You see, I didn't want to see the doctor about it. If I went and nothing was wrong, I was wasting money. If I went and something was wrong, I just paid someone money to tell me bad news.

Okay, I know that's stupid. But that's how I am. I'm stupid, okay? So, after several months of these discomforts, I finally went to see the doctor. And he told me I had colon cancer.

Being told you have cancer is, I suppose, something only someone who's been in that situation could experience. And I didn't like the experience. No, not one little bit.

The doctor scheduled me a visit with a surgeon. He said the surgeon would perform a little procedure (click here if you really, really want to know about it; I sure didn't) that would be able to remove some tissue. If small enough, actual removal of the cancer. If larger, a sample for biopsy.

For a couple of different reasons, the doctor rescheduled me with a different surgeon who could see me at an earlier date. First visit would be me meeting the surgeon and finding out about the procedure. Second visit would be the procedure. The first visit was last week. The procedure was this week (Monday).

They gave me some really good (or at least, effective) drugs. I remember lying there and closing my eyes. Then I remember a pattern of small white and yellow boxes. Then I was awake. Turns out the pattern of small white and yellow boxes was what one of the people in the room wore during the procedure. So I must have opened my eyes. I bet I know when!

I wasn't present for the doctor's post-procedure discussion. Well, I was there, but I wasn't there. The wife said that the doctor said I did not have cancer. And that I could eat real food again. Including animal parts.

Next week, I go back and see the doctor again. I don't know what he'll tell me. But something is causing these symptoms I'm still experiencing.

But it's not cancer.

Oh, by the way, I've been wearing on my wrist, for about a year now, a yellow "LiveStrong" band. A friend of mine I met at the Catfish games last year is a cancer survivor. And Chris (his real name) is a joy to know. He told me about the and Web sites, and asked me to wear the band and to purchase some. So I did.

So, now I'm asking you. I'm not a cancer survivor. But I have family members who are. And I have friends who are. And there are some really special bloggers I know who are. So, I'm asking you to support the fight against cancer. If you don't know of a way to help, visit one of those sites and buy a $1 band and wear it.

And, it might be a good idea to get yourself checked for cancer. You can get some information about that at WebMD.

Headline News 2005-06-29

From CNN:
Inner-city students learn the art of debate
Proper response to "Your momma's so fat..." being taught

From CNN:
Discover Denver from 16th Street
Life as a $500 hooker

From CNN:
Internet crashes in Pakistan
Suffers bruises, treated and released

From CNN:
Reporters remain in contempt over secret sources
Also held in contempt by public for being low-life weasels

From CNN:
Bush to make case for Iraq
It's a good case. It's a FENDI.

From KPRC:
Schools to crack down on phone cheating
To follow Columbus, GA lead and ban calls from parents in Iraq

From CNN:
Canada set to OK same-sex marriage
Moose in Canada so ugly, other men starting to look good

From ABC News:
Hacker Posts Crack for Google Software
Google smoking crack if they thought this wouldn't happen

From ABC News:
Assemblyman Calls Constituents 'Idiots'
Cites proof: "They elected me, didn't they?"

From ABC News:
Activists want fish off aquarium menu
Comprise allows them to fish off bridge

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

WTW: Fireworks

White Trash WednesdaysWhen we was little, it was always great to watch the fireworks on the Fourth of July. You got to remember, that was a big deal. July in Georgia is hot during the day and the night, and anything to break up the grind was always good.

When you're little, you don't always appreciate things for their real meaning. July 4th meant fireworks. Of course, today, it also means the Firecracker 400. Some folks call it the "Pepsi 400" but those are Jeff Gordon-loving Pepsi-Cola-drinking, Britney Spears-listening dumbasses. The race on the Fourth of July is the Firecracker 400. And it always will be. To real men, anyway.

But when I was little, I didn't watch NASCAR races. They didn't have none of them around my home town. Now, they'd have some races on some small tracks around, and some local folks, mostly folks that drove wreckers during the week, or had a shop out back of their house, would race on those tracks. Others just lined up on the by-pass and raced each other, but those weren't legal. Still ain't legal, but folks don't do it as much anymore.

But, when the Fourth of July come along, we'd all get excited about watching the fireworks. And one July, I was spending time over at Basil's house and they was going to the fireworks that night.

