Monday, December 24, 2007

Just another Days Inn paradise

Christmas is a hectic time. And, sometimes, family situations make it even more so.

My son and daughter have been coming to our house on Christmas Eve the last few years. But not this year.

A divorce in and of itself causes enough problems for children. But when other family members start getting in on things, it gets even worse. Not just for the children, but for everyone.

And that's true in our situation.

This year, not because of their mother and me, but because of other reasons, the children aren't spening Christmas Eve here. And it all came up at the last minute.

So, Saturday night, I packed up the car and went to Brunswick.

My son has moved to Brunswick. His first apartment.

So, I got him some stuff for his apartment. And, of course, drop off Christmas presents.

Because of the uncertainty of what all was happening when, I got to Brunswick and checked into the Days Inn.

That was fun.

First, the light didn't come on.

I tried the switch several times. Went over to the floor lamp itself.

No luck.

Turns out the light was unplugged. Sort of.

Maybe they didn't have enough money to buy a long enough cord for the lamp to reach the outlet positioned near the ceiling.

Got that taken care of, and went to check out the rest of the room.

Found a problem with the bathroom door. Or a former problem.

Don't know who or what knocked a hole in the door, but it seems they patched it up.

Jam up job, too, from the looks of it.

I guess they ran out of paint, though.

So, what else could be wrong?

Well, when I looked into the bathroom, I saw where someone obviously had a sever attack of ... something.

Whatever they had, they seem to have grabbed violently at the toilet paper roll.

Violently enough to knock the holder out of the wall.

I'm guessing the Days Inn, after having spent all the money on putty for the bathroom door, and lamp cord to almost reach the outlet, didn't have enough left over to fix the toilet paper dispenser.

But, the good news for me is, they had Internet access.

At least, the signs said so.

As well as the lady at the window that checked me into the room.

Turns out, though, that Internet access doesn't actually include access to the Internet, though.

What the heck was I thinking.

The lady at the desk did give me a telephone number to call about it.

Guy was just as helpful as can be.

When he found out I was using a Mac with OS X 10.5, he looked up his trusty troubleshooting guide for OS X 10.2, and went to work.

When it all ended, I still wasn't on the Internet, and he said he'd enter a report for the guy that could fix it. And that guy would be in to work the next night.

So, Saturday night was a real joy.

Sunday would have to get better. Right?


  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  2. Merry Christmas Basil!

  3. Hey, nice place. I know now where not to stay in Brunswick.

  4. I can beat that.

    If you ever happen to be traveling through Vernal, Utah, avoid the Days Inn there like a ticked off rattlesnake. It had so many things wrong with it, I began looking around the room, expecting to be on some show like Candid Camera.

    The room itself was a disaster. It had stains on the carpet, holes in the wall and door, 2X4s holding up the box springs, and, to top it all off, my daughter was bitten by bed bugs that night.

    Of course, when I contacted corporate headquarters, they did absolutely nothing. Nothing.

    I highly recommend that unless you want to experience what life is like in a degenerate trailer park, stay away from all Days Inns.


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