Monday, September 3, 2012

MST3K: Episode 904 - Werewolf

I'm watching all of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes in order. More about that here and here.

Episode 904: Werewolf

First aired: Sci-Fi Channel on 18 April 1998
Availability: iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Amazon DVD (20th Anniversary/Volume 13), Shout Factory (20th Anniversary/Volume 13), Best Brains (20th Anniversary/Volume 13)

Mike missed the title screen. Too bad for him that he couldn't miss the whole movie.
This is one of those episodes that didn't air a lot, but it seems like every time it aired, I saw it.

The episode that featured Werewolf aired a total of eight times in five weekends over four years. That means there weren't that many chances to catch that episode, but it seems like I saw it a lot.

Let's see. Eight showings at two hours each means 16 hours. Heck, each movie seemed like it lasted 16 hours, so maybe that's what happened.

Actually, though, I kinda liked the episode.

"Did someone suddenly turn the air conditioning on?"
Sure, the movie was bad. And, yes, some of the acting was bad ... heck, most of the acting was bad, but not all was. The plot was stupid.

I guess I'm saying this film was perfect for MST3K. So, while the move was bad, the episode was good.

Charlie Sheen's uncle is working in Arizona digging up bones for an archeology crew or something, so naturally a fight breaks out and one of the crew gets scratched by a werewolf skeleton and later turns into a werewolf who can't drive so he wrecks his car and dies, all the while some Hot Eurochick shoots pool and, oh yeah, there's a writer who's the real werewolf or something and anyway it's a big old mess and the girl turns into a werewolf at the end. The end.
Hot Eurochick, Richard Lynch, and the Mexi-Soviet guy.Mike is scratched by Crow, and, naturally, turns into a Werecrow.
Joe Estevez, Martin Sheen's brother, is in this thing, and he's not the worst actor in the bunch. Not by a long shot. Richard Lynch is there, too. He's a good actor, but often shows up in crap like this movie. Well, not any more. He died a couple of months ago.

M&tB sing "Where, Oh Werewolf"
There are some odd accents going on. Like the foreman that got into the fight and caused the worker to get werewolfed. He's Mexican, but he sometimes sounds like he's from a former Soviet state. And, the Hot Eurochick is from ... well, I don't know where's she's from. I can't find any evidence of her doing any other movies after this one. I did find other videos when searching for Adrianna Miles, but those don't feature this actress.

The riffing is top notch, which is why we watch MST3K to begin with. Well, if the movie is watchably bad, that helps. But, this movie isn't watchably bad. It's just bad. I've never tried to watch this film, the unedited film, without Mike & the Bots. And, I don't think I ever will. I think too much of myself to put myself through that.

But, watching it with M&tB? Yep. Done it before. Will do it again.

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