Headline News: 6/28/2005

From ABC News:
Largest Hardee's Franchisee Says No to Paris
Six-Dollar Burger says 'No' to Two-Bit Whore

From ABC News:
Man Missed '96 Olympics After UCLA Dropped Gymnastics
Stupid Gymnist Just Found Out

From ABC News:
Irish Man Fails to Set World Bee Record
Sobered up, realized what he was doing

From ABC News:
Hawaiian Pets Gain Right of Inheritance
Pets neither know nor care about ruling, continue to eat own feces

From ABC News:
Boys' Baseball Team Benched for Being Good
Will grow up to become Republicans, unable to handle success

From ABC News:
When Your Husband Wants to Be Your Wife
... You Might Be A Candidate for The Jerry Springer Show

From ABC News:
Researchers Release Rare Turtles in Ga.
Prefer theirs well done

From ABC News:
Duke Pledges to Hand Over Fluid Sample
Jed Clampett defends: "If ol' Duke's the daddy of them puppies, he'll do right by them"

From ABC News:
Condom Mishaps Spell Trouble for Men
May also be of concern to women

From ABC News:
New Low-Alcohol Wine Targets Women
Perfect for women who need to get just a little bit drunk to get laid

Supper: 6/28/2005

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  • Kelly says "saying it wrong is right" is wrong.

  • Wizbang hosts the 2nd Anniversary edition of Bonfire of theVanities.

  • phin looks at movies and who looks at movies and why they look at the movies they look at.

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Monday, June 27, 2005

PGH: Improving Administration Responses

Press Briefing Scott McClellan

James S. Brady Briefing Room

June 27, 2005

2:12 P.M. EDT

MR. McCLELLAN: Good afternoon, everybody. Let me begin by giving you a preview of tomorrow night's remarks.

Iraq: good. Terrorists: bad.

So the President looks forward to speaking to the American people
tomorrow night. You will hear from him in much greater detail, but I
wanted to give you a little bit of a preview to begin with. And with
that, I'll be glad to go to your questions.

Headline News: 6/27/2005

From MyWay/AP:
Fireworks Likely When NASA Blows Up Comet
Lonely scientists drop blow-up dolls for blow-up comets

From ABC News:
TV Network for Gays, Lesbians to Debut
To join ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, UPN, and the WB with programming that is totally gay

From ABC News:
Gene Hunters Flock to Amish Country
Chaim Witz sighted in area *

From ABC News:
Poll: Women Want Jessica Simpson's Hair
Men want the rest of her

From CNN:
Elle Macpherson separating
Will be in tiny pieces by the end of the month

From CNN:
Cruise, Lauer argue on 'Today'
To be made into movie: Dumb & Dumber III

From CNN:
Lone surgeon treats cuts, scrapes, trauma
Nurse Tonto dispenses aspirin, Band-Aids

From WDIV:
Police: Man poses as reporter
Dan Rather questioned, released

From ABC News:
Bobby and Whitney Get Real on Reality Show
To star in new Fox series "Crazy Black Stereotypes"

From :
John Fiedler, actor and voice of Piglet, dies at 80
Sad loss for Pooh and Christopher Robin, joyous reunion with Tigger

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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Should We "Stay And Fight" Or "Cut And Run?"

Homespun BloggersSince joining the Homespun Bloggers, I have not participated like I have done with Alliance Assignments. And that's not right. So I'm going to try to correct that. To that end, I decided that, no matter what, I'd write about this week's topic.

This week's question is about the War on Terror:

Are we making any progress? Is this part of the war winnable? Should we "stay and fight" or "cut and run?"

Headline News: 6/26/2005

From ABC News:
Nebraska Man Has Lost 573 Pounds in a Year
Five girlfriends have dumped him

From ABC News:
EBay Celebrates 10th Anniversary
EBay e-mail phishing scams celebrate 10,000,000,000th victim

From ABC News:
Breast Implants Becoming Popular Gifts for Girl Grads
The gift that keeps on giving ... backaches

From ABC News:
Obama's Stand Against Patriot Act Cheered
Just one more thing Obama and Osama have in common

From CNN:
Woman in car crash 'already dead'
No wonder she couldn't drive

From CNN:
Supreme Court protects legal aid for poor
... but not their homes

From CNN:
Alcohol poisoning kills 41 Kenyans
Bush blamed

From Age:
Leader hailed as a Robin Hood figure
Wears tights, girlfriend still a virgin, hangs around "Merry Men"

From Australian:
Betting on a big bang
Horny gamblers play poker with prostitues

From ABC News:
Paul Winchell, Voice of Tigger, Dies at 82
The wonderful thing about tiggers
Is tiggers are wonderful things!
Their tops are made out of rubber
Their bottoms are made out of springs!
They're bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy
Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!
But the most wonderful thing about tiggers is ...
The memories Paul Winchell left us each and every one!

