Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Because I Told Someone In Valdosta I Would

Free at last,
Free at last,
Praise God Almighty!
I'm free at last!

Headline News 2007-02-28

From CNN:
Israeli soldiers kill 3 Islamic Jihad militants
Will try to do better tomorrow

From CNN:
Ex-leader charged with taking $1 million
Dr. Evil trial to begin soon

From WGAL:
City may have to borrow millions to patch potholes
Using asphalt has proved fruitless

From KCRA:
Another round of rain, snow on way
Billion-year dry spell avoided

From WFTV:
5-year-old says teacher duct-taped him to desk
Teacher Of The Year frontrunner emerges

From CNN:
NASA plan for unstable astronauts: Duct tape
Teacher In Space program revived

From WEWS:
Police: Man robs Weight Watchers meeting
Most group has lost since diet began

From WHIO:
Wild West-style shootout leaves 1 dead
Artemus Gordon arrested

From CNN:
House Democrats try again on Iraq
New surrender document prepared

From CNN:
Some blocked from upgrading to Vista
The lucky ones

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Football: Life and Death

I was excited ... to some degree ... when I found out that Columbus was going to have a football team returning this season. You see, Columbus has had two indoor football teams leave in recent years, and now there's a third team in town.

The Columbus Wardogs were an arenafootball2 team that became the Mississippi Headhunters. They never caught on in Columbus. Partly because they were bad. Partly because Columbus won't support a team.

Last year, the Chattahoochee Valley Vipers played, but were kicked out of the city for financial mismanagement.

Columbus isn't a pro sports town. And certainly not a pro football town.

Around here ... like most of Georgia and most of the South ... college football -- excuse me, College Football (capitalized, of course) -- is king.

Some say that College Football isn't life and death, it's much more important than that.

But Monday night, we found out that football ... even indoor football ... can be life and death.

Columbus does have an indoor football team: the Columbus Lions.

The Lions opened their WIFL season on the road against the Daytona Beach Thunder, a team the Vipers played in the AIFL (now AIFA) last year.

While the Lions won, the game wasn't important.

You see, during the game, a player died.

Javon Camon, apparently suffered a broken neck and died on the field during Monday night's game. Everything points to his death occuring on a "clean play" ... that is, not a cheap shot. It was on a play where he was blocked by the Lion's (and former Ft. Valley State and Columbus Hardaway High standout) Cedric Ware as Camon was trying to make a tackle. Current reports call it "an accident."

Football, whether on the playground, at high schools, on college campuses, on pro fields, or in arenas, is a violent sport. Deaths are very rare. But they happen. They're tragic.

No, football isn't as important as life and death.

But I wonder sometimes if life and death is as important as football is to some people.

Headline News 2007-02-27

From ABC News:
Cheney Discusses Afghan Suicide Bomb Attack
Suggests Democrats try again

From ABC News: Spreads the Love on a Global Scale
Just like AIDS

From ABC News:
The Journey Back From Brain Injury
Al Gore wins Oscar®

From ABC News:
Edwards: Treaty With Iran Possible
Vows to sign surrender document when elected

From ABC News:
Iowa Man Discovers He's a Lucky 'Idiot'
Bush plans retirement

From ABC News:
Man Says Dog Saved Him From Black Bear
Jackson, Sharpton criticize 'racist' dog

From ABC News:
S.C. Kids Find Find Practice Bomb
Playing soldiers and terrorists

From ABC News:
Pakistan Girl Was to Be Poker Debt Bride
World Series of Poker moves to Playboy Channel

From ABC News:
Woman Must Remove 'Messages From God'
DNC allowed to keep 'Messages From Satan'

From ABC News:
Mom Taught Kids to Act Retarded in Wash. Scam
Amazed George, Jeb were still elected

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Monday, February 26, 2007

Car Pool

Since the Wife's work schedule has coincided with mine, we've been able to car pool. And that's quite convenient.

You see, the Wife and I work about three blocks apart. When she drives, she drops me off, then drives three blocks to work. When I drive, I drop her off, then drive three blocks to work.

And that's a daily occurrence. Well, almost daily. We didn't ride together Monday. You see, I had the chance to hear an economist speak. And, really, who could pass that up?

Anyway, I left early to get there in plenty of time, since it was several blocks further. And the Wife drove by herself and left at the regular time.

Of course, since we work so close together, it's often that we get to eat lunch together.

Sometimes, we'll meet at one of the restaurants in between our places of employment. Sometimes, we'll meet at another nearby restaurant. Sometimes, we'll meet at her workplace, then go eat. Just depends on what time I can break away and what time she can break away.

Monday, after hearing the economist, I went back to work, went through a couple of more meetings before lunch.

At lunch, I walked to the Subway and the Wife and I ate our sandwiches. It's nice to get out on a nice day, and it's always nice to eat lunch with my Special Lady.

Afterwards, it was back to work for both of us. And, at the end of the day, I was glad to head out.

Oh, to be sure, I enjoy what I do. It's almost like a hobby. Except I get paid for it. And that's nice.

Anyway, at the end of the day, it's still nice to call it a day.

So, I got in the car, and since I was driving that day, I headed the three blocks over to the Wife's place of work.

I parked outside, left the engine running, and listened to the radio while I waited for her to come downstairs.

It's not all that unusual for her to be a few minutes late leaving, since things happen on occasion that cause little delays.

After about 15 minutes, I decided to shut the car off, since I was just burning gas, and it was comfortable outside anyway.

I started thinking the day over, even though I kept the radio playing.

I thought about things I needed to do later in the week at work.

I thought about things I needed to do regarding this blog ... and other blogs I work with.

I thought about things I needed to do with insurance for family members.

I thought about the upcoming baseball season ... after all, April 5th isn't that far away.

I thought about what I might want for supper.

I thought about the economist that I heard speak that morning.

I wondered why the Wife was taking so long, and I thought about calling her.

As I dialed, I thought about the fact that we drove separately because I went to hear that economist speak...

Then it hit me.

There I was, in downtown Columbus, sitting in a parked car, being eyed by the police that walk the area around that time ... being eyed by the people that left the building with me just sitting in the car ... waiting to pick up my Wife ... who had driven to work that morning.

Yes, she laughed at me as I stuttered and explained why I was calling her and waiting on her.

But she didn't pick on me too bad when I got home, red-faced ... and us both starving. You see, she was waiting on me to get home to fix supper.

I should have stopped and picked up supper. But I didn't. Because she laughed at me.

But I will. Because I deserved to be laughed at. And she deserves a nice supper out.

