Friday, November 13, 2015

MST3K: The Reboot

Have you heard the news? In the not too distant future, next Sunday A.D., Mystery Science Theater 3000 will be returning! But, of course, the whole story is complicated.

Shout Factory has purchased Mystery Science Theater 3000 and has licensed Joel Hodgson to restart the show. Joel has launched a Kickstarter campaign to do just that.

There will be new on-screen talent. Joel won't be the host, there will be a new villain, and new actors will portray Crow and Servo. None of the RiffTrax crew (Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, Bill Corbett, who played Mike, Servo, and Crow in the later years) will be involved.

Confused? Just be thankful I didn't give you the whole story about all the cast changes and network changes over the years. I could, you know. I'm that obnoxious. But I spared you of that. I'm that nice. You're welcome.

Anyway, MST3K is coming back! Yay!

Which brings up the Question of the Day. Who should be the new host?

If you want to be a killjoy and be serious about it, go ahead. Or, you could play comedian and come up with a really clever idea that will make everyone else just laugh and laugh. Go for that.

Again, who would be your choice for the new host for the reboot of Mystery Science Theater 3000?


  1. That's easy..... Killary Klinton.... how she has survived without going to prison so far is a Mystery, her view of us minions is down to a Science, her entire campaign has been Theater, and since she is immortal, she will live to be 3000.

    Fear the truth, it is much scarier than you could possibly imagine.

  2. Villain: Bernie Sanders. Not so much the bad guy who is doing this on purpose but an incompetent memory addled geezer who keeps forgetting where he left his glasses.

    The person in the satellite can pretty much be anyone except a liberal. They just don't have a sense of humor and it would all eventually devolve into them just shouting "racism" at the screen.

  3. Ryan Stiles as the host and Colin Mochrie as the mad.

  4. Daniel Tosh and Darth Vader

  5. Biden as the clueless but lovable evil sidekick "TV's Joe"

  6. I can't be a killjoy or a comedian - because I am not "minimally-cultured," especially in cable TV shows.

  7. ...or Christopher Walken - either one.

  8. Gary Busey, obviously. You wouldn't even need to do any writing for him.

  9. Neil De Grass Tyson and the first movie An Inconvenient Truth.

  10. In all seriousness,
    @4 Ryan Stiles as the host and Colin Mochrie as the mad would be great;
    @5 Daniel Tosh has the right tone, as does
    Frank J.

  11. One has to wonder if modern Hollywood movies have gone beyond parody.

  12. Obviously, Jar Jar Binks and co-host BB-8. Al Gore could guest host for laughs.

  13. The host should be Andrew Heaton.

    Frank J. should definitely be one of the villains, perhaps patterned after Rico (Superego).


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