Friday, June 18, 2010

Captain Fantastic in Tel Aviv

I don't mind trashing a liberal when he does something stupid. And I'm not above giving credit when it's due.

Elton John fits the bill here.

He put on a concert in Israel last night. That's news because a lot of other music artists have canceled concerts there recently. Seems they're all taking sides against Israel over the recent actions that ended with a bunch of thugs being killed.

I thought Israel didn't go far enough in its response to the attacks on the blockade inspectors. But the left continues to buy into the lie that Israel is the aggressor here.

Well, not all those on the left.

Elton John continued his confounding of the standard left by going ahead with his show:
"We do not cherry-pick our consciences"
Recently, he performed at Rush Limbaugh's wedding, which confused many.

I've enjoyed Elton's music for years, particularly his early 1970s music. But I'm not a fan of his politics. But he made the right call here. And he deserves credit.


  1. When Obama's America keeps silent when Israel's vital interests are attacked by thugs, then even third rate artists raise their heads and cancel their concerts. Elton John has always been a first class artist.

  2. Basil, thanks for giving Elton his due. My wife and I grew up as huge fans, and truly dislike his politics.

    We have a phrase we use to describe Elton, almost every time we hear one of his songs.

    One or the other of us will look at the other, and say, "The most talented little homo on the planet!" And, he is proving his stroke as a "class" homo at that.


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