Sunday, August 31, 2008

Don Fowler: "It's his fault I'm an idiot!"

Someone taped ... and RedState posted ... former DNC chair Don Fowler running his mouth, laughing about a hurricane hitting the Gulf Coast the same day the Republican Convention starts:

"The hurricane's going to hit New Orleans about the time they start. The timing is -- at least it appears now that it'll be there Monday. That just demonstrates that God's on our side. [Laughter] Everything's cool."

You have to listen carefully:

And whose fault is it?

ABC reports that Fowler said,

"One doesn't anticipate that one's private conversation will be surreptitiously taped by some right-wing nutcase."

Imagine that.

A Democrat thinks that his doing something stupid is someone else's fault.

It's called personal responsibility.

And obviously a foreign concept to Fowler and the Democrats.

Catfish clobber Rome

ColumbusCatfishThe 2008 baseball season is winding down. And the Columbus Catfish are looking to end on a positive note.

On Sunday afternoon, the Catfish beat the Rome Braves, 11-1, evening the series at a game apiece:

Ready to step in

Lots on the left are having hissy-fits about Alaska Gov. Sarah H. Palin. In case you missed the news, Sen. John McCain, selected Gov. Palin as his running mate.

The problem?

That depends on who you listen to.

If you listen to the Democrats, the problem is that she doesn't have experience. They are saying she's not ready to step in to be President if President McCain doesn't complete his term.

They say they look forward to comparing Sen. Joseph Biden, the Democrats' vice-presidential pick, to Gov. Palin. The current talking points are that Biden is ready to step in to the presidency if necessary.

Those of us on the right don't mind that argument. Not at all.

Ignore for a minute that, as mayor of Wasilla, she kept her promise to cut property taxes. Ignore for a minute that, as member and chair of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, she began her successful campaign to fight corruption. Ignore for a minute that, as Governor, she's actually addressing issues of energy and environment.

Ignore all that.

Focus on the Democrats' question: Who's more ready to step in as President?

I'll leave that answer to you.

But here's a hint: It's not Barack Obama.

Uga VII debuts

This time, it's real.

Uga VII debuted to University of Georgia fans at their game with Georgia Southern yesterday. AJC has the video:

In recent days, pictures of another dog made the rounds, with the accompanying email saying it was Uga VII. It wasn't.

The owners of Uga VII were able to keep things under wraps until game day.

Catfish fall to Rome

The Columbus Catfish opened the final series of 2008 -- and their final series as the Columbus Catfish -- with a loss to the Rome Braves.

Rome broke the game open in the 6th inning, taking the first of the 3-game set by a 6-2 score on Saturday night:

Friday, August 29, 2008

Catfish win final game in Columbus

Baseball has left Columbus.

But on a winning note.

In their final game in Columbus, the Columbus Catfish beat the Savannah Sand Gnats (Mets) 9-4 tonight.

The Catfish head to Rome to close out the season, then pack up and head to Bowling Green, Kentucky (population 53,112) to play the 2009 season.

Dear Basil: Learn to read. Love, Sally.

I screwed up. Again.

I mentioned earlier that the South Atlantic League had three days off between the end of the season and the start of the playoffs.

Why did I say such a thing?

I can't read. Not well, anyway.

Clear as day, the SAL schedule shows the playoffs starting September 3, not September 5. Game two is September 5, and I guess that's what I noticed.

Silly me.

Anyway, the Sally League actually took the time to read some posts on the little blog, and wrote me another nice letter.

They corrected my dates, and explained the reasoning for the day off at the end of the season.

The one day off is, of course, for travel. The South Atlantic League has teams stretching from the Great Lakes -- the Lake County Captains (formerly the Columbus RedStixx) are in Eastlake, Ohio -- to the coast, on the Atlantic Ocean -- the Savannah Sand Gnats and Charleston RiverDogs. Lake County's ball park is 784 miles from Savannah's. Classic Park (Eastlake, OH) to Golden Park (Columbus) is 831 miles. If those two played, for instance, they'd need plenty of time for travel. Oh, and the Lakewood Blue Claws ride 957 miles to Columbus.

And, yes, they ride. On a bus. Imagine. Just imagine.

So think about that the next time you head to a minor league baseball game.

And if you haven't gone to a minor league game ... well, why not? It's good, inexpensive, family entertainment. One of the best bargains you'll find.

Anyway, there's plenty of reason for a day off. And they have that one day, not the three days I said earlier.

