Monday, March 16, 2020

A Horde of Hoarders

Went grocery shopping last night. Went down my shopping list and saw that paper towels were on the list. Toilet paper, too.

I have a paper towel rack -- one -- in the kitchen. And, I keep one or two paper towel rolls in the cabinet above the stove. When the cabinet is empty, I buy another two-pack. Been that way for years.

Similar with the TP. Four rolls. When I'm down to two, I get another four-pack. Been that way for years.

Now, the horde of idiots that are hoarding paper products have already ransacked the grocery stores. here There were single rolls of store brand paper towels, and I got two, like always.

But no TP.

There will be no follow-up post about that last point. You're welcome.


  1. I buy my wife the expensive toilet paper, two nine packs at a time. We went to Teh Wall Mark for her parents Saturday morning and their were two nine packs left. I bought them both. I also buy paper towels in the 24 pack, but we have plenty left, so I didn't buy any. That might have been a mistake because the kids are out of school this week and they are mess-making Badgers.

    1. They're looking for their paper towels there.


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