Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Doctor Who - The Pitch

Last year, I decided to watch all of the old Doctor Who episodes. Not the current series that began in 2005, but the old one that began in 1963. Finished it earlier this year, though my weekly wrap-ups of individual seasons haven't all been published yet.

If you've been following them, and have decided you want to watch it, well, then, I'll welcome you aboard the TARDIS. If you still aren't sure, or if you want to offer something to friends to help them decide if they want to watch the old show, let me offer this. It's the original sales pitch to the BBC for the show:

[The YouTube]

Now Who can argue with that?



  1. Who Knows?

    (btw, many many thanks for sweating through these seasons. Your summaries are just what I needed. Much easier than watching them myself.)

    (Of course, I've utterly wasted any time I might have saved in the process...)


  2. I know very little of the history of the show, but when I watched the George Pal "Time Machine" last year I said "This is an episode of Doctor Who, without a companion, but he picks up a blonde at the end." Must have been the inspiration.


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