My bad.

With the South Atlantic League leaving Columbus, I won't get to see my favorite sport after work regularly between April and August.

They might not miss me. But I'll sure miss them.

Dear Basil: Shut it. Love, Sally

Actually, I got quite a nice, polite letter from the South Atlantic League today.

League president Eric Krupa wrote me back, politely telling me why I was both right and wrong, when I said that Augusta hadn't clinched the division.


Thank you for taking the time to write. I agree with you that the Augusta GreenJackets should not have been listed as winning the second-half Southern Division Championship before yesterday's game, and I alerted Major League Baseball Advanced Media (the statistician for the South Atlantic League) that I thought they were premature to place a pound sign next to Augusta.

I also appreciate the thorough analysis that you included in your e-mail. I want you to know that the effort did not go unnoticed.

Per the league by-laws, the game from August 1 will not be made up because the two teams were not scheduled to meet (in either city) before the end of the half-season.

Having said all of this, after last's night's win by Augusta, Augusta has clinched the Division title.

Thank you again for writing.

Eric Krupa

South Atlantic League

111 Second Avenue NE, Suite #335

St. Petersburg, FL 33701

He didn't have to write me back. But he did. And I really appreciate that.

And, yeah, he got me regarding the league by-laws about not making up games. Of course, I do wonder why there are all those open days between the end of the season (September 1) and the beginning of the playoffs (September 5).

To rest up, I guess. Or make up any last-day rain-outs that could affect the standings.

Regardless, the Columbus Catfish aren't going to the playoffs this year. Or ever again.

The Bowling Green Bluegills? Maybe. Tampa Bay seems to have a pretty good farm system.

Update: SAL president Eric Krupa wrote me back, correcting the dates. I mis-reported the playoffs start September 5. Actually, game two is that day. Game one is September 3.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Catfish beat Savannah again, still fighting for playoff spot

The Columbus Catfish held off the Savannah Sand Gnats (Mets) 10-5 tonight, keeping their slim playoff hopes alive.

Despite the win, the Catfish are one game closer to elimination, thanks to Augusta's 5-1 victory over Hickory tonight.

With tonight's results, Augusta's "Magic Number" ... and Columbus' "Tragic Number" ... is one. A single Augusta win or Catfish loss gives Augusta the 2nd half division crown. However, if Augusta loses out, and the Catfish win out, the Catfish take the title.

Not so fast, Sally!

I got to the ball park tonight, awaiting the game between the Columbus Catfish and the Savannah Sand Gnats (Mets). I fired up the MacBook ... and got a shock.

The South Atlantic League says the Augusta GreenJackets (Giants) won the second half.

Now, I'm not saying that Augusta won't win the second half. I'm just saying they haven't yet won the second half.

Here's why.

Augusta is 43-21 (.672). The Catfish are 36-25 (.590). They're 5-1/2 games back ... with 5 games left.

So, why do I think they're still in it?

A couple of reasons, actually.

Augusta has 5 games left, true. Only, they might actually have 6 games left. More about that in a moment.

The Catfish have 5 games left. Except they might have 6 games left. Or 7 games left.

So, let's say Augusta loses all 5 games. They'd be 43-26 (.623).

And, let's say the Catfish win all 5 games. They'd be 41-25 (.621).

That still not good enough.


There's a suspended game from August 1st, between ... get this ... Columbus and Augusta. And the Catfish lead that game, 6-5, in the 3rd inning. And, if the Catfish are close enough to cause the game to be completed, and if they win, they'd be 42-25 (.627) and Augusta would be 43-27 (.614).

And that would mean the Catfish win the second half.

Now, will that happen?

Odds are, it won't. And I realize that.

But, to go ahead and put on their Website that Augusta has won?

You've jumped the gun, Sally.

Maybe not by much. But baseball is a game of inches ... and numbers.

And, as long as there's a chance...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Catfish split with Rome, inch closer to elimination

Family of Adam Coe with home run ball
Family of Columbus/Phenix City native Adam Coe with one of his two home run balls he hit against the Catfish tonight
Either the Columbus Catfish or the Augusta GreenJackets (Giants) will win the South Atlantic League Southern Division. And Augusta got a lot closer tonight. The Catfish split a pair of games with the Rome Braves tonight, dropping the first game, 12-3, but picking up the nightcap, 13-5. The split, coupled with Augusta's win puts their magic number -- the number of Augusta wins or Catfish losses to clinch the division for Augusta -- at two. The only good news in game one was for the local players was a local player hitting two home runs. Columbus/Phenix City native Adam Coe, however, plays for Rome. Game two was all Catfish, with the home team scoring in 5 straight innings.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Uga VII ... *Updated*

The first college football mascot to be invited to the Heisman Trophy ceremony at the Downtown Athletic Club in New York was the University of Georgia's Uga IV.

