Saturday, October 31, 2015

It was 40 years ago today...

Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody was released 40 years ago today. I was a DJ at a small radio station in a small town in southeast Georgia. When the record came in, I listened to it. Queen wasn't new. They had been around a few years, and had played some of their stuff. But, when I listened to Bohemian Rhapsody I thought "What the heck?..." Or something along that line. But, it wasn't my call about adding it to the rotation. When it started making its way up the national charts, it was added to our rotation.

The general reaction was "What the heck?..." Or something along that line. Still, it kinda grew on everyone. After all, this was the mid 1970s.

If you like the song, you'll like this old video, because it's a funny tribute. If you hate the song, you'll like this video, because, well... muppets.

[The YouTube]

Okay, if you'd rather watch the original version, click here.


  1. It (the composition) wouldn't be my first choice, no.

    It wouldn't even be my 1000th choice.

    Actually, I doubt I'll ever listen to it again (original version).

    So, you could say I hate it. But I love the fact you put it up here - and are blogging!


  2. The Muppets were terrific. (I forgot to say that, really. Uh, um...)

  3. I probably have too much of Sam the Eagle's uptightness in me sometimes.

  4. There was a radio station in Alabama that used to play "Fat Bottomed Girls" seems like every day (or maybe it was that syndicated show out of Charlotte). I didn't know that was Queen until I followed the link.

    Off topic digression: Is it boiled peanut season in Texas?

  5. It's really strange. Song has NO hook at all, and yet everyone seems to know all the words.

    Also: No one seems to pay attention to the actual story of Fat Bottomed Girls. It's usually taken as a gay man's paean to fat chicks, but it's really the story of a guy who has a fat fetish because of childhood sexual abuse by the hired help.

    No, really. Go listen.


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