Headline News 2007-02-26

From ABC News:
Sharpton Wants Test to Prove Thurmond Ancestry
Seeks to prove both sons of same bitch

From ABC News:
Greenspan Warns, U.S. Recession Likely
Democratic control of Congress realized

From ABC News:
Jury Slaps Defense Giant for Neglecting Security
Antonio Pearce to install alarm system in home

From ABC News:
'Forever' Stamp Would Be Valid Despite Increases
Just like marriages

From ABC News:
Virginia: 'Profound Regret' for Role in Slavery
Former slaves yet to respond

From ABC News:
Four French Nationals Shot Dead in Saudi Arabia
Equal to three Americans at current exchange rate

From ABC News:
American Soldier Has High Hopes For Iraqi Forces
Others with hopes for Iraqi forces also high

From ABC News:
Carter Rips Cheney's 'Abysmal' Iraq Record
Cites own record with Iran

From ABC News:
Will Supreme Court Put Brakes on Cop Chases?
Fox scrambles for new prime-time programming

From ABC News:
Europe warms to US missile shield
Loves American money & protection, hates America

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Sunday, February 25, 2007


I didn't watch the Academy Awards on Sunday. I haven't seen any of the films nominated for Best Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, or any of the major nominations.

So, I guess I didn't watch because I don't care who wins.

I wonder why that is.

Use to be, I watched award shows. Oscars, Emmys, and such. Never cared much for the Tonys, though. Still, Oscar was a regular, yearly thing I watched.

Not sure when I stopped. Maybe when they quit making good movies. Maybe it was when they thought they were qualified to talk about political events because they can fake emotion on cue, I'm not sure.

Anyway, I wasn't sure what to think when Marlon Brando sent former Miss American Vampire and future Playboy Playmate Maria Cruz (AKA Sacheen Littlefeather) to refuse his Oscar.

Coming on the heels of George C. Scott's refusal two years earlier, it sort of lost impact, for me anyway. I wonder if that's why they gave the next two awards to Jack Lemmon and Art Carney. They wouldn't say no, that's for sure.

Anyway, the whole idea of actors making political statements always seemed a little silly to me.

Oh, sure, Ronald Reagan was an actor. But he pretty much decided to go into politics full time. Being an actor neither qualified him nor disqualified him from politics.

So, I'm not sure why actors today think they're qualified to comment on real life. I'm not sure if any of them have any idea what real life is like.

And maybe that's why I don't watch the Oscars any more.

It's not real. It doesn't matter. But it seems I'm the only one that realizes that. The folks on TV (and in the movies) seem to think they matter. They don't.

And neither do their awards.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

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Friday, February 23, 2007

Headline News 2007-02-23

From ABC News:
Circumcision Reduces HIV Risk by Up to 60%
Also decreases sexual activity by 60%

From ABC News:
American Tourist Kills Mugger With Bare Hands
Muggers to start wearing gloves

From ABC News:
Ebony Hosts Pre-Oscar Party
Want to get shootings out of the way

From ABC News:
Bald and Broken: Inside Britney's Shaved Head
Nothing found

From ABC News:
Florida Principal Busted for Buying Crack in His Office
Promises to buy it on the playground like everyone else

From ABC News:
JetBlue Prints Apologies in Newspapers
CEO explains: "That way, no one will ever see them"

From ABC News:
Illegal Immigrant Amusement Park
Most popular ride: Mexican with a leaf blower

From ABC News:
Beaver Seen in NYC; First in Centuries
Prositution crackdown begins to falter

From ABC News:
Man Sentenced to Prison, Gets Married
Back to back life sentences

From ABC News:
Lawmaker Comes Down on Plastic Gonads
Thinks the idea is nuts

Drugs. But not good drugs.

I've missed work the last couple of days. I've been sick.

And I've missed ... for the most part ... blogging for the past couple of days. I've been sick.

Yep, a couple of posts showed up. Cousin Red on Wednesday. Some Blog Tips thing on Thursday. But they were written several days ago and scheduled. It's almost like I knew I was going to be sick.

I wish I had known. I felt bad Tuesday, but thought I was just tired from a long weekend with no sleep. But being tired won't cause ... well, it's best not to discuss here.

Gosh, it's hard to write. I make a mistake and have to backspace to correct it, then slowly type the correct word, then forget what I was saying.

Drugs don't sit well with me. I can get a cheap high on Dr Pepper, so NyQuil kicks my butt bad.

Anyway, I've missed two days work. And, unlike blogging, I can't schedule work to suddenly appear ahead of time. And work is piling up.

So, I have to find some DayQuil or something. And try to make it to work today.

Fortunately, the Wife and I can car pool. I suspect she'll opt to drive.

I've got a ton of email piled up here. Probably at work, too.

So, no perusing the blogroll this morning. Still, if you'd like to share an item via TrackBack, please feel free to do so.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Using WordPress Widgets

One of the cool things about WordPress ... and some other blogging systems ... is the ability to easily customize your site layout with Widgets.

Blogger (the new version), TypePad, and WordPress all have the ability to customize your sidebar content by using Widgets.

Today, we're going to talk about WordPress Widgets. We'll talk about TypePad and Blogger on a later date.

You Gotta Have Widgets To Use Widgets

First of all, in order to take advantage of Widgets, your theme must support Widgets. Not all do. If your theme doesn't, you can "Widgetize" your theme. But we're not going to cover how to do that. Not now, anyway.

So, how do you know if your theme supports Widgets?

Actually, it's pretty easy to find out.

First, turn on Widgets.

From your Wordpress Dashboard, click Plugins.

Note that if you are using, you don't have that option. is a WPMU platform (WordPress Multi-User) and not a standard WordPress platform.

If you use Blogsome (adapted from WordPress 1.5.1 alpha) or ItsAPundit (WPMU 1.0), you have a Plugins tab. (Full Disclosure: I am affiliated with

If you use standard Wordpress (current version is 2.1, but this should work for most other versions, too), click the Plugins tab.

Scroll down to Sidebar Widgets (current version is, but this should work for most versions).

Click Activate.

Note: Widgets should already be active for WPMU-type blogs (such as Blogsome, ItsAPundit, and; Full Disclosure: I am affiliated with

Once Widgets are active, you should turn on the Widgets you want to use. Google Search, are usually available with the default Widgets pack, but need to be activated. Most other Widgets (including, but not limited to Search, Calendar, Meta, Categories, Archives, Links, among others) are automatically included.

I Don't Have Widgets. Now What?