UGA (The University of Georgia) has had mascots named Uga since 1956.

Uga IV's visit to the Heisman Trophy ceremony isn't the first "first" for one of the dogs in the Uga line.

Uga vs Robert Baker
Photo: The Montgomery Advertiser
Uga V made the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1997, as well as becoming a photo star for the picture of him lunging at Auburn's Robert Baker in 1996.

Something about Uga has touched not just UGA fans, but others as well.

When Uga IV was at the Downtown Athletic Club for Herschel Walker's Heisman Trophy, one of the former Heisman winners stepped over and gave him a friendly pet: Steve Spurrier, 1966 Heisman winner from ... and later head coach of ... one of UGA's biggest rivals, the University of Florida.

When Uga VI died earlier this year, it was on the front page of sports publications and Web sites.

There will be a new mascot -- Uga VII -- when the Bulldogs take the field this fall.

As you can see, he's just a puppy. But he's not the first puppy to debut at the beginning of football season. Uga VI was only 6 months old when he took over in 1981.

Pictures of Uga VII will be widely available soon. I haven't seen any yet.

Except for these.

I got some pictures recently, from reliable sources, showing the new mascot.

This is one of them.

Bulldog fans have high hopes for their football team this year. UGA is ranked number one in most pre-season polls.

But Uga VII is already number one in their hearts.

Update: Turns out this pup isn't the new Uga. I should have researched it a little better. The pup in the pics I received actually belongs, not Uga owner Sonny Seiler, but rather, to Mike Woods, a UGA fan, shown here:

Mike Woods with bullpop

I should not have researched the pics better. When I got up this morning, I did a little bit of research ... slightly different than last night's research ... and found, in short order, that the pics are NOT of Uga VII, but rather, of a pup that belongs to a UGA fan.

When Uga VII pictures are actually released, I expect you'll see them from much more reliable sources than this little blog.


The Wife likes to go to Wal-Mart.

I'm not a fan of Wal-Mart. But she is. And, when we're out, and when she gets the urge to go to Wal-Mart, we go to Wal-Mart.

Often, when she goes towards the girlie stuff -- fabrics, notions, knick-knacks, paddywhacks, whatever -- I will often head towards the electronics section, mumbling, "I need to check on blah blah blah."

Last time we went to Wal-Mart, though, I didn't. I followed along, pushing the shopping cart.

She headed to fabrics. And I saw something I didn't expect to see. Other than me in the fabrics section, that is.

She was looking at patterns.

Clothing patterns.

You see, I'm not sure how much, if any, of what patterns are I actually need to explain.

So, if you know what I'm talking about ... well, you know what I'm talking about.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's semi-see-though paper that has sections marked off that are used to cut fabric for sewing together to make something.

For instance, on the shelf in the closet is a patter for a Star Trek Next Generation uniform that was going to be made for me for ... what? ... Hallowe'en? Star Trek convention? A gag? I don't know, but the uniform was never made and the pattern still sits on the shelf in the closet.

Anyway, we were at Wal-Mart. The Wife went to fabrics, I followed her, and she stopped at patterns.

There were McCall's patterns there.


Didn't that used to be a magazine?

Well, it sure did.

My grandmother used to get McCall's magazine. I don't remember what was in it. Probably lady stuff. I do remember my sisters would cut out and play with the Betsy McCall cutouts inside the back cover.

That was a long time ago.

In 2001, Rosie O'Donnell got involved with McCall's magazine in some way, and it became Rosie magazine. It lasted a little over a year before it folded.

Anyway, I thought that was the end of McCall's.

Turns out I was wrong.

McCall's still does patterns, under the brands McCall's, Butterick, and Vogue.

I smiled when I saw the McCall's patterns, because it reminded me of the old magazine that was at Grandma's house.

The Wife bought some patterns. Maybe she'll make something. She probably will.

Unless it's a Star Trek uniform.