Catfish 7, Rome 1

CatfishThe Catfish won the final game of the series with the Rome Braves today, 7-1. They jumped to an early lead and never looked back. The win gives the Catfish the 3-game series, 2 games to 1.

Both our players played today and both had multiple hit games. Dan Batz had two hits with an RBI and two runs scored. Lucas May was also had 2 hits today.

The South Atlantic League has a 3-day break for the All-Star game. The Catfish return to action at home Thursday as they host the Greensboro Grasshoppers (Marlins).

Brunch: 6/26/2005

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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Feisty Republican Whore

The latest star in the blogosphere may very well be Feisty Republican Whore, who burst onto the scene this week and is gathering some attention.

She has written about medical marijuana, Karl Rove, blogging naked, and her breasts, among other topics.

Part of the attention is speculation over who she is. She brought that topic up in a post she wrote Friday, after The Jawa Report sent readers her way. And, based on what she wrote, many people e-mailed her speculating who or what she was. Dr. Rusty Shackleford touched on that, wondering if it could be another "Libertarian Girl" type of hoax.

And one more thing: I've gathered from e-mails with her that some have e-mailed her asking if she was me. ME??

Why would people ask such a question? You think maybe it's because I did some fake blogs pretending to be others:

I have also written as other characters:

  • Cousin Red, who writes the White Trash Wednesday posts here.

  • Evil Glenn ® on It'sAPundit.

  • Jamie Lynn!! on It'sAPundit.

But, in each of those blogs, I said from the outset that it was me. And each was introduced from this little blog. As for the writers, I thought it was obvious that Cousin Red and Evil Glenn — were me. And I admitted to being Jamie Lynn!! from the get-go, though some people have trouble grasping that.

But I have never started a blog and not owned up from the outset.

Until now.

Yes, I'm Feisty Republican Whore. I admit it.

Catfish: One-run Loss Number 17

Catfish The Catfish again failed to get over .500 tonight, and lost their 17th 1-run game of the season, dropping a 2-1 decision to the Rome Braves.

Only one of players the wife and I sponsor, Dan Batz, played tonight. He was hitless, breaking his 10-game hitting streak.

From the Columbus Catfish:
Rome Lefthanders Handle Catfish Bats as Fish Fall 2-1

Catfish Squander Chance in Ninth Inning Stranding Tying and Go-Ahead Runs On Base

ROME, GA— Rome left-handers Matt Harrison and Will Startup gave up just one run on six hits to the Columbus Catfish as the Fish dropped a pitcher's duel 2-1 to the Braves at State Mutual Stadium in Rome tonight. Rome's Clint Sammons' solo HR in the sixth inning was the first round-tripper for Rome since June 14th and provided the difference tonight. In the top of the ninth inning, the Catfish loaded the bases with two outs but failed to score. RHP Brandon Weeden took the loss for the Catfish despite allowing just two runs in 6.1 innings tonight on the hill.  The Catfish have not been above the .500 mark in either half, slipping to 2-3 in the second half and 30-44 overall while Rome's win breaks a four-game losing streak as the Braves improve to 40-33 and 1-4 in the second half.

Rome took a 1-0 lead in the fourth inning but the Fish responded by tying the game in the fifth.  After RF Ryan Russ drew a leadoff walk, LF Ryan Carter ripped a double to left to tie the game.  Carter's hit was the first and only hit off Matt Harrison tonight and the only hit for Columbus in the first seven innings.  Sammons hit a 1-0 Weeden fastball over the wall in left to give Rome the lead in the bottom of the sixth.

Will Startup came out of the bullpen and picked up the save tonight for Rome.  The Catfish had the tying run at second in the eighth inning and failed to score.  In the ninth inning, Russ led off with a single to extend his hitting streak to nine games.  After a C Gabriel Gutierrez double with two outs put runners on at second and third, CF Jamie Hoffmann came to the plate with a chance to tie the game. Hoffmann's slow roller to third allowed him to leg out an infield single, but Russ slipped at third and went back to the bag, unable to score the tying run.  Startup struck out SS Brandon Carter to end the game with the tying run at third and go-ahead run at second.  Tomorrow Rome and Columbus square off at 2 PM in the final game before the 2005 SAL All-Star break, as LHP Scott Elbert (2-4, 3.65 ERA) is the probable starter for the Fish.