If you don't have the option to turn on Widgets, that means one of two things.


  1. Widgets are turned on by default and you can't turn them off (you're using a WPMU or similar blogging system)

  2. or, Widgets aren't available.

If you're using or ItsAPundit (Full Disclosure: I am affiliated with, Widgets are already on. Blogsome doesn't support Widgets.

Even if you can't turn Widgets on via the Plugins tab, you may still have the ability to use Widgets. Keep reading.

I Have Widgets. Now What?

Now that Widgets are activated (or might be activated), check your theme to see if it supports Widgets.

From the Dashboard, click Presentation.

If you have Widgets activated, and if your theme supportes Widgets, then you'll have a tab called Sidebar Widgets.

If you don't have that tab, you don't have Widgets. Sorry.

Click Sidebar Widgets.

You should see a Sidebar box for each sidebar. Most themes have one, some have two. Some even have more than two. Depends on the theme.

You should also see a box called Available Widgets.

Click and drag the items you want to the sidebar. They will appear in the order you arrange them. And you can rearrange them by dragging them up or down.

Some of the Widgets need to be configured. Some don't need to be configured but can be. Some cannot be configured.

For instance, the standard Search widget isn't configurable. Likewise, the standard Links and the standard Recent Posts widgets aren't configurable.

Some themes ... and some third-party widgets that can be installed (not possible with WPMU sites like or ItsAPundit -- Full Disclosure: I am affiliated with ... extend the capabilities of these widgets and allow you to configure them.

Configurable widgets can be configured by clicking the Configure icon on the right-hand side of the widget (you may have to pull it to the sidebar before you can configure it).

For example, the standard Categories widget can be configured to allow you to choose a different title, whether or not to show the number of posts in each category, and whether or not to show a heirarchy of categories.

Some Widgets require configuration. The Text Widgets, for example. Just dragging them out there without configuring them serves no purpose. You have to enter the text you want to display to make it meaningful.

Note for WPMU ( -- Full Disclosure: I am affiliated with,, etc.): You cannot enter JavaScript into a Text Widget. Sure, you can enter it, but WPMU strips it out. doesn't allow JavaScript or forms. So you can't use full Site Meter functionality. Or Google AdSense. Or PayPal. provides Widgets for these items, giving you most, if not all, functionality. Full disclosure: I am affiliated with ItsAPundit.

Once you have placed and configured all your Widgets, click Save Changes.

Open a separate window/tab and look at your blog.

Like what you see? Great. You're running Widgets. And you can adjust your sidebar via Widgets to add, remove, or rearrange stuff that goes there.

It's Wrong! Horribly Wrong!

If things look wrong, horribly wrong, you can do one of two things.

First, check to make sure you have the widgets arranged in the order you want.

Then, check to make sure you have configured the widgets that need to be configured.

If all that fails, re-read these instructions, re-doing anything you missed.

If you still have a problem, it's going to take more work to get them right. This is unusual, but not impossible.

So, if Widgets aren't working right, remove them.

Either go to Plugins and turn off () Widgets.

Or go to Presentation > Sidebar Widgets and drag them all off of the sidebar to the Available Widgets box. Then click Save Changes.

Everything should be fine.

What's Next?

If you're liking this whole Widgets thingy, and want to do more with it, you have a couple of options.

If you are running Wordpress, look for more Widgets. If you're on a WPMU site (,, etc), you're pretty much limited to what they offer. But it never hurts to ask.

Full Disclosure: I am affiliated with

Headline News 2007-02-21

From ABC News:
Top Iraqi Official Fired Over Rape Case
Couldn't find Duke Lacrosse player to blame

From ABC News:
Teen Stumbles Upon Football-Sized Tooth
William "The Refrigerator" Perry found

From ABC News:
Ancient Treasures Discovered in Egypt
History Channel money stays in Land of Pharaohs

From ABC News:
Anna Nicole Smith: The Camera Loved Her
Adds: 'Oh, and about 2,000 guys in the past year alone'

From ABC News:
Michael Douglas Connects Kids
Creates new species

From ABC News:
Kraft May Cut 8,000 Jobs in Bid to Boost Sales
Mr. Peanut, Li'l Oscar, Cream of Wheat Guy seek new jobs

From ABC News:
Preparing for Collision, Scientists Warn of Asteroid
Seek funding for really large seat belt

From ABC News:
Univ. of Illinois to Retire Native American Mascot
Don't want to embarrass tribe by having them represent strength and courage

From ABC News:
Man Returns From Visit, Trips on Corpse
Wasn't where he left it

From CNN/SI:
Bonds arrives at camp: Let them investigate me
Drugs should be out of system by now

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


It's been a rough time. And this woman I been seein' wants me to go to church and all. She's hot and all, so I'm giving it a shot. Now, just so's you knows that I ain't got nothin' aginst Baptists. Most of my family was brought up in a Baptist. Even Basil is a Bab\ptist.

Well, I'm giving it a shot. I mean, what the hell, right? Or maybe I shoulnd't said it that way, but you get the idea.

There's more than one kind of Baptist, by the way. There's them foot-washing Baptists. Just cause Jesus did it, they think they supposed to. But Jesus also took a stick and run the moneychangers out of the temple. I ain't never seen no Baptist run folks with money off.

And Black folk Bapitst and White folk Baptists don't exactly worship the same. White folks Baptists get out of church in time to make the 1:00 kickoff. Black folk Baptists get out in time to make the 4:00 kickoff.

Most Southern Baptists, like Basil and this woman I been seein', are Whtie folks. Sure, Basil's home church ain't all Whtie folks, but most Southern Baptists are Whaite folks. Still, Blakc or Whtie, Southern Baptists got lots of thinkgs in common.

So, for them of you that don't know about baptists, here's how to tell who's a Southen Bapbitst:

You might just be a Southern Baptist if...

  • You think John the Baptist started the SBC.

  • You think God's presence is strongest on the back three pews.

  • You think "Amazing Grace" is the national anthem.

  • You judge the quality of the sermon by the amount of sweat worked up by the preacher.

  • Your definition of fellowship has something to do with food.

  • You ever wondered when Lottie Moon and Annie Armstrong would get paid off.

  • You honestly believe that the Apostle Paul spoke King James English.

  • You think worship music has to be loud.

  • You think Jesus actually used Welch's grape juice and saltine crackers.

  • You judge the quality of a service by its length.

  • You ever wake up in the middle of the night craving fried chicken and interpret that feeling as a call to preach.

