Thursday, July 14, 2011

How we got in this mess in the first place

I have a post up at IMAO. It's simply me retelling the story of the bathroom remodeling that you've already read about here. But it's written from an after-the-fact perspective.

Plus, I use it as a parable.

It's okay to go read it.

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  1. Basil, I like it. I can relate. Truth is, sometimes you just need to do repair work for a good reason...I mean, like if you get a leak behind your 1948 installed shower (with pink tile), you gotta get a sledge hammer, bust the tile out...tear down the walls, replace the rotted floor, etc. But, that's something that's GOT TO BE DONE. Got the T-shirt on that one. I didn't HAVE to install an American Standard whirlpool bathtub, but what the hell!!! It was just as cheap as a new shower enclosure, and I loves me them jets on my neck & buttocks...okay, TMI, I know.

    Most of the crap DC comes up with is just for aesthetics. It really does zero good, and costs fact, it's often damaging, and looks like crap after a couple of years anyway.

    Good post over there.


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