Monday, April 20, 2020

Cord Cutting Time

I've taken on the task of helping my mother cut her Comcast bill way back. Seems she realized she hardly ever watched anything on cable. In fact, the only stuff she watches on cable are the local channels that she would be able to pick up out of Savannah if she had a big enough antenna. Kinda like she used to do back in the 50s, 60s, and 70s (my parents got cable in the very early 80s). Anyway, she wants to cut back on that $194/month she pays Comcast.

So, I'm studying and figuring out how best to make it all happen. I think we got it figured out. As long as it's cheaper (it will be, by far) and she can still watch People's Court, everything will be fine.

[The YouTube]

We've ordered a cable modem and an Ooma telephone device to allow the cutting back of Internet, TV, and telephone. She currently subscribes to Hulu (she loves that), and owns a TiVo (which she also loves, and is how she currently records People's Court). She already has Google WiFi, so the wireless network won't change.

It should be an easy enough change to make. And that extra $115/month in her pocketbook ought to keep her happy for a bit.

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