Monday, December 8, 2008

Solving the BCS problem

The mythical college football championship game is set. And lots of people are not happy. Me? I don't have a dog in the hunt. Or Dawg, to be specific. Still, there are some unhappy campers. And I'm in that group. Despite my not having a team of interest in the mix ... or close to the mix ... I'm in the unhappy group because ... well, let's face it: I have strong opinions. But I do more than just whine about something I don't like; I have a solution. Check that. I have THE solution: A 16-team playoff that uses the BCS for seeding. Automatic Bids There are 11 conferences. The 11 conference champions get an automatic spot. The remaining 5 spots ... call them "wild card" spots ... would be taken up by the top teams in the BCS standings that don't get an automatic berth. Here are the 11 conference champions, listed alphabetically by conference:
Atlantic CoatVirginia Tech
Big EastCincinnati
Big TenPenn State
Big 12Oklahoma
Conference USAEast Carolina
Mountain WestUtah
Pacific 10Southern California
Sun BeltTroy
Western AthleticBoise State
Wild Card Teams Here are the top five teams (according to the BCS) that did not win their conference.
7.Texas Tech
10.Ohio State
11.Texas Christian
There are two ways of doing the seeding. One is using the BCS to rank them, plain and simple. But that's too plain and simple for me. I actually like the way the NFL does it. In the NFL, the division champs get the top seeds, and the wild cards get the leftover slots, regardless of record. For instance, in 2007, Tampa Bay was the #4 seed in the NFC, winning the South with a 9-7 record, while the Giants were the #5 seed, despite having 10-6 record. Likewise, Pittsburgh took the AFC North with a 10-6 record, and were seeded 4th, while Jacksonville, sporting a better record (11-5), was 5th seed, since they didn't win their division. Seeding Using that as a model, here's the 2008 NCAA Division I-A (using the older name) playoff seeding:
1.OklahomaBig 1212-11
3.Southern CaliforniaPacific 1011-15
4.UtahMountain West12-06
5.Penn StateBig Ten11-18
6.Boise StateWestern Athletic12-09
7.CincinnatiBig East11-212
8.Virginia TechAtlantic Coast9-419
9.East CarolinaConference USA9-4none
10.TroySun Belt8-4none
12.TexasWild card11-13
13.AlabamaWild card12-14
14.Texas TechWild card11-17
15.Ohio StateWild card10-210
16.Texas ChristianWild card10-211
Matchups This will set up some interesting matchups:
  • (16) Texas Christian at (1) Oklahoma
  • (15) Ohio State at (2) Florida
  • (14) Texas Tech at (3) Southern California
  • (13) Alabama at (4) Utah
  • (12) Texas at (5) Penn State
  • (11) Buffalo at (6) Boise State
  • (10) Troy at (7) Cincinnati
  • (9) East Carolina at (8) Virginia Tech
The 8 winners would play the following week, with the top 4 remaining seeds hosting the bottom 4 remaining seeds. The 8 first-round losers and the 4 second-round losers would get bowl invitations. And pretty good bowl invitations, in all likelihood. The final four would play as part of the January 1st bowl games. The final two would play a week later for the real ... not mythical ... championship.


  1. And even your way, Bammer has to play the Utes. What is up with that?

  2. After going through the regular season undefeated, the Crimson Tide deserved a bye. And Utah was the closest thing.

  3. That should be as close as you can get as a player, yet those guys will get a ring, a PS3, a bunch of shoes, and warm-ups, backpacks, all kinds of swag. At least Bammer doesn't have to do too much to make theirs worth it.

    Do you have deja vu already about that UGA/Hawaii game with the Bammer/Ute game?

    (My captcha word was "ballot rutgers." Weird and subliminal.)

  4. Yeah, the Sugar Bowl will be another laugher. Bama by 42.

  5. I like it. Would let my Pirates play with the big dogs. Plus, probably somewhere warm, instead of at the Liberty Bowl. Again. Though, better then the Motor City bowl. I mean, Detroit? A bowl game in Detroit? Yeah, that's where I want to travel to.

  6. Hey Two Dogs, mine is "intensity team." Perhaps the Motor City Bowl winner can play the Detroit Lions. Bring a Paper Bag for 1/2 price admission to Ford Field!


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