Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Biden, custard, fainting, etc

Somehow, I'm not impressed with the Obama administration. Of course, I thought only an idiot could vote for Obama to begin with. I was right, of course; I just didn't realize how many idiots we have in the U.S.

But, I will admit, I've never been more entertained by a vice-president than I have been by Joe Biden. Sure, he's an idiot, but he's probably the least idiot of all the idiots in the Obama administration. But still an idiot.

Like when hecalled the custard shop manager a "smart-ass."Biden has caught a lot of flack about that. But people should give Joe Biden a break. He's pulling double duty. He's vice-president AND Smart-Ass Czar.

I'm wondering if we have an opportunity here. As more and more people become dissatisfied with Obama and his administration, will protesters start throwing custard at Joe Biden?

That's be awesome.

Then, there's theguy that fainted while listening to Joe Biden speak. Of course, if I was listening to Joe Biden speak, I'd fake a collapse just to get away.

I mean, I can watch him on TV and be entertained, but I wouldn't want to be around him for too long.

Or have him one heartbeat away from the presidency.

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