Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More remodeling

Remember that last week, I talked about Wife wanting to do someremodeling?

No? Let me 'splain.

No, there is too much. Let me sum up:

Wife wanted to re-do the bathroom. New son-in-law heading up the work effort. New paint on the walls. Expensive paint, too. New floor. So far, has cost a lot of money. But it all now matches that $10 shower curtain she bought from the Walmart.

That's where we are now.

Well, as it turns out, there's more she wants to do.

She had picked out the new vanity top, and we were getting ready to buy that (it was only around $200, but it matches that $10 shower curtain), when it was discovered that the toilet tank was cracked. And no one in Columbus has a toilet tank that color.

Found some made by the same manufacturer online ... for a little over $100. Only, now she's thinking that she wants to replace the old toilet with a new, chair-height toilet. So, we've been shopping for those.

And, she's found some she likes, but they don't match the tub.

Which is okay, since she really doesn't like the tub and would be just as happy with it being torn out and replaced with a 5-foot tiled shower. Happier, even. And that means buying tile. And prepping. And putting it up.

She's found some tiles she likes that match that $10 shower curtain. Haven't bought those yet, but she knows what she wants.

And, she's found a new shower head and other fixtures that match. Went ahead and got those. A little over $502 for the shower mechanism, sink fixtures, towel racks, and toilet paper holder. Yes, we forgot the bathrobe hooks. Got to go back and get those.

So now, the plan is to replace the tub next. We'll be putting in a new shower. Undecided about how to handle the shower floor. We're not certain the flooring will support a 5-foot mortared shower pan. We'll have to give it a good examination to find out. If not, we could go with a fiberglass shower pan. That'd be a bit over $200. Or a tile-ready one. That would run a little over $600, plus tile.

Once we replace the tub with the shower, we'll get a new vanity top that'll match. Oh, and a matching chair-height toilet.

Oh, and did I mention the one other thing about the new shower? It'll have a swinging door. She doesn't like the sliding doors, so we'll be putting in a swinging door.

Which means one other piece is being replaced.

That $10 shower curtain is coming out. The one that all this work was started so thing would match it.


  1. Oh how I wish we lived closer together. LOL

  2. You might want to look into this film:


  3. Carol:
    You'd just take her side. Then I'd have two of you to contend with!

    Yes, that's a classic. That's the movie that's responsible for my life-long crush on Myrna Loy.

  4. Why does this remind me of stone soup?


  5. Actually, I'm worried about it turning into a soup sandwich.


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