  • You believe that you are supposed to take a covered dish to heaven.

  • You have never sung the third verse of any hymn.

  • You have ever put an IOU in the offering plate.

  • You think someone who says "Amen" while the preacher is preaching might be a Charismatic.

  • You complain that the pastor only works one day and then he works too long.

  • You clapped in church and felt guilty about it all week.

  • You are old enough to get a senior discount at the pharmacy, but not old enough to promote to the Senior Adult Sunday School.

  • You are upset that Joshua brought down the wall of Jericho and think that the deacons should recommend that the church pay for it to prevent a general ruckus.

  • You are upset that the last hymn in the new hymnal is numbered "666."

  • You happen to know that Lottie Moon is not a member of the Unification Church.

  • You wonder when they are ever going to get that Cooperative Program thing paid for.

If you get most of these, you're a Southern Baptist. Ifyou don't get them, well, Methodists are going to Heaven, too.

More White Trach Wedensdays

Headline News 2007-02-20

From ABC News:
Strange but Not Ugly, Duckling Born With Two Extra Legs
Aflac duck, GEICO lizard have baby

From ABC News:
Obama, Clinton Battle for African-American Endorsements
Both running for President of Africa-America

From ABC News:
The Former Model Who Smells Like Dead Fish
Anna Nicole embalming underway

From ABC News:
Mysterious Fungus Endangers Frogs
French ban mushrooms

From ABC News:
Two Dozen Killed Fighting Wildfires in 2006
Democrats demand U.S. withdraw from forests

From ABC News:
Killed in Iraq, Former Duke Lacrosse Star Buried
Durham D.A. files charges against corpse

From ABC News:
Iraqi Police Officers Cleared of Rape
To joing Duke University Lacrosse team

From ABC News:
Brady Excited About Impending Fatherhood
Marcia, Jan, Cindy, Greg, Peter, Bobby apprehensive

From ABC News:
Edwards On Greatest Threat To World Peace
Enjoys being a Democrat

From ABC News:
Robert Adler, Inventor of TV Remote Control, Dead at 93
God hits 'off' button

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Not So Suite

This past weekend was one of those Weekends From Hell that computer users run into every so often.

It began with the Wife talking about her computer having issues connecting to her online banking program. Seems she's had issues with that for a bit. Because the bank had some issues in late 2006 with their online banking application, I figured it was the bank and not her computer.

This followed her earlier complaints (also in late 2006) that her computer was running slow.

But things actually started earlier than that.

The Background: Security Suites

I've used many different methods of securing computers. I try many of them out so that I can 1) use what I think is best, and 2) be able to give honest, first-hand advice when called upon regarding Internet security applications.

My personal favorite has always been products from what used to be Peter Norton. Now, Norton is a part of Symantec.

When Symantec bought out Norton, I wasn't thrilled with what they did. At first. But, they eventually worked some bugs out and things got better.

Another early favorite was McAfee. At least, back when it was John McAfee's first company. After the merger that formed Network Associates, things went a little downhill.

All in all, though, I had nothing to say bad about the quality of their product. Just the user interface.

Oh, the products did the job. I just didn't like dealing with their products. They were nag-ware. And you couldn't get rid of the darn things.

I always liked ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm firewall. It was always the highes-rated software firewall.

And, Computer Associates was, by default, considered a good product. Since they actually were the technology behind the ZoneLabs suite of products.

Suites. Right. So What?

Now, what's all this got to do with the Wife's computer and the Weekend From Hell?

Well, when Norton expired, I had a multi-system license for the ZoneLabs suite. So, I installed it on her computer.

And, some time around Thanksgiving, her computer began to act up. I did the thing that any husband would do when his wife's computer acted up. I wondered what she did wrong. Being a guy and all.

After being unable to find a cause for the problem, I removed the ZoneLabs suite and bought the Computer Associates suite. Same technology, different name. And I had the chance to get it at a good price. So I bought a multi-system license and installed it on her computer.

Things immediately got better.

Except she started getting alerts about the Anti-Spyware portion of the application. Like it wouldn't start.

I tried and tried to figure it out, but couldn't. I made sure she did have other anti-spyware software installed.

Then, on Thursday, after her complaining again about it "slowing down," I looked at her computer. And I discovered a serious problem with her computer.

It wouldn't let me sign on with the Administrator account. Incorrect password.

I fixed that. I set the password on the account. Yes, on Windows XP, it's possible to do that if you have another administrator account.

Then it wouldn't let me sign on with the Administrator account. Account restictions.

So, I decided to roll back to an earlier setup.

There wasn't one.

So, I removed Computer Associates suite.

Only, it wouldn't let me. I didn't have "permission" to remove it.

Wrong thing for a piece of software to tell me about my own computer. Okay, the Wife's computer. But you get the idea.

We backed up all of her documents onto DVDs, verified the files were copied (that took a while), then did an operating system repair on her computer.

The repair didn't help.

That meant drastic action.

Just Like Starting Over

I took the original discs that came with her computer and blew everything away.

Essentially, started over.

Which meant installing Windows XP Home SP1. Then upgrading to XP Pro. Then upgrading to SP2. Then all the critical updates (not much more than 100, by the time everything was done) for Windows XP.

Then installing software. That's still not completely done. But the most critical pieces are done. And the critical updates for those.

Then putting her documents back. Okay, that's still to be done. Well, some of it is done. But not all. Lot more to do.

Ayway, that meant a long Friday night. And a long Saturday.

How long did Saturday last? Until 5:30 Sunday. Not Sunday morning, but Sunday afternoon.

Once I realized just how goofy I was Sunday (I turned to the Wife and said, "I have no idea what I'm supposed to do now."), I took a shower and went to lie down. I woke up about 6:45 Monday morning.

Still more to go before everything is done.

And when I put Computer Associates suite back on her computer, it seemed to run just fine.

Then, I saw an alert from the folks at

Problems Remain?

Seems that Computer Associates sent out an update in November that has adversely affected many computers.

One of the things it did was "grind a PC down to a snail pace." Yep, that sounds familiar.

So, could it be that my Internet Security Suite from Computer Associates was a problem for the Wife's PC?

With it acting all uppity ... not letting me remove items because I didn't have "permission" ... I'm inclined to believe the problem did indeed reside with that program. Or suite of programs.

So, I'm looking at returning to Norton. I would have considered McAfee, if they didn't act like spy-ware ... or CA ... themselves.

How About You?

Anyone else have any Internet security suite horror stories they want to share? I'd love to hear them.

