Monday, December 3, 2007

You can't spell BCS without 'B-S'

So, they've concluded the regular season ... and the conference championships ... and they have picked the two teams to play for the college football championship.

And, again, they got it wrong.


Because the system is fundamentally flawed.

For example, Ohio State got into the game because the teams above them lost. Georgia, right behind Ohio State, didn't.

Georgia was left out because they didn't win their conference. Never mind that Nebraska (in 2001) and Okalahoa (in 2003) also played for the national championship after not winning their conference.

LSU, who the pollsters said was 3 spots worse than Georgia before Saturday, jumped over Georgia to make it to the title game.

Against Ohio State. Who will get creamed by an SEC team ... again ... this year.

So, Georgia, who was assured of playing in any BCS bowl game other than the Sugar Bowl ... plays in the Sugar Bowl. Against Hawaii. Who the Dawgs will beat by a couple of touchdowns. If not more.

LSU, the second-best team in the SEC plays for the national championship.

Why do I call them the second-best team in the SEC? Because if they played Georgia this Saturday, Georgia would win. You know it. I know it. Mark Richt knows it. And Les Miles knows it.

Ohio State? They'd lose to UGA. And Tennessee. And Florida. And Arkansas. And ... will lose to LSU. You know it. I know it. Les Miles knows it. And Jim Tressel knows it. Or will find out soon enough.

But, the pollsters screwing over a quality program for another program? It's happened before.

In 1978 (after the 1977 regular season), Notre Dame, ranked number five, beat number one Texas in the Cotton Bowl, 38-10.

Alabama, ranked number two, beat Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl, 35-6.

So, who ended up number one? Notre Dame.


Because they were Notre Dame.

Why didn't Alabama move up from number two to number one? Because they weren't Notre Dame.

Same reason Ohio State made the jump from number three to number one. Because they are Ohio State.

Same reason Georgia didn't make the jump from number four to number two. Because they aren't Ohio State.

Oh, well.

Maybe when everything's all said and done, the Dawgs will end up number two.

If West Virginia beats Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl.

And if Kansas beats Virginia Tech Orange Bowl.

Unless Missouri beats Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl. Or Southern California beats Illinois in the Rose Bowl.

Of course, if they had a playoff...


  1. The best (worst) comments that I heard Saturday was that tOSU was idle and therefore could not fall. Herbstreit said that, man, what a genius. UGA and Kansas were both idle and fell. And UGA would absolutely destroy LSU, in my opinion, they were hitting on all cylinders for the last six games. I wish that they were playing USC in the Rose Bowl, just to show how that the third place team in the SEC is head and shoulders above the winner of the PAC-10.

    Hawaii moving up on the squeaker against a 5-7 Washington team just dumbfounded me, too. Hawaii, the same team that barely beat La. Tech, 45-44, La. Tech who was soundly beaten by Ole Miss, the last place team in the SEC, 24-0.

    The BCS completely discredited themselves or rather itself.


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