Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Colonel and the Obama Voter visit the dentist

The Colonel went to the dentist yesterday morning. He occasionally -- not always, just sometimes -- thinks of himself as "The Colonel," because it does sound kinda old-school cool. He's not a full-bird colonel. He has the leaf, which means he's actually a lieutenant colonel. Still, in the military, LTC (or, since he's Air Force Reserve, Lt. Col.) is addressed as "colonel." So, yeah, he's The Colonel.

Anyway, The Colonel went to the dentist yesterday morning. In the parking lot was a vehicle belonging to an Obama Voter, who was visiting the same dentist.

Cut now to the checking out part of the visit, after all the tooth and mouth stuff is done.

Obama Voter was ahead of The Colonel. And it seems Obama Voter wasn't happy with the amount he had to pay.

It had to do with how the work was classified by Obama Voter's insurance. Seems there had been a change to how certain dental work was classified. And that made a difference with the bill. Some dental work is considered emergency or required. Then there's situations where they'll pay for one type of something but not another type of the same something.

Bunch of insurance talk, basically. But, the bottom line was, because of changes Obama Voter's insurance made to how stuff was classified and how much they paid for different stuff, the bill was quite a bit larger than than Obama Voter expected.

And Obama Voter wanted to know why.

When the lady behind the desk explained that the insurance provider in question had changed a bunch of stuff around because of ... wait for it ... Obamacare.

Yep, the new regulations had the effect of changing how those being regulated acted. And, what with the insurance provider wanting to stay in business and all, that meant a change in benefits.

Obama Voter's mouth kinda dropped when he heard why the change was made.

The Colonel kinda shook his head and smiled a little smile.

I saw The Colonel at lunch, and he told me the story of his visit to the dentist.

I took no pleasure in the fact that the Obama Voter had experienced the effect of the very policies put in place by those he helped put in office.

Okay, I lied. I took great pleasure in it. And I want to see more of it.

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