You know, suites that leave a sour feeling in your stomach. Things to avoid.

I don't mind so much when things go wrong, if I can use the opportunity to learn something and help others avoid pitfalls.

But I'd love to hear about the issues you've run into. Not just to assure me that I'm not alone, but to help me (and, hopefully, others) benefit from experiences.

Tell me your computer security suite horror stories.

Headline News 2007-02-19

From CNN:
Satellite radio stations merging
Now more listeners can find nothing to listen to

From CNN:
Hitler jokes on sugar packets sparks probe
Hitler jokes must remain on bubble gum

From CNN:
Daylight-saving bug could foil computers
Microsoft Windows not enough trouble

From CNN:
Reid: Iraq 'worst...policy mistake' in U.S. history
Thousands not killed by Saddam since 2003 disagree

From CNN:
Mexican troops get pay hike in drug fight
Families unable to live on payoffs from drug dealers

From CNN:
Girls' School Bombed
Mull of Kintyre a hit

From WKMG:
Fan shot to death on road after Daytona 500
NASCAR: NBA shouldn't have all the fun

From WPLG:
World's youngest baby ready to leave hospital
Only days old

From KFOX:
Freeway markings use illusion to slow drivers down
David Copperfield hired by DOT

From New York Times:
Al Qaeda Chiefs Are Seen to Regain Power
Democrats' strategy pays off

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Washington's Birthday, 2007

Today is one of those days that really gets on my nerves.

Oh, not because it's the official celebration of George Washington's birthday. Because that's what today is.

But because of what some people call today. Some call it Presidents Day. Or Presidents' Day. Or President's Day.

But those people are dumbasses. Because it's not Presidents Day (or any variation thereof). But more about that in a minute.

First, I want to talk about George Washington and his moving birthday.

George Washington was born on February 11, 1731. No, that's not a typo. That's the date on the calendar in effect at the time.

You see, England was on the Julian Calendar at the time. And because of inaccuracies in that calendar, they were about 11 days off. Plus, New Year's Day was in March. You see, March 24, 1731 was followed by March 25, 1732. And December 31, 1732 was followed by January 1, 1732. Go figure.

So, anyway, when they got around to adopting the Gregorian Calendar in September, 1752, England ... and her colonies, including those in the Americas ... found that September 2, 1752 (Old Style) was followed by September 14, 1752 (New Style). And that New Year's Day had moved to January 1. Which meant that December 31, 1752 was followed by January 1, 1753.

For George Washington, that meant that the realignment of the calendar meant that February 11, 1731 O.S. was February 22, 1732 N.S.

And he kept that birthday for a long time. Even after he died.

Then the U.S. Government got involved.

The first thing they did was actually okay. In 1879, they made Washington's Birthday a federal holiday, to go along with New Year's Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.

All the various federal holidays were celebrated on the actual day being observed. That meant on weekends sometimes, and during the middle of the week sometimes. And they said it cost extra money for a federal office to take off in the middle of the week. Plus having a Wednesday off between other weekday workdays limited families doing things.

So, in 1968, the movement to change many holidays to a nearby Monday really took off. And in 1971, Richard Nixon issued Executive Order 11582, making the third Monday in February a holiday: Washington's Birthday.

In the late 1990s, that whole Presidents Day thing really took off. Lots of wrong things happened in the late 1990s, so that shouldn't surprise anyone.

Still, today is officially Washington's Birthday, and is not and has never been President's Day. Take a look at United States Code (5 U.S.C. 6103) and check out the third holiday listed. Oh, and Snopes backs me up on this, by the way.

Anyway, lots of people and lots of places (actually, people at those places) call today "Presidents Day."

I go to the bank, and see signs about Presidents Day. I turn on the TV and see a Presidents Day commercial. I hear folks on the radio talking about Presidents Day.

They're dumbasses. But they can't help it. It's too much trouble to take the time to get things right.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Headline News 2007-02-16

From ABC News:
Al Qaeda Attack Video Appears to Be Staged
Media losing faith in al-Qaeda

From ABC News:
Nepal King Motorcade Stoned During Hindu Festival
Repeal of drug laws having unexpected effect

From ABC News:
Woman Says She Got Cancer by Hugging Dad
Told Dad even better story about how she got pregnant

From ABC News:
Dodge Joins Stampede Into China Market
Failed at making cars, trying table settings

From ABC News:
New Orleans Seeks Mardi Gras Donations
Based on what they'll do for beads, donors expecting a lot for cash

From ABC News:
Air America Radio Sale Set to Go Ahead
Expected to fetch $173.28, approximately twice its market value

From ABC News:
House Rejects Troop Surge in Iraq
Would mean something if Consitituion didn't name President as Commander-In-Chief

From ABC News:
Park Won't Lift Elephant With Human Hair
Still unclear how elephant got human hair

From ABC News:
Patient Sprays Her Way Out of Hospital
Pepe Le Pew trying to find girlfriend

From ABC News:
Turtle Eaten by Golden Retriever Lives
Likes being eaten

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Wouldn't You Like To Be A Pundit, Too?

You might recall that a couple of years ago, as an April Fools Day joke, several bloggers got together and did a gag on Glenn Reynolds (InstaPundit). We called it It'sAPundit.

Some bloggers continued to use it as an alternate outlet, posting stuff that didn't fit their normal blog. Others used it as an alternate way to promote their own blog.

But, it's pretty much run its course. As a joke, that is. I mean, two years, right?

Well, I've been toying with an idea for some time. And I implemented it recently. And used ItsAPundit to make it happen.

About two weeks ago, ItsAPundit became a blogging platform.

Why did I do that?

Well, during my work with my own little blog, and with others and their blogs, and with feedback obtained with work with the Alliance of Free Blogs, I picked up little things that some people liked ... and didn't like ... about many blogging platforms.

My conclusion is that many platforms have things that people like. But none satisfy everybody.

With ItsAPundit, I'm not trying to satisfy everybody. But I am trying to take what I think is a great platform -- WordPress -- and make it easy for many people.

Now, by itself, WordPress is really pretty easy. But when finding a free platform, it's hard to find a good WordPress platform that has what people like. has some really great stuff, but it does have some frustrating limitations. I understand the reason for the limitations. I don't alway agree, but I understand.

Blogsome has some great stuff, but it's not how I would do a Wordpress alternative. is how I would do a Wordpress alternative.

