Wednesday, February 10, 2016


In November 1954, Ann Elizabeth Hodges was sitting in her couch, when a meteorite crashed through the roof of her home and struck her. Unconfirmed reports are that she said "Ow!"

Apart from some bruising, she was okay. She lived another 18 years and died in 1972 for reasons having nothing to do with the sky throwing rocks at her.

That how it used to be in America. We could take on the universe.

This week, reports are that a man in India was killed as a result of a meteorite striking the ground there.

The U.S. economy is so bad we're even outsourcing meteor strikes. Used to be, we'd take a hit, then sue over possession of the rock. Really.

We have plenty of people right here in the U.S. that need to be hit by a rock from space. I can name several. You can too, I bet. But no. We're outsourcing to India.

Thanks, Obama.


  1. "You have a better chance of getting hit by a tornado and a bolt of lightning and a hurricane all at the same time," is how astronomer and author of the book, Falling Stars: A Guide to Meteors & Meteorites Michael Reynolds describes the likelihood of such an event in a National Geographic report.

    -- | Feb 8, 2016, 08.18 PM IST | Bosco Dominique & Karthikeyan Hemalatha


    --'You lucky Bastard!'

  2. Ann Elizabeth Hodges was in Talladega Co., AL when this happened.

    I always thought "Stars Fell on Alabama" was just a pretty song - turns out it was a public safety announcement.

  3. @2 DamnCat:

    Speaking of songs:

    ♪♫ "The Bluest Skies You've Ever Seen Are In Seattle!" ♪♫


  4. Don't tell Frank about this. He's still hoping for a SMOD to show up in the election.


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