Catfish split with Charleston again

The Columbus Catfish finished a 6-game series ... with all 6 games played in 4 days, including 5 in a 49-hour period ... splitting Sunday's double header.

The Catfish beat the Charleston RiverDogs (Yankees) 5-1 in the first game, but dropped the second game, 12-4, splitting the series at 3 games apiece.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Joe Biden interview

Senator Biden, thank you for coming in.

It's your pleasure, Sweetie.

Joe! How's it hanging?


It's Barack.

Yeah, whatever. Good to see you.

We wanted to clear up a couple of things here on your resumé.

Alight, Sweet Cheeks, what can I explain for you? Did I use words that were too big?

We looked at what you put on your resumé, and were wondering about some things.

Okey-dokey Bob...


Yeah, whatever. What's your question?

You wrote that, like Senator Obama, you opposed the war in Iraq, but Congressional records show you voted to authorize military action in October 2002.

No, I didn't.

Yes, you did.

Look, Jerry...


Yeah, whatever. Who are you gonna believe? Some chick? Or me, the smartest man in the United States Senate.

Joe, to be honest, I was against the war in Iraq from the beginning.

Yeah? Where were you in 2002? Sitting in the Illinois State Senate, that's where. You don't know jack about this issue, and you need someone ... you need me ... to help you out on this. I've actually done something more than given stirring speeches with no meaning. I've actually accomplished something. I'm telling you, Roger...


Yeah, whatever. I'm telling you, you need my help with this issue. McCain will eat your lunch on this issue without my help. I'm experienced, and I have the political balls to vote for something then turn around and oppose it without flinching. You NEED me.

Thank you, Senator. We also have another question...

Hey, Toots, why don't you run down the hall and get me a latte. You want anything, Sam?


Yeah, get me one of those, instead. That's a good girl.

Sir, I'm not ...

It's okay, Caroline. Look, Joe, I'll have one of my staff get you a latte.


Hillary, we'd like three lattes, please.

Now, Joe, Caroline had a question.

Sure thing there, Buckwheat. What's you question, Dearie?

You, um, said ... in 2007 ... of Senator Obama, and I quote, "you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy..."

Yeah, he is nice looking. If I was a chick and Colored, I'd be all over him. What's your problem with that? You like girls or something?

Sir, there are concerns about your sensitivity to minorities that ...

Hey, look, I've always supported minorities. I shop at the 7-Eleven.

That's exactly our concern, sir.

Look, Delaware is 74.5% White, compared to 80.1% of the U.S. as a whole. We've had to deal with Negroes and other kinds more than most of the country. So don't go saying I'm not sensitive to the problems that come with having those kind of people living in your midst.

Look, Joe, there are some serious concerns about this.

What's wrong? I called you "African-American." Isn't that what you people want to be called?

Actually, Joe, to tell you the truth, with the whole birth certificate thing going on right now, I'd rather you not even mention "African" or "Africa" or anything like that. The timing's all wrong.

Hey, I understand. No one can say Joe Biden isn't a team player.

Thanks, Joe.

Don't mention it, Ben.



Senator, you seem to have a history of taking credit for others' works and experiences.

You calling me a thief? Look, you might be cute in a sort of Jackie Onassis kind of way, but I draw the line when anyone accuses me of stealing.

Sir, you plagiarized a law review article for a paper you wrote in law school. Then, in 1987, you used, without attribution, several parts of a speech by a British politician...

That's not exactly true. Sure, I used some of the same ideas, but ... and you said it yourself ... he's British! They don't even speak the same language as we do.

... and there's a question regarding your resumé. Some have claimed that you've listed accomplishments that never occurred.

That's a load of crap, Missie. I've done all kinds of amazing things in my life.

Senator Biden, some of this stuff on your application for the vice-president slot ... Well, it is amazing.

That's me! Amazing Joe Biden.

It says here you graduated with three degrees from college. But you actually received a single B.A. in history and political science.

That's three!

Uh, there's also your listing that you developed a cure for cancer, were the first man to walk on the moon, solved the Jack the Ripper murders, defeated Cornwallis at Yorktown, won the Battle of Britain, blew up the Death Star, and won the Academy Award.


You did all that? Cool! Can I be your vice president?

Uh, Senator? YOU are the nominee. And Senator Biden is asking to be YOUR running mate?


Oh, yeah, right. So, Joe, whaddaya say? Will you be my vice president?

Sir, are you really sure about this?


You betcha, Sweetie. Go get me a latte, will ya?