Monday, July 30, 2018

Getting thrown out of Disney World

I've only been thrown out of Walt Disney World once in my life.

Now let me pause for a moment and say that I suspect that statement may surprise people, but for different reasons. Some may be surprised that I was thrown out of Walt Disney World at all. The others may be surprised that it has only been once.

When did this happen? Why recently. Quite recently.

You see, I normally wear a hat and coat. The hat keeps my delicate skin from being ravaged by the sun. Actually, it's partly due to a really bad episode of sunburn I received in Kuwait. So, lately, a hat has been a part of my wardrobe. Not a cap. A hat. A grown man hat.

When you wear a hat, you also should wear a coat. Looks better. Plus, a coat is great for concealed carry, as I'm not a fan of open carry.

I've had a shoulder holster for a bit. My first one actually broke. Not sure why, but it broke. So, I replaced it, but my new one didn't come with a place to hold an extra magazine. I've been carrying the extra magazine in my coat pocket.

Well, as I mentioned, I went to Disney World recently. They don't take kindly to carrying weapons inside -- although a Leatherman is okay -- so I left my .380 in the car. But, I forgot I had the magazine in my coat pocket.

I was reminded of it when I took emptied my pockets at the gate to enter the Magic Kingdom park. They called all kind of security folks, including a bunch of deputies, to look at it.

They wanted to see my ID, my carry permit -- Georgia and Florida reciprocate -- and had a few questions. Then they said I could leave. So, I left.

I put the magazine in my luggage and went back to the park and had a good time. Maybe I'll tell you more about the trip, but you've already heard the best part.

If I get thrown out again, I'll tell you all about it, though.


  1. Aw, it doesn't count as being thrown out unless they say, "AND STAY OUT!"

  2. I bet if you were wearing a trilby, that's why they threw you out. Wait, no, they would think a trilby was a fedora.

  3. In the late 90s I went to the local Federal building to file my taxes electronically at the IRS office because at time it was only place to do so. I walked into the foyer and up to the xray machine and metal detector and was asked to place my keys, change and coat onto the belt. As I walked unevenfully thru the detector he
    asked me to walk back out thru it as I had a magazine in my coat pocket. A magazine? Look I read a lot of magazines, but I don't carry them arou...Oh! A MAGAZINE.He let me let me return my coat to my truck and return to finish my task.
    The only time I've been told to never come back was at a new car dealer when I told the salesman I might still be interested in a trade in spite of the fact they wanted to screw me on price, if the used car I wanted which had worn out leather on the driver's seat, all the lettering on the controls worn off, 4 mismatched tires and all new belts and hoses under the hood wasn't being sold as a 70,000 miles lease return. I've never heard a salesman swear like that. Heh.


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