Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Gettin' ready for the new MST3K

You knew it was coming back on the 14th, right?

[The YouTube]

Yep, Mystery Science Theater 3000 is back -- or will be back, really soon. Like a week and a half. Not even that long. On the 14th. So, yeah, soon.

Are you ready? I'm not. But I'm getting ready.

First, I need to subscribe to Netflix. I don't ever watch Netflix, what with Hulu and iTunes and Amazon and TiVo and everything. I had Netflix, but never watched it, so I stopped paying for it. Plus they ticked me off about something, but I don't remember just what. Anyway, I'll need to subscribe to Netflix, since that's where you can watch it.

Also, I thought about watching the old episodes again, but I watch the occasional episode every week anyway, so I'm not doing that. I actually did that before, back in 2011 & 2012. I started at the beginning, with the KTMA episodes. You can't buy them, but you can find them if you look hard enough. Honestly, unless you have those on a bucket list, it's like a pre-season football game. It doesn't really satisfy, but you can see them training and growing and working the kinks out. Some of the host segment are really good, so good they were redone for the national series. If you want to read my reviews of the KTMA episodes, start here.

If you want to start with the official Season One, start here. I watched them in the original airdate order, which is slightly different than most episode lists you see. It only makes a difference in a couple of places but the first season has one of those places.

If you want to just look at the overall review of all the episodes, videos, and what-not, try this link. Use the sidebar to go to particular ones you want. Or, just watch them in order (if you own them or can find them) and see if you think about them like I do.

Anyway, what I've been doing that's MST3K related is finding the original uncut, unedited, un-MSTied versions of the movies and shorts that aired and watching them. Why? I dunno. Maybe to see what the MST3K crew had to go through. Maybe just to say I did. That last one seems more likely, knowing me like I do.

But what about you? What are you doing to get ready for the relaunch of MST3K?


  1. I’ve been watching some on the Comet network on Sunday nights. It’s an antenna network but it’s probably on some cable/satellite packages. They play two in a row. I’d forgotten how funny “Night of the Blood Beast” is.

    I’ve got lots of DVDs and I used to watch on the rare Saturday afternoon that I was home but I didn’t start seriously again until about a year ago.

    Not too excited about the new series considering the Resistance Warriors™ attached to it.

    I’ll watch one and see how excited they are about RESISTING TRUMP but I have a low tolerance for SJWs right now.

    1. When I mentioned that "I watch the occasional episode every week anyway," I was not only talking about playing one from my library, but also the episodes that air on Comet. One of the stations in Savannah carries Comet, which I've enjoyed. And, yes, Night of the Blood Beast is a new favorite. It's never been a go-to episode, but the recent airing on Comet has given me a new appreciation for it. It's hilarious.

  2. I used to watch this when it was on Comedy Central and Sci-Fi. When Joel left I was not a big fan of Mike but have since grown to like him as I realized that his humor was different from Joel and it had to be that way. So I am going into this with an open mind on the new guy.

    I have been watching these on Netflix and Shout Factory and have 3 of my 4 boys (#4 is only 5 so he does not get the show yet) that are MSTies now. Even though they do not get some of the references they get the idea and think it is brillant. We try to catch the Turkey Day marathon on Youtube when possible.

    I like Felicia Day and Patton Oswald as the new mads. These are two folks that I enjoy as actors even though politically they are daft and in Oswald’s case a jerk. However they do a good job with the material they have and clearly love MST3K.

    I am thinking about taking the day off just for this. I don’t know yet but it is very tempting to do so.

    1. You bring up a really interesting point. There are some actors that are real jackasses when it comes to politics. However, some of them, I refuse to watch their stuff, and some I will still watch their stuff. As he does for you, Patton Oswald falls into the latter category for me. Why is that?

    2. It may be because I feel him and I probably have a lot in common with the exception of politics and religion. I have a lot of friends that there are one or two areas where we dont line up but for the over all we are friends. We probably wouldn’t be best friends mind you but we could find common ground in our shared interests.

  3. Basil, I’m pretty sure You Tube has all of the MST3K episodes including the KTMA episodes. Every once in a while I’ll get lucky and find an episode I’ve not seen before. I agree with you about the early KTMA episodes, they were somewhat primitive, but as you stated they were learning as they went along. I’m not sure I could get through some of my favorite MST3K parody’s like…Manos the Hands of Fate for example, without the help of Joel and the bots, so my hat is off to you for watching the un-MSTed original movies and shorts.

    1. Many episodes are available on YouTube, but not the first three KTMA episodes. Rumor is Jim Mallon had them, but I don't know if he turned them over to Shout Factory when he sold them MST3K. I suspect he did, because they intended to release the Host Segments as a special disc on the last new volume, but pulled it at the last minute, promising to release them in the future. So, that supports the rumor they exist, but licensing for the movies would be the problem. And, no fan copy of K1, K2, or K3 have ever surfaced.

      Apart from those, yeah, you can find them online. Many of them.

  4. 2 of the films in this trailer, ‘Starcrash’ & ‘The Time Travelers’ are actually very enjoyable as they are.

    1. I haven't seen either. I'll have to check them out.

    2. Starcrash is a great Italian Star Wars ripoff. with Caroline Monroe, Joe Spinell and Christopher Plummer

      Time Travellers, I cant find online.

    3. The best place to find and watch every MST3K episode online.

    4. I'm sure many readers here will find that link very useful. Of course, I have a complete MST3K video collection [link]


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