Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Trying to be one of the cool kids

Photo: Jim Edwards/Business Insider
Those aren't Macs.
The white sheep of the NBC family, CNBC, can't escape the family DNA.

Recently, Business Insider made a visit to the CNBC news set and discovered that those MacBooks the anchors have in front of them ... aren't MacBooks. They're Dell computers disguised as MacBooks.

Dell Latitude 2120s to be exact. Those come with an Atom processor and are around $500 for the Windows version (the Linux version is about $100 cheaper).

Is it that CNBC wants to be one of the cool kids and make people think they're using Macs? Are they ashamed of their Dells? Can they not afford the $1199 MacBook Pro? Or the $999 MacBook Air?

Maybe it's that since they're part of the NBC family, they aren't honest about reality. Just like NBC will spin news stories to look good to the left, maybe CNBC is trying to look good to their crowd.

A lot of the left loves Macs. To be fair, there are those on the right that love Macs, too; me included. But, generally, a lot of people associate Macs with the left.

Maybe that's why they're using fake Macs. Or, maybe it just fits in with NBC's track record of fake news.

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