Now, in the last couple of weeks, I have done very little here at this little blog to promote In fact, another blogger has promoted my project more than I have promoted my project. c. a. Marks (Alabama Improper) has been kind enough to promote ItsAPundit. She even has done her own alternate blog: The Improper Pundit. Thanks, Carol. I appreciate all you've done to promote ItsAPundit.

Well, doggone it, I should try to promote it myself.

And that's what this post is: my own little self-promotion of ItsAPundit.

Over there, you can set up your own blog. For free.

In fact, in addition to Carol, Sassy has also set up a blog. And Linda, who comments here (and at other blogs) regularly, has finally taken the plunge and set up her own blog. And, some others have set up blogs, too.
If you're looking to take the plunge (like Linda) and finally start blogging, consider ItsAPundit as a platform. It's free.

If you already have a blog, and want to play around with an alternate outlet (like Carol or Sassy), give a thought to ItsAPundit as that outlet.

Or, if you just want to play around for fun, try ItsAPundit. It's free.

I want it to be an outlet to make blogging easy. Let me know what you think.

Headline News 2007-02-15

From ABC News:
Playboy Spread Gets Sergeant Demoted
Privates doom sergeant

From ABC News:
Man Loses Hand in Pit Bull Attack
Was holding two pair

From ABC News:
Castro Son Expects Father's Full Recovery
Nation's recovery still in doubt

From ABC News:
Sex Workers, Cyborgs and Tragic Chanteuses at the Berlin Film Fest
Cheney family vacation pictures stun crowds

From ABC News:
Ex-Monster Lawyer Faces SEC Charges
Wolfman's legal career cut short

From ABC News:
Chrysler Doles Out Pink Slips
Matching bras included

From ABC News:
Republican Contenders Fight for the Right
Beastie Boys song chosen as GOP's theme

From ABC News:
China Sentences Man to Death in Ant Case
Really small man

From ABC News:
Failure Is Not an Option...or Is It?
GOP election strategy for 2006 questioned

From ABC News:
New $1 Coin Goes Into Circulation
Not expected to be certified a failure until September

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Weather Or Not To Interrupt

Missed House Tuesday night.

The Wife and I enjoy House. We were hooked from the first re-run we saw on USA. And we finally caught up with all the episodes, plus have been watching the current episodes on Fox.

But, Tuesday night, we missed House. I don't remember why.

Wednesday night, we watched it. TiVo rocks, by the way.

Like I said, we watched House Wednesday night.

Or most of it.

You see, the local Fox channel has a weather guy ... seems like a nice guy ... that takes weather seriously. As in, if the wind blows, or it rains, or if the temperature drops 2 degrees, or if the moon changes phases, or... well, you get the idea. He tells us all about the weather.

Best as I can tell by the number of interruptions that TiVo recorded, it got cold Tuesday night. I don't remember. And didn't notice Tuesday night. You see, we were indoors, where it's 70 year-round.

But it was a bit lower than 70 outside on Tuesday night, and the weather was apparently moving. Seems the pink weather was moving in on the light blue weather ... and Kurt thought we needed to know that. Or that's what it looked like. I didn't listen to it. We use the TiVo 30-second fast-forward hack, and skip commercials ... and weather interruptions.

I suppose it's important to listen to the weather interruptions. But I've learned that it doesn't do much good.

You see, when the weather gets really bad, the electricity ... or the cable ... goes out. And we can't watch it anyway.

So, as useful as the weather may be to hear ... or that big map of the Georgia-Alabama border that takes up 1/6 of the TV screen when they think it's important to block the screen ... it doesn't do much for us.

I'd rather watch House.

Headline News 2007-02-14

From CNN:
Anna Nicole Smith's body lies in limbo
Not scheduled to enter Hell until Thursday

From CNN:
Senate Dems follow House lead on Iraq
Select Zawahiri as Majority Leader

From CNN:
EU condemns 'illegal' CIA flights
Not happy with legal CIA flights, either

From CNN:
Questions remain on North Korea disarmament
Top question: Is current proposal a lie or merely a deception?

From CNN:
Comedian says government silences critics
Irony of statement not yet realized

From CNN:
Miss Brazil wins lawsuit competition
Judges call for return of swimsuit competition

From CNN:
Iran calls Iraq arms charges 'all lies'
Cite experience as liars

From WCVB:
Storm causes slick, icy roads
Study also concludes rain causes wet roads

From WMUR:
Police: Trio try break-in while boy home alone
Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern hire an assistant

From KSAT:
Man arrested in screwdriver stabbing
Screwdriver expected to recover

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Headline News 2007-02-13

From ABC News:
400-Pound Bear Falls from 50-Foot Tree
2007 bear crop harvest begins

From ABC News:
'Bullwinkle Is Going to Stomp Somebody'
Rocket J. Squirrel issues warning

From ABC News:
Swiss Officials Want to Spread Sunshine
Country Crock introduces new product line

From ABC News:
Nashville Mayor: English-Only 'Unconstitutional'
Unsure why Constitution is written in English

From ABC News:
Monster Storm Blasts Midwest
3 feet of monsters recorded in one hour

From ABC News:
Al Qaeda Calls Bush an Alcoholic Liar
Democratic talking points pay off

From ABC News:
Pace Says No Evidence Iran Arming Iraq
Also no evidence water causes wetness

From ABC News:
Russian Baby Abuse Probe
Russian babies terrorise rest of world

From ABC News:
In Philadelphia, a 'disturbing' black murder rate
City seeks more acceptable rate of black deaths

From CNN:
Tape: Anna Nicole not breathing when 911 called
Still not breathing

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Monday, February 12, 2007

The Following Takes Place Between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM

Late start. We bought groceries.

But we got TiVo!!!

So, after the recap, we saw Jack find out Graham is dead, but no one knows Dad killed him.

Chloe is pulled off the job.

The blonde chick surprised my by killing BF. I thought she was toast when he said he'd take care of her. I guess she lives. For now, anyway.

Lennox is ready to quit because President Brother won't implement his plan. Lennox's assistant is running that show, it seems.

Oh, wait. He's working for some other guy I missed because I'm typing.

Blonde Chick (Rita) arrives with Milo Morris. Is Blonde Chick in over her head? I'm betting she's dead before the night is over.

Morris resists. Gets beat up. Blonde Chick is about to lose it. She's toast.

CTU filler talk.

President and Dr. Bashir negotiate.

CTU filler talk.

Torture. Fire alarm.

Uh, oh. He breaks out the drill. Did you ever see Body Double? OMG!

Okay, the Blonde Chick is toast. The drilling is stopped. Morris capitulates.

Okay, Chad Lowe decides to rehash the old 25 Amendment plotline.

