Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Hot-Crazy Matrix

Science is useful. Because Science!

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  1. Notice that the crazy tolerance shifts up linearly as the hotness increases. Recall what Miles said about Ekaterin to his parents: Calm in a crisis, she's just calm. (The rejoiner being: Are you describing a woman or a horse?) If you don't know who Miles is, jump back at least to Komarr before you read A Civil Campaign by Lois McMaster Bujold.

    Don't forget the age difference curve as well, which is, I think, a decaying exponential function; I nick-named it "The Saint Mary's Exclusionary Rule" after the finishing school to which Jefferson Davis sent his daughter to escape a disease outbreak. It probably had a better reputation back then; of course, it's only a boarding school now since in the late eighties as they dropped the junior college. Prior to that, a freshman at St. Mary's was a junior in high school (melodramatic shudder).

  2. so you say she is a 9(H) and a 4(C)? this is where the time function comes in. Marry her and you will find out that she is really at least a 7.5(C).
    And yes, in the H/C function, crazy behavior you would not otherwise tolerate becomes part of the H factor, the higher you go on that scale, very similar to the nice guy/ bad boy scale that women use.

  3. Useful information every man should know. Unfortunately, it comes about 31 years and two months too late for me.


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