Friday, March 25, 2011

An opportunity wasted

Turns out that the president might not be to blame for his latest inability to open a door. Did you see his latest inability to open a door?

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Yes, that first one was actually a door, not a window.

As you can see, he's finally learned how to use a door knob, because he managed to open the second door.

Which means the first of the two doors was locked.

Which means the second of the two doors wasn't locked.

Somebody didn't do his job right. Because that somebody left one of the doors unlocked. And now, Obama is back in the White House.

A perfectly good opportunity arose to keep him out, and someone dropped the ball. The country could have been saved by someone simply locking another door. Now, we're back to going to hell in a handbasket.


  1. Beautiful post. The real deal. You're gunna be a blogger yet!

    Most Sincerely, da elmo


    Izzitme ... or duzz Chucklehead whistle a lot?

    Looked like he was whistlin' ... past the locked door too :-)

  2. Basil...

    Nyuk! The staff dun missed Carpe Diem class or sumpin'.


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