Headline News: 6/25/2005

From ABC News:
Know the Law Before Ruining Your Vacation
Once you know the law, it's okay to ruin your vacation

From ABC News:
Dean: Democrats Must Cultivate Hispanics
Adds: "We can use Mexicans to do that; they are good with crops"

From KGTV:
Missing sex offender wanted by police
Want to return Michael Jackson's stuff to him

From BBC:
Malaysia party suspends minister
Celebration goes wild, pastor hung over balcony

From WCAV:
Beef Worries
It found out what's for dinner

From Forbes:
Microsoft Launches Spam Offensive
Software maker gets word out by e-mailing all its users

More fun with Headline News can usually be found at:

Brunch: 6/25/2005

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  • Confederate Looks at Google News and its sources.

  • Beth's (MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy) writer's block is over, and she vents.

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  • moehawk (oystersnout) passes day ten. Go show your support.

  • Oddybobo places blame ... and a warning ... regarding the SCOTUS decision.

  • Jeff H. (Think Sink) had a Yahoo! search catch his eye.

  • Mustang 23 (Assumption of Command) reports activity in the war after a brief respite.

  • VW (One Happy Dog Speaks) has a blog wrap-up. Ignore the wording on the first item.

  • Jo's Cafe offers Saturday Specials.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Learning To Blog X: 12 Steps To Better Blogging

If you've been following along my attempts to become a better blogger, you know that I've been looking at Harvey's (Bad Example) Blogging Tips. You can find them listed at the top right of the Bad Example home page. Oh, and if you didn't know ... well, you do now.

Anyway, I've reading his tips in order, and I've been taking them like they are on-line classes. And, we've had nine classes so far:
  1. How to start blogging
  2. Finding your blog voice
  3. Getting more traffic
  4. Getting more comments
  5. Free image hosting
  6. Google search code
  7. How to use TrackBacks
  8. 5 more handy searches
  9. Never lose another post
Yes, I know numbers 7 and 8 are reversed from the order Harvey has them. But it'll be okay.

Now, here's the next course: 12 Steps To Better Blogging. Now, I'm going to take excerpts from Harvey's post and comment on them. If you want to get the most benefit from Harvey's tips, read his entire post, not the abridged version here.

Catfish 9, Rome 2

CatfishThe Catfish brought their second half record to .500 by beating the Rome Braves 9-2 tonight. The Catfish are now 2-2 since the restart, and have won the opening game of a road series for only the second time this season.

Our two players both contributed to the win. Dan Batz extended his hitting streak to 10 games, scoring twice and knocking in two runs. Lucas May, while hitless, had an RBI to increase his team-leading total to 46 for the season.

Tomorrow is the second game of the short 3-game series at Rome.

Headline News: 6/24/2005

From ABC News:
Tests Confirm Second Mad Cow Case in U.S.
Barbara Boxer, Hillary Clinton to continue to serve in Senate despite findings

From ABC News:
Woman Carrying $47K in Bra at Airport Sues
Police defend record bust

From ABC News:
Both sides claim victory in Iran presidential poll
James Baker, Jesse Jackson head to Teheran to count the votes

From ABC News:
Romania Stunned by Nun's Death in Exorcism
You should have seen the look on the nun's face

From ABC News:
Symantec, Veritas Shareholders OK Merger
Will create larger tech company with a stranger made-up name

From ABC News:
Sara Lee to close French factory
Apparently somebody doesn't like Sara Lee!

From ABC News:
Airbus Picks Mobile, Ala. for New Plant
Mobile gets new geranium

From ABC News:
Contraceptives Lower Ore. Geese Hatchings
... which explain why they are called 'contraceptives'

From ABC News:
During a chemical fire, evacuation may not be best
On the other hand, it beats the hell out of being consumed by burning acid

From ABC News:
Less-Known Missing Woman's Family Desperate for Closure
Media blames lack of exposure of case on parents: "It's their fault she wasn't born White"

Supper: 6/24/2005

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  • WuzzaDem looks at urban blight.