Peter McNichol turns down Chad Lowe? Never saw that coming. I thought he (Lennox) would have gone along.

Bomb armed. Morris is toast

WHOA! Jack to the rescue!

Fayed gets away. Morris is alive. Jack finds a suitcase. With a bomb inside?

Yep. It's a nuke. But they wait until after the commercial to try to disarm it.

Jack starts disarming bomb. Throwing DIP switches and such.

Jack stops the bomb! Yay!

There are three more bombs. Jack's pissed!

Now Lennox is living up (down) to expectations. He's ready to pull the 25th on President Brother. Plot re-hash. Does this mean Kim's going to show up and run into a cougar?

Hour 2

Rehash of previous hour. Or two.

Well, this got all screwed up. DNS settings caused the old blog to reassert itself. So, I lost the ability to connect to the blog. So, I didn't get to finish blogging tonight's 24.

Headline News 2007-02-12

From ABC News:
Viagra Over the Counter: Valentine's Day Special
Hearts replaced by hards

From ABC News:
Four Season to Go Private With Bill Gates' Help
Frankie Valli left out

From ABC News:
Dog That Fooled Airport Security Caught
Al-Qaeda announced al-Canine cell

From ABC News:
Snow Isn't Over 'Til It's Over
Yogi Berra signs with Weather Channel

From KCRA:
Walnut spill closes freeway lane
Dick Van Dyke sued

From WDIV:
Exotic animals stolen from farm
Stripper cows missing

From WTOV:
Mom unaware boyfriend a sex offender
Wasn't offended

From KSAT:
Police: Man kills wife, himself
Got the order right

From CNN:
Democrats look beyond symbolic vote on Iraq
Worried may actually have to do something meaningful

From CNN:
Microsoft to release next generation phone
Expected to crash after every third call

Open TrackBacks 2007-02-12

A series of things have led to me not able to peruse the blogroll this morning.

Partly because, somehow, in the move, the blogroll got misplaced.

I'm working on it.

In the meantime, if you'd like to share an item via TrackBack, please feel free to do so.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Leaving Well Enough Alone

When things are working, what do you do?

Change them, of course.

That's probably the reason I changed Web hosts recently.

Not that I've abandoned Dreamhost. No, I like Dreamhost. I really do. And I still use Dreamhost for

But I've moved this little blog to Network Solutions hosting.

I've used Network Solutions for some time now. I've registered my domain names (currently, 11) with them for some time now. And my package includes Web hosting and email. So, as long as I have the service, I thought why not use it.

Let me reiterate, there was nothing wrong with Dreamhost. That's why I'm keeping my account with them. Their hosting of ItsAPundit works just fine. The whole process of people setting up their own blogs automatically works very well.

But, I like to try things out. So, I moved this little blog to Network Solutions.

That will cause some problems, to be sure.

For example, mail sent to my address won't work for a bit.

Also, links to the old address format (such as might end up at unexpected posts ... or nowhere. Links to the newer address format (like the one you see when you click on the name of this post) work fine. That's why I went to this format several months ago: I knew this move was coming.

Most of the hits to the old address formats are kids (or grown perverts) looking for Jamie Lynn Spears naked, anyway, so no big loss.

What's the upside?

To me, I get to play with different Web hosting services.

To you? Actually, I don't see an upside to you. Sorry.

Friday, February 9, 2007

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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Headline News 2007-02-08

From CNN:
Anna Nicole Smith dies
Marries Methuselah, Lamech sues

From CNN:
Prehistoric lovers found locked in embrace
Bodies of Fred Flintstone, Betty Rubble found

From CNN:
Horse teeth give details of ancient big chill
Prince of Wales shows off climate knowledge

From CNN:
4 die as train hits van at Alabama crossing
Bush blamed

From CNN:
House Dems' Iraq vote plan: Keep it simple
Using small words so other Democrats can understand

From CNN:
Flipper stung by the slow home market
Lassie, Flicka unaffected

From CNN:
Six stadiums given Italy all clear
New rules require stadiums must be able to accomodate 52,000 rioters

From CNN:
Marine allowed to take back guilty plea
Had his fingers crossed

From CNN:
Lake effect snow buries upstate New York
Acts just like real snow

From WKMG:
Dryer blamed for fire killing 39 cats, dogs
Dogs no longer allowed to use dryer

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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

When Things Go Wrong

Missed writing Headlines last night. I couldn't blog.

Oh, I could access the blog. But I couldn't edit any posts.

You see, when I do Headlines, I'll have one window open to the blog and another open to news sites.

After I find a Headline that lends itself to something silly, I'll enter it in the post in the blog window, then save it as a draft. That way, if something goes wrong, I only lose the most recent Headline. I learned that the hard way.

But last night, something went wrong. Horribly wrong.

I couldn't edit the post I had started. And not only that, I couldn't edit any post. And I had no idea why.

My first thought was that a file was corrupt. You see, a blog ... and most Web sites and Web applications ... is made up of a bunch of files. And if something goes wrong with one file, the whole thing could crash. Or one critical piece could crash. And that's what I was encountering: the edit portion wasn't working.

All I got was a solid white page when I opened a post to edit it. And I had no idea why.

So, I'm logging on to the server and looking at the files. File sizes. Opening the files and looking at the code. And with all the possible files that could go wrong ... at least for someone who doesn't know all that much about the parts of the Web application.

Found nothing wrong.

Other than that it wouldn't let me edit a post.

I'm here to tell you, a plain white page when you're supposed to be on your blog is a scary thing.

After finding nothing wrong with the individual pages (that took a while), I decided to check the database.

Now, if you ever open a process to directly edit your database, you have to be careful. Very careful. Because one stray character ... or one missing character ... can blow the whole thing up.

So, I'm looking through the database, trying to find something that looks wrong. And, since I don't know exactly what to expect just by looking, I'm proceeding slow and careful, searching all the WordPress documentation I can find.

Finally, after all that, I decided to do something I should have done to start with.

You see, WordPress ... all by itself ... works rather well. But there's a lot it doesn't do.

But people come up with ways to make it do things it otherwise wouldn't do. WordPress calls these things you can add "plug-ins."

And it's a well-known fact (okay, not as well-known as it should be) that when something goes wrong with WordPress, the Plug-ins are the first thing to check.

So I turned them off. Every one of them.

Things started working again.

So, I had to go back and turn them back on.

That takes a while. You see, I'm running 27 plug-ins.

Yeah, that's a lot. I know it.

