Monday, November 16, 2015

MST3K Question of the Day: The Villains

With the reboot of MST3K coming soon, we are all so excited that we don't know what to do. Well, I'm excited. You should be too. But, it's okay if you're not. I'm excited enough for all of us.

Anyway, there will be some changes in the show with the reboot. There will be a new host, for one. And, there will be a new villain.

We had Dr. Forrester and Dr. Erhardt, then Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank, then Dr. Forrester and his mother Pearl, then Pearl with Professor Bobo and Observer. But, the new show will feature a new villain, but we don't know who just yet. And that's where you can help.

Today's Mystery Science Theater 3000 Questions of the Day: Who should be the new villain for the show?

Give us your best suggestion. We don't want guesses, we want ideas. And, where else but the twisted brains of the world's largest supply of Moon Nukers than the comments section of IMAO. I turn it over to you now.


  1. Cillary Hinton - a greedy, grasping, harridan who demands power and respect despite having done everything possible to demonstrate that she deserves neither. Every time her dastardly plans are undone by her own hubris she claims that it is actually vast powers at work thwarting her.

  2. "...the world’s largest supply of Moon Nukers..."

    Like, all 20 of us. And, our numbers are dwindling thanks to poor care and feeding.

    I vote for that man-eating plant who used to cry "FEED ME!!!" in that movie, you know, uh, what was it called?

  3. @3 - I believe her name was Audrey II

  4. Dr. Whom. Still bitter after not getting the role because he refused to compromise proper grammar.

  5. The Shusher, who doesn't like people talking during movies.


    The Pundit, who defends every choice made in the creation of a movie.

  6. A d@mn dirty hippie, because who wouldn't enjoy seeing one of those humiliated and defeated week after week?

  7. Every time I hear the name "Mystery Science Theater 3000" I wonder what the "3000" means and it makes me think of the "BFG-9000." And if you don't know what the BFG-9000 is, you're not minimally-cultured!

  8. @Jimmy#8: My kid used to be really, really, REALLY afraid of automatic toilets (which sometimes flush when the user is still seated) - we knew every restroom in Disneyland that still had the old-fashioned, touch-the-germ-infested-handle toilets. Her first day of Kindergarten, one of the teachers proudly showed me their brand-new, automatic toilets with the dreaded flashing red light of premature-flushing doom. "Great," I said," "You installed Butt-Sucker 6000s, my kid will pass out before she will use one of those." Apparently, "Butt-Sucker 6000" was not considered appropriate language to use in front of an Educator of Our Tender Youth (no kids were in earshot). I was not popular with the Kindergarten teachers.

  9. Leonard Maltin. Or a guy in a yellow coat. One of those.

  10. @9 Crabby: I can tell you are maximally-cultured in this regard!

    "...dreaded flashing red light of premature-flushing DOOM." (snort)

    Those BFT/BS-6000 toilets are big, too. They could have easily sucked your daughter into the lower bowels of the school underworld.

  11. ...Mutt & Jeff

    ...Sherry Lewis & Lambchop

    ...Beany & Cecil

    ...Spritle & Chim Chim

    At least that last what Joel always used to call them. Why not go with it.

    I hope Mike Nelson is still writing. This is the first I've heard of it.

  12. Shari Mudd, Harry's twin sister (identical mustache).

  13. Hal 9000
    Dr Moriarty
    Woodrow Wilson
    Josef Stalin

  14. I can think of no better bad guys than Barack Obama as the villainous Doctor Barack Obama and his bumbling but equally villainous assistant Joe Biden other wise known as TV's Joe. Broadcasting, of course, from the Satellite of Incompetence and featuring old news conferences and speeches from the Obama Presidency which would be way worse than anything ever directed by Ford Beebe or produced by Roger Corman . Push the button Joe!


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