  • IMAO says "Durbin <> Rove" ... or is it "Durbin != Rove" ... I forget.

  • Eyes On The Ball News explains why Rove won't apologize.

  • The Astute Blogger says Rove is right.

  • Harvey (Bad Example version) says "what ugly women?"

  • Pretty woman Kirsten finishes telling of her Monday From Hell.

Lunch: 6/24/2005

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Breakfast: 6/24/2005

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Blogs You Love To Hate

The Day Lee Adventures had a post recently that was titled "Blogs You Love To Hate." I found it referenced in posts by Harvey (IMAO version) and Harvey (Bad Example version).

Here's the quick and dirty version of the list:
  1. The "Oh I'm So Goth I Think I Shall Off Myself. But First...Let Me Annoy You Daily with How Much I Hate Life and Love Black" Blog.
  2. The Fanatic
  3. The Inside Joke Secret Handshake Blog
  4. The "Ms. or Mr. Popularity" Blog
  5. The WAHM or SAHM Blogger (work at home mom or stay at home mom)
  6. The King Of Action Adventure Movie Dorks
  7. The Gossip Hound
  8. The Friday Night Fights Blog - This is the kind of blog that arguments are started on, which never
  9. The Keep-Up-With-Jonsie-Blog
  10. The Meme Mime

Catfish Fall, Drop Series To Bombers

Go Catfish! The Catfish dropped the final game of the short series with the Greenville Bombers (Red Sox) tonight, 8-5. The loss drops Columbus to 1-2 in the second half. The Catfish fell behind early, came back to take the lead, but lost the lead late and couldn't come back.

The two players the wife and I "sponsor," Dan Batz and Lucas May, both had good games tonight. Each had a hit, Luke had 3 RBIs, and Dan made an outstanding play to save a run and help get out of a jam. Despite their good play tonight, both were down because the team didn't win. They are both fine examples of team players, putting the team ahead of themselves and their accomplishments.

Tomorrow, they head to Rome to face the Braves in another short series, then the All-Star break, then back home next Thursday to open a home stand against the Greensboro Bats Grasshopppers (Marlins).

Headline News: 6/23/2005

From ABC News:
Radio Contest Winner Sues Over Candy Bar
Later told she won a Baby Ruth, now wants child

From ABC News:
Ex-Klansman gets 60 years for civil rights killings
Victim's family disappointed, wanted 80-year-old killer to get life sentence

From ABC News:
Saudi Terror Suspect Said Killed in Iraq
Media still calls them "Iraqi insurgents"

From ABC News:
Supreme Court Rules Cities May Seize Homes
'The Shield' season finale to be re-written

From ABC News:
New Bug Chewing Ash Tree Leaves in North Dakota
... Arrives In South Dakota

From ABC News:
Rumsfeld calls deadline for Iraq pullout a mistake
Democrats counter: "It worked in Vietnam. Oh. Wait. Nevermind."

From CNN:
Beyonce: Don't call it a breakup
Prefers 'Dumping their no-talent asses'

From KITV:
Possum found on flight from California
George Jones has no idea how he got there

From WDIV:
Gunman Leaves Clue In Gas Station Robbery
Made off with Monopoly, Chutes & Ladders

From KPRC:
Suspected killer makes tearful surrender
Saw it working for Harry Reid

Supper: 6/23/2005

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Lunch: 6/23/2005

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Breakfast: 6/23/2005

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

It's Official: I'm A Wingnut!

Now in case you're not familiar with the terminology, folks on the right will call extreme liberal/leftists "Moonbats." No, it's not a term of endearment.

Likewise, those on the left have their own little term for extreme conservative Right wingers: "Wingnuts." Likewise, it's not a term said as a compliment.

I'm right wing. Some consider me a wingnut. As proof, they look at my BlogRoll. When they see Michelle Malkin and other conservatives, they see that as proof that I'm a wingnut. They ignore the admittedly few liberal blogs on my BlogRoll, such as aTypicalJoe and Julie with a B. And rightly so. I'm conservative. I admit it. I'm proud of it. But those liberal blogs are quality blogs and worthy of reading. As are, in my opinion, the conservative blogs on my BlogRoll.

So, let me summarize: Some consider me a wingnut because I have Michelle Malkin on my BlogRoll. Well, there is now absolute proof that I'm a wingnut. Not only is Michelle Malkin on my BlogRoll ...

