Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Force Awakens or Batman v Superman

So, which are you most excited about? The Force Awakens or Batman v Superman? Well, why not both?

Here's the trailer for Batman v Superman with the audio for The Force Awakens

[The YouTube]

Me? I don't know. Might see them both. Might see neither one. Might wait for them to come to home video and just watch them on the big screen color TV. For now, I'm going to keep watching stuff on the small screen like Doctor Who.

Which reminds me. Check out the Doctor Who LaB podcast at where romance author Larynn Ford and I review both new and classic episodes. You can subscribe to it on iTunes and listen to it while waiting in line to watch The Force Awakens. Or Batman v Superman. Or both.


  1. I could watch hippie Ben Affleck ruin Batman. Or I could gouge out my eyes with a spoon and eat them.

  2. Mash up well done.

  3. I'll probably wait on the pair of them. The Star Wars prequels were a snoozefest, which doesn't speak well for the new movie. And after Alien vs Predator, seeing "vs" in a movie title has kind of put me off.
    It's a shame that they can't come up with something new that is good. I blame drama (blech!), but I guess drama sells.

  4. By the way, Basil - Segue Bacon on that transition to the plug at the end :-)

  5. Thanks, Harvey. I'm nothing, if not self-serving.


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