Friday, April 20, 2012


On this lonely road, trying to make it home
Doing it by my lonesome -- pissed off, who wants some
I'm fighting for my soul, God get at your boy
You try to bogart -- fall back, I go hard
On this lonely road, trying to make it home
Doing it by my lonesome -- pissed off, who wants some
I see them long hard times to come...

Raylan, I need you to pack your bags. You're going to Detroit.

It must be my birthday.

Why do ya say that?

Usually you're lettin' me do all the hard work and then send one of those fresh-faced kids just out of Glynco to bring in the big fish.

What are you talkin' about?

Arrestin' Theo Tonin. What are you talkin' about?

Raylan, we don't have anything we can use to arrest Tonin.

We know Quarles was workin' for him. We got Quarles' phone records, we got Wynn Duffy, we got...

We got nothin'. Just because Quarles called him a time or two doesn't mean anything. He coulda been tryin' to get a job as his chauffeur for all we know. And after you went and played your Harlan County version of Russian Roulette with Duffy, nothin' he said will hold up in court.

So, why are you sendin' me after Tonin?

I'm not sending you after Tonin. We have official U.S. Marshall business in Detroit, and you seem to be uniquely qualified for this mission.

Do I even want to ask?

You familiar with Ted Nugent?


Well, the Secret Service wants our help in interviewing him. He's a bit of a survivalist, and the Secret Service isn't that comfortable lookin' him up on their own. You can kinda relate to him, ya know?

Sure, but why does the Secret Service want to talk with Ted Nugent?

Well, it seems he had some words to say about what might happen if the president is re-elected.

And the Secret Service wants to talk with him about it?

Yeah. They sent a couple of agents down here yesterday. They want you to accompany them when they leave out in the morning.

Where are they now?

Over at Boyd Crowder's whore house.

Of course they are.

Thank you for your time Mr. Nugent.

You're welcome, Raylan. And call me "Ted."

Thank you, Ted.

Art, we're just leavin' out meeting with Ted Nugent.

So, how did it go?

The Secret Service is satisfied that everything's okay. Them city boys warmed up to Ted in pretty short order.

You and him on first name basis are ya?

Well, yeah, as it turns out, we are. But what I wanted to tell ya is that while the Secret Service was doing their thing, I managed to do some diggin' around.

Okay, I'm gonna be sorry for askin', but what didya find?

I got evidence I need to make an arrest!


Nope. Higher up.

You serious?

As a heart attack. Art, I got the goods on the top of the crime syndicate. We're talkin' major criminal activity, mob ties, terrorist ties, union kickbacks, extortion, major cover-ups, billions and billions of dollars stolen. It's huge. And I can bring him down.

Whoa, whoa, Raylan. Are you sure about this?

No doubt, Art. We got him.

I'm sendin' a team your way. You can't risk goin' there by yourself.

Send 'em if you want, but I'm on my way there now. I'll text you the address.

I knew there was a reason I put off retirement.

Goin' out with a bang, Art.

Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of.

I'll see the team outside the residence.

I'm Deputy U.S. Marshall Raylan Givens, and I have a warrant.

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