Catfish 7, Greenville 1

Go Catfish! The Catfish evened both their second half record and their series with the Greenville Bombers (Red Sox) tonight with a 7-1 win.

The win puts the Catfish at 1-1 in the second half, third place in the division and a game out of first place.

Our two players, Dan Batz and Lucas May both had good games tonight, both contributing to the win. Dan was 2-for-3 with a run scored. Luke was hitless in five at-bats and no RBIs; however, he reached base twice, and two runs came in on one of his at-bats. Baseball's funny that way.

Tomorrow closes the short 3-game series. The Catfish head to Rome Friday for another 3-game series.

Headline News: 6/22/2005

From ABC News:
Man Wakes Up With a Bullet in His Tongue
Dreamt he was Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon

From ABC News:
Man Falls Asleep During 18th DWI Arrest
Promises to stay awake, invite judge that keeps letting him off to his 20th

From ABC News:
Bush spurned secret 2002 N. Korea overture-report
President criticised for not reaching an agreement that North Korea could break

From AJC:
Lions Rescue, Guard Beaten Ethiopian Girl
Kiwanis Club responds: "They are always looking for publicity"

From AJC:
Man accused of hiding body in mortuary
Police call recovery of body 'a huge undertaking'

From ABC News:
What Ever Happened to Michael Jackson?
Nothing, he's always been that way

From ABC News:
Winn-Dixie to Close 35 Pct. of Its Stores
In addition, dog to be sent to the pound

From CNN:
Citadel selects new president
Bush to appeal to Supreme Court

From CNN:
Alabama still cleaning up where Ivan hit
Taking so long because much of state looked that way already

From CNN:
Defense: Killen a 'bystander' in the Klan
Claim he was useless, even as White Trash

From WCVB:
Police: Boys confess to cemetery vandalism
Youth faces grave consequences

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

WTW: Jamie Lynn Spears … Naked!

White Trash WednesdaysDoggone that Basil! He's messing with little kids from overseas. And I don't mean the "Michal Jackson messing with little kids" kind of thing. He's messing with their minds.

Now, I'm still learning all this Interweb stuff, but here's the best I can figure out.

For some silly-ass reason, he ended up on a Google search for "Jamie Lynn Spears naked" or something like that.

What happened is, he had a post, like those silly Headlines or something, that mentioned Jamie Lynn Spears. It also had the word "naked" in it. Now, those two weren't related. He wasn't talking about Jamie Lynn Spears being naked.

Still, with those SearchThingies like Google and Yahoo, if you type a bunch of words without putting them in quotation marks, it looks for those words anywhere. If you put quotation marks, it looks for those words all together.

Suppose, for example, he wrote this:
Jamie asked her friend Lynn why her father had those spears on the wall in the study, above the desk with the baby picture of her naked on a bearskin rug.

If you searched for: Jamie Lynn Spears naked, you'd find that post. But, if you searched for "Jamie Lynn Spears naked" it wouldn't. You see? Took me a while.

Anyway, he showed up for Jamie Lynn Spears naked. And thought it was funny. So he wrote about it. And called his post "Jamie Lynn Spears Naked" which just made it worse.

Now, he gets juveniles and perverts from all over hitting his blog, looking for naked pictures of a 14-year-old!

Now, here's where it gets worse:

A couple of weeks ago, folks started posting stuff, saying "hi" to Jamie Lynn Spears. That darn Basil started responding back, acting like he was her. I mean, it was bad enough when he was an ex-military lesbian stalker. Now, he's a 14-year-old girl!

The boy ain't right. But, what's worse is, it looks for all the world to me like the little bastards believe it's actually her.

He told me it's starting to get old, and he's going to remove the comments on that Jamie Lynn Spears Naked post. But I asked him to leave them up long enough for me to tell the world (okay, six continents; no one from Antarctica has been to the site yet). He agreed, and will be removing them later.

But, here they are so you can see just what he was doing. Remember, he's both "basil" and "Jamie Lynn Spears" okay? As for who the others are? I don't know. But if they are kids like they seem to be, their parents should beat there little asses.

Catfish: A Game Out Of First Place!

Go Catfish! The Catfish opened the second half of the South Atlantic League season tonight, falling to the Greenville Bombers (Red Sox) 5-0.

