Friday, May 9, 2014


Guess who leans right more than the Koch Brothers?

Wonder Bread!

Actually, it's Flowers Foods, the company that makes Wonder Bread.

The details of this are that, since 1984, no company has given a higher percentage of its political donations to Republican candidates than Flowers Foods. The New York Times reports that in that time period, only three Democrats have received money from the company, and no Democrats in the last 20 years.

What about the other side of the coin? Who gives money to Democrats? Royal Bank of Scotland.

Citizens Financial Group (properly, RBS Citizens Financial Group Political Committee) has, over time, given a greater percentage to Democrats than Republicans. The gap has been closing, though. In 2008, RBS gave 84% to Democrats and 16% to Republicans. So far in 2014, it's been 56% Democrat, 44% Republican.

But, no company on either side give as much to one side as Flowers.

Will this change my eating habits? No. I've eaten Sunbeam, Durst, and Merita for years. Natures Own, Cobblestone, and Wonder Bread are all brands I've bought regularly. Well, not a lot for Cobblestone, but the others.

But, I gotta wonder. Will the left jump on this as a reason to attack Wonder Bread? Of course. It's what they do. And, the article in the New York Times focused on the right-leaning companies, while barely mentioning the left-leaning ones. Particularly the foreign-owned bank that heavily supports Democrats.

Is there a point to all this? Only that I'm glad to see that a company that I've been buying stuff from for years isn't turning around and giving it to folks that are trying to make my life a living hell. And, that when I'm buying bread, I'll do like the guy on TV used to tell people: say it with Flowers.


  1. If the Left turns the heat up on them, they're toast!

    Sorry. Had to.

  2. interesting that Wonder Bread is singled out. it was made by Hostess, not Flowers Foods, until bankruptcy in nov 2012. it was brought back by Flowers in sept 2013.

    if the left jumps on Wonder Bread it will be because the sound bite is better than the truth.

  3. Tuna on Wonder Bread!

  4. So happy to see products I already buy on the Flowers Foods website. They are all at the top of my grocery list from now on.

    And they make Tasty Cakes! This is a moral imperative to buy them now, right?

  5. But it's all gluten! And, just like coal, gluten is BAD, BAD. It contributes to global warming, racism and childhood diabetes in fat kids. And only Christians eat it! It's also linked to the growing anti-abortion mentality, climate change denial and the over-consumption of bacon by Bible-clinging, bitter white people who secretly support the Koch brothers. I'm telling you, gluten is being pushed by rightwing terrorists! Bloody Republicans.

  6. Wonder builds better governments 8 ways!

  7. I blame gluten on Bush™.

  8. Basil:

    I just took the time to enlarge and read that Wonder Bread advertisement. Thanks! As J. Peterman put it, it is a hoot.

  9. So that's why I saw Harry Reid wiring money to Scotland

  10. . . . to MacChiavelli?

  11. It's no Wonder! Like corn, gluten is king.

  12. In fact, you can blame Big Gluten for this.

    Wait. Maybe that should be Big Gluteus.

  13. Oppo-is Gluteus Maximus latin for michelle o.?

  14. Heh. +1 to both Jimmy and jw for squaring the circle / decoding the DeVeniVidiVinci Code.

  15. Gluteus Maximus is a Roman Senator. And he has a friend.

  16. It's a joke name sir. Like Naughtius Maximus.

  17. #5 jimmy

    and your point is?

  18. @17 raml...I think I summed up Jimmy's point with my post.


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