Monday, December 5, 2016

About commenting

I've been a little bit of a hard ass when it comes to comments here. There's a reason for it; at least, there was. But, I've thought things through, checked how others are doing it, looked at the functionality available, and I'm modifying the comment policy here at this little blog.

My goal is to have honest, thoughtful, or humorous comments. Trolls? Don't have any use for them.

So, here is the new comment policy.
This is my personal blog. It is not your personal blog. If you wish to comment, I will allow your comment if you meet and agree to these guidelines.
  • You understand that you have no right to comment. If you think you do, you're wrong. And probably a liberal who wants me to pay for your "free stuff." If so, just go away.
  • Don't use excessive profanity. Things like "*******" and "#$%@&$#" are okay.
  • You do not have to agree with anything I say. You should. But, some people. *sigh*
  • Registration may be required. This includes a Google account or an account that supports Open ID, such as AOL/AIM, LiveJournal, Typepad, WordPress, as well as other services. If you use the Anonymous selection, sign your name, or the name by which you are known online.
  • Keep your comments short. If you have a lot to say, say it on your own blog, and leave a short comment here with a link to your post. Don't have your own blog? Too bad.
  • Certain HTML tags are supported. If you leave a link to a Website, include it in an anchor tag. Don't forget to use a full link, including the protocol (such as http://) or else the link won't work correctly.
  • URL shortening services are acceptable for links in comments. If you don't know what that is, don't worry about it.
  • Comment moderation may be enabled for posts, particularly for older posts. That's where most of the spam shows up, and comment moderation helps control that.
  • Comment moderation may be enabled during times a post attracts a large number of trolls. At least until I hunt the trolls down.
  • A spam filter may moderate your comment. Do not leave another comment asking why the spam filter caught your comment. Ask Google. They run the spam filter.
  • When a comment is moderated, I get an email letting me know. I'll review it as soon as I can.
If you do not agree to this comment policy, do not leave a comment.

Multiple violations of this policy will result in all of your future comments being rejected or deleted, regardless of whether such future comments adhere to the policy.
Here's the link to the page:

Now, I'm wondering if I ought to turn comments off for this post, just to mess with you.


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