Our two players had good and bad nights tonight. The Greenville pitchers were "on" the entire night, scattering seven hits. Dan Batz went 1-for-3 and made some outstanding play in the field. Lucas May was hitless in 4 at-bats, but did a great job of baserunning, sliding under a tag to take third base in one of the few scoring threats for the Catfish.

Since the South Atlantic League plays a split schedule, all teams start the second half with a 0-0 record. So, despite the loss, the Catfish, and every team in the division, are very much in it. It's like the season started over.

The second game of the short 3-game series is Wednesday night, as the Catfish look to even the series.

Headline News: 6/21/2005

From CNN:
Roy Horn checks into rehab center
Following cat attack, addicted to pussy

From CNN:
Faked orgasms don't fool brain scans
Guys don't care

From ABC News:
ACLU Says Bush Is Restricting Science
Files suit on behalf of Victor Frankenstein

From ABC News:
Homeless Shelter Stops Serving Bear Meat
Bear put on vegitarian diet

From ABC News:
Police Kill Man With Dud Grenade at Court
ACLU sues, say police can't shoot until man explodes grenade

From ABC News:
New Format Hijacks Radio Waves
Radio waves diverted to Cuba

From ABC News:
New Security Card Could Make Flying Faster
Can be converted to high-performance jet fuel

From ABC News:
Online Satirists Seek Help From Fans
Why IMAO is a group blog

From ABC News:
Spade to Spoof Tabloid TV With New Show
CNN hires new anchor

From ABC News:
Rice tells Syria after Lebanon bomb 'Knock it off'
Condi threatens to bitch-slap Bashar Al-Assad

Lunch: 6/21/2005

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  • Laurence Simon shows us a pair of boobs. [Work safe]

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  • Protein Wisdom solves the Natalee case.

  • Harvey (Bad Example version) says the joke's on them. And it's his second blogiversary!

  • Susie won't be forming an Eric Grayson fan club any time soon.

  • SportsLady Kirsten finds you're never too old to discover something about yourself.

  • PoliPundit says Mitt shouldn't run.

  • Saddam Hussein sends his love.

  • If Frank J. gets his way, no one will call Dick Durbin "nuts" any longer.

  • Go read NIF before he submits another TrackBack!
    Seriously, there will be no Supper tonight, but NIF has lots and lots of stuff.

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Monday, June 20, 2005

DVD Meme

I was tagged nearly three weeks ago by Army NCO Guy at Stuff I Think You Should Know to do the DVD Meme. Being the slacker I am, I have failed to fulfill my obligation to him. Better late than never, huh?

  1. Total number of films I own on DVD/video:
    107. Actually, I thought I had more. We got rid of all our VHS tapes when we converted over.

  2. The last film I bought:
    Airplane. I have been meaning to get this one for a long time.

  3. The last film I watched:
    Blazing Saddles. It's a classic! And I was home in bed a couple of weeks ago and needed a good laugh.

  4. Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me:
    Casablanca. The greatest movie of all time.
    Blazing Saddles. The funniest movie of all time.
    Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The other funniest movie of all time.
    The Right Stuff. I love the space program. And used to enjoy watching the launches back then.
    Maverick. Just a fun movie.


  5. Tag 5 people and have them put this in their journal/blog:
    Let me find five I've never tagged who have better things to do.
    Kim at Ramble Strip
    Gordon at Cranky Neocon
    Tre at 21st Century Paladin
    Gun-Toting Liberal
    Sean Gleeson

Again, my apologies for waiting so long to respond. Serves me right if folks wait a long time to respond ... or not respond at all.

Headline News: 6/20/2005

From ABC News:
Brain Areas Shut Off During Female Orgasm
Men's Brains Shut Off At Erection

From ABC News:
Grapefruit May Make Women Seem Younger
Cheaper than getting new melons

From ABC News:
Man Accused of Growing Pot at Grandma's
The better to mellow out with, My Dear

From ABC News:
Pushing Sex Offenders May Increase Dangers
Unless, of course, they are pushed in front of a bus

From ABC News:
Man Caught After 12 Wives, Two Dozen Aliases
D.A. won't press charges, says man has suffered enough

From ABC News:
Are We a Nation of 'Pseudo-ADD' Sufferers?
Study indicates that most Americans have trouble ... ooooh! A penny!

