Tuesday, December 4, 2007

New car vs new truck

I mentioned the other day that we got a new car. It's a Chevy Impala.

It replaced the Chevy Lumina.

Yes, I'm a Chevy guy.

The Wife? She's a Ford girl.

She has a truck. A Ford F-150. Four door. Got it 4 years ago.

She likes her truck.

A lot.

Of course, I like the Impala.

A lot.

It's the car I been looking for. Not that we've been looking for a while. But, when we went looking, we found what we were looking for. And in the price range we were looking.

So, we got the car.

Anyway, I like the car.

But she likes her truck.

For instance, we got a Sears riding mower. An LT 3000. Not a huge lawn mower, but a decent size one.

And, first spring after we got it, we were going to take it in for servicing.

I told the Wife that I was going to put the mower on the truck and go to Sears.

She hit the ceiling.

"You're not putting that on my truck!" she insisted.

"What?" I asked.

"That's my brand-new truck and I'm not having you scratch it up by putting the lawn mower on the back," she declared.

So, we borrowed a trailer, bought a ball, and hooked it up, drove the lawn mower on the back, and took it to Sears.

Because she didn't want to use her truck as ... a truck.

But the good news, now, is the Impala has a big trunk. A real big trunk. It could hold two, maybe three, bodies. With concrete blocks and chains.

Anyway, she still doesn't want to put the lawn mower on the bed of the truck.

Maybe, when spring comes, I'll put the mower in the trunk and take it to Sears for servicing.

At least the truck won't get scratched.


  1. The best car I ever had was a Chevy, a Camaro.

    The car I had the longest was a Chevy, a Beretta.

    But, the only car never to break down on me was a Ford, an Escort.

    I think I'm the only person on Earth that has ever said that the Ford was the most reliable car they've ever owned, even including the VW and the Honda.

  2. I have a neighbor like your wife. They have a big suburban. Would not haul bags of dirt in the back of it. "It would get dirty!" they exclaimed.

    So I hauled dirt for myself.....in the trunk of my Acura. Then vacuumed it. Later, they wanted me to haul some bags of dirt for them.

    Laughter lasted for days.

  3. Because she didn't want to use her truck as ... a truck.

    Two words: Bed Liner

    (I'm on my second Ranger and second Mustang)

  4. Come spring... put the mower in the truck and the wife in the trunk with the blocks and chain!


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