Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ho ho ho

The Christmas parade was held in Columbus and Phenix City yesterday. My teenage niece, was in the parade with other area pageant winners from Georgia and Alabama. So, in addition to taking the grandchildren to see the Christmas parade, I got to see my niece riding in the parade. Parades aren't like they used to be. For instance, in my home town ... a small town in southeast Georgia ... we'd have the Christmas parade, and it would have a few cars, a few floats, the JROTC, the high school marching band, and Santa on a fire truck. The parade yesterday in Columbus and Phenix City was a larger version of the same thing. Lots of cars with area mayors, other cars with folks from businesses or other politicians, floats from churches and other organizations, marching bands, fire trucks, and such. It was the high schools, though, that caught my eye this time. The Carver High School band came by. And they had ... oh, I don't know ... cheerleaders, dancers, or something. Bunch of high school girls wearing shorts. They stopped, the drum major (or whatever role the young man held), did his little whistle thing, the Carver marchers got into position, and the dancers started ... well ... I'm not sure how to describe it. A bunch of trusting pelvises was involved. Use your imagination. You'd be on target, I suspect. Right there in front of my 9-year-old grandchildren, a bunch of 16-year-olds acting like ... well, "ho, ho, ho" comes to mind. I calmly stepped forward between the two granddaughters, bent down, and told them, "If I ever catch you acting like that, I'll beat your ass." I meant it. And they know it.


  1. OMG, I know what you mean! The "cheerleaders" and "drill teams" these days and their stripper moves! Who teaches them this crap? How do the parents let this shameless display perpetuate?

    I had my oldest go out for cheerleader in her 8th grade year, and they did one "grind", and I expressed my shock and dismay. She didn't make the high school drill team, and amid her tears, I thanked God that she was spared the snobby girls and degrading "dance" moves that are (for lack of a better word) thrust upon these young girls just wanting to be accepted and popular.

    Good going, Mr Basil. I suspect you're a geezer; and I don't throw compliments like that around frivolously!

  2. I briefly lived in Columbus and I wonder from time to time what things are currently like around the Milgen Rd area where my wife I and lived for several months. And is Hamilton, GA still a hell hole (I taught school there and is the reason I no longer teach).


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