Sunday, April 23, 2017

To absent friends...

Beth Cleaver died yesterday. I'm heartbroken.

I don't know how many of you followed her old blog, "My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy," but it was always a must-read. She dropped it and continued on Facebook for the last several years.

She always spoke her mind, and always cared about her family, her friends, and, of course, her country.

I don't really know what to say. I do know that we need more people like Beth, not fewer.

Cancer sucks.


  1. Oh my God. That's shocking. Hadn't heard from her in years, and I don't bother with Facebook. She will be missed. She'll be missed. RIP

  2. Even though it was obviously coming for a while, I was still taken aback when I saw this on Baldilocks yesterday. Dude, I have known all of y'all for over twelve years. I should have done a better job in letting you folks from the early blogosphere exactly how much y'all did for me way back then.

    Y'all are some great friends, Basil. And, the phone number I have for you no longer works or you ignored that text I sent to you last week.

    1. I changed numbers a little while back. Would not ignore a text from you.

  3. I am still just flabbergasted. And heartbroken. And I miss talking to you too, basil.

  4. We lived in the same town yet never met. I was a regular on her blog and she on mine.
    I miss Beth already.


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