But I use Widgets in the sidebar. And 11 of them are for the sidebar. Others have to do with spam fighting (5 plugins for that), inline trackbacks that are so popular (4 for that), and other little things I like for one reason or another.

So, for some reason, one or more of the plug-ins caused a problem.

Turning them off fixed it. Then turning them back on, one at a time, things still worked.

So, if this happens again, I'll turn the plug-ins off to see if it fixes itself. Then turn them back on. Instead of spending several hours looking in the wrong place for the problem.

Lesson learned.

And if this saves you several hours of frustration and aggrevation, it's worth it.

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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Special Unit 2

Five or six years ago, there was a TV show that came on UPN called Special Unit 2.

It was one of the quirkiest, silliest, most entertaining shows I ever saw.

The whole premise was that all the monsters and creatures from mythology are real. Except vampires. They are the "missing link" in evolution. They evolved into pixies, werewolves, and such.

Silly? Yeah, told you.

But it was good, mindless fun.

They only made about 20 episodes (actually, 19; I looked it up). But I never saw them all. But I laughed out loud at the ones I did see.

Special Unit 2 (SU2) was the brainchild of Evan Katz. He's executive producer of 24. And wrote many of the episodes.

But SU2 was his baby. And when it went off the air, I was desperate for another fun, mindless show. Particularly after September 11 of that year.

The next year, I discovered She Spies. And enjoyed season one. Hated season two. Maybe I'll write about She Spies another time.

Right now, I'm remembering SU2.

The male lead (Michael Landes, who played Jimmy Olsen of Lois and Clark) is a typical sexist male. He's awesome.

The female lead (Alexondra Lee, who played Callie Martel on Party of Five) is smart and in charge. And way over her head. She's fantastic.

The captain of Special Unit 2 is played by Richard Gant (Sgt. Bill Dornan, Andy Sipowicz' nemises on NYPD Blue, and Hostetler on Deadwood), one of my favorite character actors.

And the resident "link" expert is Carl the Gnome, played by the always fantastic Danny Woodburn (Mickey Abbott on Sienfeld).

None of the characters want to be there. They all have a chip on their shoulder. They hate each other. And it all works. I loved the show.

But what prompted me to mention SU2?

I saw a commercial saying that it debuts on SciFi this Friday.

I've already set the TiVo.

Headline News 2007-02-06

From ABC News:
Haggard Says He's 'Completely Heterosexual'
Only has sex with other heterosexual men

From ABC News:
New Underwear May Help Women Feel Slim
Slim like it when women feel him

From ABC News:
Republicans Filibuster Bipartisan Resolution
Bipartisan means both the Bush-haters and the anti-Bush agree

From ABC News:
Nearly 1 Million Easy-Bake Ovens Recalled
To be repacked, sold as "My Little 'Lectric Chair"

From ABC News:
Study Says Kids Seeing More Porn Online
More teachers have Web pages

From ABC News:
Electrocuted Owl Cuts Power to 23,000
Calls for switch to lethal injection renewed

From ABC News:
Doctor, Deer Collide on Ski Trail
Sonny Bono reincarnation goes awry

From ABC News:
U.S. Teens Share Education With Kids in Cambodia
Have similar English skills

From ABC News:
Cambodians ponder an unfamiliar concept: cold
Can't get global warming right

From ABC News:
Paris Hilton Gets Ticket to Vienna Ball
Used to dealing with two balls

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Monday, February 5, 2007

The Following Takes Place Between 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM

Viewer discretion is advised

Tick tick tick tick tickticktickticktick

Previously on 24

Well, lookee there! Stuff that happened last week.

Karen forced out.

Walid gets his butt kicked.

Jack kicks brother's butt.

Dad saves the day.

Brother is really in charge.

The Following Takes Place Between 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM

Watching the news. Still a mushroom cloud. All these hours later?

Headline News 2007-02-05

From ABC News:
20 Face Lashings for Dancing in Saudi Arabia
White folks aren't only ones who can't dance

From ABC News:
Mexican Seeks World Chili Eating Record
Already holds record for most relatives in a station wagon

From ABC News:
Feud Over? Original Singer Rejoining Van Halen
Proof drugs cause memory loss

From ABC News:
Murder Suspect Busted for Not Wearing Seatbelt
Flaunting traffic laws "last straw"

From ABC News:
Biden Tells Dems He Regrets Obama Remark
Hope he "didn't offend the Coloreds"

From ABC News:
Gambler Gives Birth on N.J. Casino Floor
Names daughter "Bette"

From ABC News:
9 U.S. Towns Ready for Atlantic Tsunami
Hopes global warming experts are right

From ABC News:
Woman Held in Daughters' Fatal Stabbings
Likes to be held

From ABC News:
Robots May Be More Like Caterpillars Than R2-D2
George Lucas re-edits Star Wars

From ABC News:
Bond Star Daniel Craig Named Best Actor
License to kill pays off

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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Cheesecake For Vets

It seems I missed the boat on a little project by Gina Elise.

Who's Gina Elise, you ask?

Well, she's an actress, model, and hostess. Not sure if "struggling" would be a good description, but she's not had a breakout just yet.

But, she has a project going that might be of interest. And that's the project I missed the boat on.

Iowahawk, Blackfive, and other bloggers wrote about her project back in December or early January. But that was an extremely busy time for me, and I missed it.

Shame on me.

But Gina (or someone on her behalf) contacted me recently about her project.

Here's the deal. Gina is doing 1940s style pinups for veterans.
Over the past year, I have heard and read incredible stories about the injured soldiers returning from military service. Their hardest battles have just begun, as they attempt to recover in Veterans Hospitals all across America . I was touched by each story, and knew that I had to try to do something to help our hospitalized Vets. I came up with an idea to recreate a World War II style pin-up calendar that would have the dual purpose of raising money for programs that support hospitalized Veterans, and also serve as a GIFT for each and every Veteran, as they recover in a Veterans Hospital. - from

Sounds like a great project to me. And here's the kicker. She's not just selling calendars of herself. She's encouraging others to help vets in other ways:
Why not drop by the Volunteer Services at your local Veterans Hospital and sign up to become a volunteer. You will be giving something back to the men and women who served honorably in our nation's military. It is a great way to thank these hospitalized Veterans for their service, to acknowledge their contributions, and to brighten up a day for these wonderful people. I guarantee you will make some great new friends there, as well!

I like Gina's project.

That's why I ordered a calendar and had it sent to a vet. And so should you. Or at least help out a vet in one of the ways Gina suggested.