From ABC News:
Video Game Teaches Kids Conflict Resolution
"Columbine" available for Nintendo and Play Station

From ABC News:
Bush: Qaeda mastermind must stay in secret custody
But don't tell anyone

From ABC News:
Goss Claims He Has Idea Where Bin Laden Is
Heard he might be in Iraq, Syria, Iran or somewhere else around there

From ABC News:
After Scoffing at Rumors, Cruise Pops the Question
Cruise: "Who's a homo now?"

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Sunday, June 19, 2005

PGH: New Home for Captured Terrorists

Precision Guided HumorGeorge W. Bush looked across the table. Dick Cheney tapped his fingers and looked over at Donald Rumsfeld. Rumsfeld looked through the folder that was open before him.

"Mr. President," Rumsfeld said, "if we go through with their demands, we'll be on the defensive from this point forward."

The President said, "Look, Dan..."

"That's Don, sir," said the Secretary of Defense.

"Right. Dan. Gotcha. Anyway, we don't have to give in to what Durbin and those clowns say," the President said. "But it's always good to have a backup plan for everything. And Gitmo is no exception."

Rumsfeld pondered for a minute. "Mr. President, it's going to be difficult finding a place that's under U.S. control yet is in a backward area where we can do as we wish with prisoners."

"Let's get that Jack Bauer fellow on the phone. He's knows how to deal with terrorists and can sure get information from prisoners. We need more like him," said the President.

"Uh, Mr. President, you do know that Jack Bauer ..." Rumsfeld began.

Cheney reached over and tapped Rumsfeld on the arm. He shook his head quickly. Rumsfeld remained quiet.

"Get him on the phone, Dan!" the President ordered.

Rumsfeld picked up the phone and looked at Cheney. Cheney shrugged his shoulders. Rumsfeld started dialing numbers at random.

The phone rang and I hit mute on the remote. I grabbed the cordless
and looked at the screen, but didn't recognize the number. Oh well,
this ought to be fun, I thought.


"Let me speak to Bauer, please," came the voice on the other end.

"This is basil," I said.

"Can I please speak to Jack Bauer," the voice said.

Yep. This was intersting indeed.

"Uhhhh ... speaking," I said.

There was a noticable pause. Then, "Hold for the President."

This was getting better all the time.

"Agent Bauer?" came a different voice.

"Yes sir," I said.

"We need your help, Jack" came the voice.

The voice told me about needing a replacement for Gitmo. That was
priceless! So, I figured I'd go along with a gag, and started talking.
And didn't stop for a full ten minutes.

Afterwards, the voice thanked me and rang off. I hit the mute button
and caught the last few minutes of a "Law & Order" rerun.

"I knew that Jack Bauer would have the answer," said President Bush.

Cheney and Rumsfeld looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders.

Cheney asked, "What's the plan, Mr. President?"

Catfish: First Half Ends

Go Catfish!The Catfish closed out the first half of the 2005 South Atlantic League season dropping their second straight 1-run game to the Rome Braves, 4-3. The 1-run loss was the 17th this season.

Our two players had good games today. Lucas May had a double and two RBIs. Dan Batz had two hits to lead the team.

Tomorrow, Dan leaves for home for a few days because of a family illness. Keep him and his family in your prayers.

The rest of the team has an off day, then return to action Tuesday with a three-game home series against the Greenville Bombers (Red Sox) as the second half begins.

Everyone starts with a 0-0 record. Ain't baseball great?!

Headline News: 6/19/2005

From ABC News:
Six-Legged Puppy Found in Malaysia
Took forever to catch

From ABC News:
Father of the Modern Hybrid Car Dies
Half-man/Half-car was at his father's bedside

From ABC News:
After 6 Decades, Report on A-Bomb Found
Shocking report reveals A-Bomb responsible for death, destruction

From ABC News:
Wolfowitz Completes African Tour
Played to sellout crowds, live CD to be released

From ABC News:
Texas Lawmaker Pushes Anti-ID Theft Laws
Anti-IDs now safe

From ABC News:
Tsunami May Have Spread Alien Species
Natasha Henstridge runs rampant

From ABC News:
Many Men Suffer from 'Reverse Anorexia'
That explains my fat ass

From CNN:
Durbin regrets if Nazi remark was 'misunderstood'
Says experience makes him feel like a survivor of Auschwitz

From KSAT:
Woman's body found on porch
Identified as Griswold family's Aunt Edna *

From BBC:
California hit by fourth tremor
Bush blamed

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