Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Geek alert: Doctor Who LaB

I'm going to briefly hijack the Website to promote a little project I'm currently involved with. Or, with which I'm currently involved. Whichever is gooder English.

It's a podcast called "Doctor Who LaB" and, yes, that capitalization is correct. (Maybe you'll figure out why by the time you're done reading this post.)

As you may know, I spent some time watching Doctor Who from the beginning. As in, from 1963 to the present. Sure, you remember.

Anyway, after that, I introduced Larynn Ford (an author in my local area) to Doctor Who. She was intrigued enough with the show after meeting Colin Baker last year at DragonCon that she decided she wanted to watch it. But, she started with Christopher Eccleston, and watched all the shows up to the new season. (She still hasn't seen any Colin Baker episodes.) She liked the show a lot, so we decided to start a podcast. Which is just what the world needs: another Doctor Who podcast.

What do we have to offer that's different? Well, we plan to watch all the episodes and talk about them. All the episodes. All 800+ episodes. Every last one of 'em.

But, about us, well, there's a classic Who fan (me) and a New Who fan (her). She's a romance author, and I'm a computer geek. She likes Country and I like Classic Rock. I'm from Georgia and she's from Alabama. Okay, that last one isn't much of a contrast. (Unless you are actually from either Georgia or Alabama, then it's like night and day.)

Anyway, we have two different perspectives looking at the same thing. Maybe it'll work, maybe it won't. If you want to hear this train wreck, you can find them at LarynnFord.com. It's also on iTunes (links are at LarynnFord.com).

Now, back to teh funneh.


  1. Looking forward to checking out the podcasts.

    I still have MANY unanswered Doctor Who questions...

    And pardon the possible heresy, but "Blink" is my favorite episode.

  2. "Blink" is indeed a good one. If you have a question about any aspect of the show that you want us to address, let me know. Leave it here, or at her Website.

  3. I forgot how great your voice was, Basil. You've got Georgia on your mind!


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